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  1. Hey, so I'm not sure if this has been up on the site before, but I wanted to start something about comparing Williams' composing style (both concert and film) to other modern composers (Shore, Zimmer and his clones, Elfman, Silvestri, Howard, etc). I want to start this because I started a Film Club at my school, and I have some friends I'm introducing to the glory of film score (and Williams for that matter), and I wanted a good way (both layman and theory oriented) to explain them certain aspects. I am not trained in theory at all, and I'm just a young, teenage enthusiast of film scores, so I can't really explain the musical complexity (or lack there of) of film composers now a days. In fact, this whole discussion about what is better for film, what is better composing (for that matter) and who is better/has a better style and sound is a big debate amongst me and my musical/film friends. I just want some discussion and input from film score fans! The only thing I could come up with by comparing Williams to Zimmer clones is that Zimmer doesn't really develop this themes in his score (appearing in the same form in his soundtrack so that it seems very "tracked") and Zimmer is very liberal with his themes (Like why does The Black Pearl theme play when Will gets whipped? Is there symbolism? Or is it there to just sound cool?) So discuss and comment away! Anything is very appreciated! Also, just want to add, at one point I even said "Zimmer just uses repeating strings and low ostinatos behind a theme and repeats it over and over." I now know, that many composers do this, so I'm looking for a better way to word comparisons between Williams and other composers?
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