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  1. He, if I need to keep my LOTR talk limited to one thread then ?-man can do all his Michael Giacchino praising in here, were I'm not bothered by it. Comments, complaints? indysolo@comcast.net Stefancos-
  2. Michael Giacchino to Reteam with Taika Waititi on Next Goal Wins I'm imagining this will be a smaller score like Jojo Rabbit, but I'm curious to hear what Giacchino comes up with! Since this is his third collaboration with Waititi, I'm hopeful that means there's a good chance he will score Waititi's Star Wars film too. I like Rogue One (especially "Your Father Would Be Proud"), but I would love to hear a Giacchino Star Wars score that isn't rushed!
  3. Michael Giacchino to Score Brad Bird’s Ray Gunn Not really a surprise, but nice to have it confirmed!
  4. Announced via his twitter I would have thought Christopher Young would have gotten the gig, but this could be a fun score for him after Zootopia and Star Trek Beyond.
  5. I'm at work and can't listen - any Giacchino music in this? This is one of four Giacchino scores in 2015, along with Jupiter Ascending, Jurassic World, and Inside Out
  6. Michael Giacchino Is Hard At Work On The 'Inside Out' Recording Sessions
  7. So J.A. Bayona, the director of Jurassic World 2, posted this on Twitter for Giacchino's birthday yesterday. Could this be a confirmation that Giacchino is returning for Jurassic World 2, which will be the fifth movie in the franchise (hence the hand)? I really, really hope so!!
  8. Admin note: Original thread title was Giacchino's Star Trek - Live to Projection (April 12, 13 and 14, 2013, Lucerne, Switzerland) Michael Giacchino's full score to J.J. Abrams' Star Trek (2009) will be performed live to projection next April in Lucerne (Switzerland). The performance will take place in Lucerne's KKL Concert Hall, with Ludwig Wicki conducting the 21st Century Orchestra & Chorus. More info: http://filmmusicreporter.com/2012/12/28/live-to-projection-concerts-of-michael-giacchinos-star-trek-score-announced/ Tickets: http://www.kkl-luzern.ch/navigation/top_nav_items/culture/Programmuebersicht/detail.htm?client_request_contentOID=3813&client_request_dateOID=20102&client_locale=en_GB
  9. Giacchino is currently recording the score at Abbey Road! Having loved Jurassic World, I'm excited that Giacchino and Trevorrow are teaming up again. I can't wait to hear this one!
  10. http://www.varesesarabande.com/servlet/the-1184/Star-Trek-Into-Darkness-cln-/Detail http://www1.screenarchives.com/title_detail.cfm/ID/27668/ http://www.moviemusic.com/soundtrack/M09485/startrekintodarkness/ http://store.intrada.com/s.nl/it.A/id.9058/.f I know this is already being discussed in the Varese Club thread, but this deserves its own thread. I am of course super excited that this release is coming out, because it's a great score, and because the OST was so short, and I'm glad there's a market for expanded scores that are only a year old. However, I am a big befuddled by two choices made for the final product here! One is that Giacchino's intended original end credits suite is missing, replaced by the film edit of the end credits. This means the new recording of Spock's Theme is replaced by music tracked in from London Calling and Ode To Harrison like in the film. A big bummer that nice recording won't get a legal release, especially since the full London Calling and Ode To Harrison are on the CD anyway (Ode To Harrison in the very next track!) And secondly is that an entire cue, "Spock to Spock" is missing on this release. That's the music for Spock's conversation with Spock Prime, and featured a great new version of the Vulcan theme. You can here both missing cues in this youtube video (I apologize for not having timestamps handy, but I will try to post them later) Why on earth did <whoever chose to omit these two pieces> omit these two cues? Why!? Why!?
