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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, With the last Composers Challenge using an action clip from the award winning game 'Mass Effect 2', I thought that the next Composers Challenge should take us into another realm. The Artist is an Oscar winning silent film which follows the life of an actor in the silent film era. Ludovic Bource wrote an Oscar winning score for the movie. The 3 minute scene is from the dramatic climax of the movie where the actor is down in the dumps because, faced with the ultimate choice in life and his love interest is desperately trying to find him: I thought that this clip would be a good choice because we have not had drama as yet and drama is an important genre to master. You could take any approach to this, don't feel like there is only way to do this; you could make it sound like a musical score from that time period or you could make it more modern sounding (since the emotion is timeless). What is different about this challenge is that there will be professions from the film music industry reviewing the entries in addition to the contestants own: 1) William Stromberg - Composer best known for Trinty & Beyond and Starship Troopers 2 and Master of Re-recordings. 2) Alain Mayrand - Composer best known for The Legend of Silk Boy and Orchestrator/Conductor of Elysium. 3) Vladimir Nikolov - Orchestrator who worked on The Artist. Also a couple International Film Music Critics Association members will also be commenting on the entries. The deadline for this challenge is November 12th. Either the composers can: a) upload their own entries to YouTube (but unlisted) and send me the link so I can make a playlist. b) send me the music file (through a file sharing website), tell me where the music goes, and I can do it myself. The music file should be MP3 or equivalent. It is important that the entries be anonymous. The identity of the composer videos will be announced after the voting has finished. In regards to the voting, the composers, or anyone else who wants, will submit their votes/rankings by rating each entry out of 10. The votes will be averaged out of 10 and the top three will be announced. Everyone will receive reviews on their efforts (either from other composers, members of the community or myself included). The composers of the challenge are requested to give a short review of the other works. If anyone who finishes outside of the top three wants to know how they did, then contact me. If anyone not participating in the challenge wants to be a reviewer, you are more than welcome to. The prize for winning the Composers Challenge would be either one of the following (depending on the winner's preference): a) A CD paid for by me shipped to the winner's address b) A cash equivalent (up to $25-30 Canadian (exchange rates pending). If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please contact me at composerschallenge at hotmail dot com. Best of luck to everyone and have fun! Kevin PS: I forgot to mention that anyone who directly plagiarizes from The Artist score (even if the music was not used in the movie) will be disqualified. Use your own voice, not someone else's.
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