  11. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Music Composed by Michael Giacchino Original Star Wars Music by John Williams I know it's not Williams, but I still like what Giacchino did with this score. Let's take a look... He's Here For Us I was not at all disappointed not to see the traditional main title. I like how the piece opens, a hint of the piccolo like at the beginning of ANH or ESB even, and then dramatic strings and a swift entrance of the Imperial theme for this movie. A Long Ride Ahead Solid track with lots of tension and some interesting percussion. I like the brass as the death troopers storm the house. I'm not sure if it's a recurring idea but it fits well. Jyn's theme is also present very softly. The Hope theme blasts over the main title. It's ok but it's not my favourite theme here by any means. Wobani Imperial Labor Camp Starts with Jyn's theme, and then a great brass transition takes us to another underworld planet. Dramatic strings prepare the audience for the next scene. Trust Goes Both Ways I like what the strings do in this track. Jyn's theme and the Force theme both appear. There's a really neat banjo sound effect as we arrive on Jedha. Nice eerie bassoon, chimes and tense strings. Great percussion to close. When Has Become Now Features a lot of the stuff in the Imperial suite, which is nice. The Death Star motif from ANH is used, which is cool! Jedha Arrival Starts with Jyn's theme lightly but the mood changes as she awakes and the crew land on Jedha. Things gets more serious and the mission is at hand. Saw reappears and the atmosphere is tense again. Jedha City Ambush Neat battle piece, although the idea is a little simple and repetitive. Stardust I like this bit of the soundtrack quite a bit. The piano is super sorrowful, and then the frenetic strings as the Death Star finally fires. Great build up. Confrontation on Eadu A long excerpt from the soundtrack and maybe my favourite track here. Cool brass fanfares, lots of themes appear and plenty of intensity over 8 minutes. Krennic's Aspirations My favourite part here is the music when Krennic arrives on Mustafar. Very big scoring from Giacchino, I think. Cool to hear all the Vader rumbling, and a hint at the Imperial motif from ANH. There were lots of planets in this movie, more than usual, but it was really neat to see Mustafar again. Rebellions Are Built on Hope The Hope theme tries to muster the Rebels to fight, but subsides before they can join Jyn and company. It was cool to see where the Rebellion was at in this movie, going into ANH especially. Rogue One This is one of my favourites from the soundtrack. Cool up-beat march as the crew hurry off. The setting is still anxious but they're confident on their mission. Cargo Shuttle SW 0608 I didn't like this piece at first. It's a simple and slow repeating idea and it has grown on me. Sounds quite like a Williams suspense idea, although it is still Giacchino. Scrambling the Rebel Fleet Lots of little bits of the Rebels in this one, and some nice references to brass sections from the OT. Jyn's theme also appears. AT ACT Assault More alright battle music, and also featuring the Guardians of the Whills theme. The Master Switch Really builds the suspense, and then ends with the Guardians of the Whills theme on violin, which was an interesting choice for the scene. Your Father Would Be Proud Yes, Mr. Giacchino. He would be proud with a piece like this. The pinnacle of the score honestly. Hope Super cool scene with Darth Vader, especially considering I knew very little about this movie before I watched it. Pleasantly surprised, and the choir really builds up this scene where Vader almost gets through everyone to recover the plans. Jyn Erso and Hope Suite I don't mind the Hope theme but I prefer Jyn's theme. It may not be strong enough for her character though, but I think that it also has to do with her relationship to her father, which would make sense. Imperial Suite This is the theme I remembered from the theatre, maybe because it's in the movie quite a bit. I'm glad Giacchino didn't automatically resort to the Imperial March all the time despite how similar this is to the ESB theme. Guardians of the Whills Suite Very nice choral work for a theme that wasn't used a lot in the actual score, at least not like it appears in the end credits. Sounds kinda familiar again but I like it. Thanks for reading!
  12. EDIT: It's confirmed! I guess we should take this with a grain of salt until it is confirmed, but according to this photo, it would appear that Michael Giacchino has already composed the score for Pixar's Coco! I hope this turns out to be true. It could be a colorful score from him!
  13. I am happy to announce the latest collaboration between the London Symphony Orchestra, the European FilmPhilharmonic Institute and conductor Frank Strobel: "Tribute to Steven Spielberg" December 10, 2017 @ Philharmonie de Paris, France London Symphony Orchestra Frank Strobel, conductor Repertoire to include excerpts from BACK TO THE FUTURE by Alan Silvestri BRIDGE OF SPIES by Thomas Newman INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE by John Williams JAWS by John Williams JURASSIC PARK III by Don Davis POLTERGEIST by Jerry Goldsmith SUPER 8 by Michael Giacchino THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN by John Williams THE BFG by John Williams and other works https://philharmoniedeparis.fr/en/activity/concert-avec-images/17859-hommage-steven-spielberg
  14. The third movie (which Reeves is directing and Giacchino is scoring) will be called War of the Planet of the Apes. I'm can't wait to hear Giacchino's score for this one (and for any film, really)! I just hate that it got pushed back from 2016 to 2017.
  15. Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god. Royal Albert Hall Festival of Film Tickets go on sale tomorrow.
  16. Giacchino revealed through his Twitter feed that he is scoring Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. https://twitter.com/m_giacchino/status/334428501996359681
  17. YES!!! http://filmmusicreporter.com/2013/03/05/michael-giacchino-to-score-jupiter-ascending/
  18. I figured it was time to start a new thread now that we're really moving on to a new movie. And we have a preliminary date: June 29, 2012! Speculation to commence below.
  19. Not surprisingly, Giacchino is confirmed to score Star Trek (X)II http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/BatFreak/news/?a=50240
  20. The AICN report was wrong, Giacchino debunked this story on his twitter! https://twitter.com/m_giacchino/status/466603039701622784 That's what Ain't It Cool News is reporting, from this article about Giacchino scoring Jurassic World (Bolding mine) http://www.aintitcool.com/node/67282 Discuss!
  21. Let's get to it, shall we? Does this top John Carter (my favorite Giacchino score)? Not by a long shot. That score remains in another league of sci-fi scores, rubbing elbows with some of the greats. Does this top Star Trek (2009)? Yes, because it takes the best of that ultimately good but not knock your socks off score and evolves them into something more mature and musically a little more interesting. On top of that the quality increase over 2009 is aided by a much more full bodied mix courtesy of Joel Iwataki. For the first time in a long time, Michael's army of percussion instruments actually sound alive. Two evil villains work in tandem against the Into Darkness soundtrack, keeping it from reaching the realm of greater sci-fi scores. One is its ridiculously short presentation, the other the break-neck pace of the film, together forming a nightmare dynamic duo that destroys any hope of musical cohesion. And by that I mean hold on to your hats and nuts, this is the Michael Giacchino Star Trek Variety 3/4 Hour. There is no beginning, middle, or end. And that's my biggest disappointment with the music. There is no clear musical narrative. That may be a problem with the short presentation, but the fast action pace of the film also means even with a longer presentation we are unlikely to see a proper beginning-middle-end musical narrative. So if you're looking for a slow-build up and setting the musical scene (which even the original film had), you will be sorely disappointed. Instead what you do get is a mature, darker, and more challenging score with lovely ideas splattered across tracks that [in their disjointedness] span a rather curious array of sounds and styles. Furthermore, you can tell Michael Giacchino heard a great deal of complaining about the lack of "Star Trek" sound in the previous score. Consequently, Into Darkness sounds distinctly more Star Trek than 2009, but in the heat of the action it still largely retains the "excited action squirrel" sound (it's the best visual way of describing it to me) Michael has developed for himself by assigning his choppingly tremolo strings to the higher instruments as usual. The excited action squirrel sound is getting slightly tiresome as it robs some of the action of much needed gravitas. Additionally, a couple of major new themes are included. Harrison's Theme is strong, memorable, although a little flat. Giacchino is still a weak composer when it comes to tension and release. Even in the concert version of the theme (not included on album), he struggles to build and release musical tension. So it works to the detriment of the theme. But the theme's overall presentation with interesting synthetic textures and instruments combats some of the flatness, if not all. The London Calling Theme is lovely and conveys a nice combination of sadness, pain, and anger. Wish we'd hear more of it weaved through the album. The old (and some new) themes get taken into some fresh, exciting, and better territories. "Sub Prime Directive" is a perfect example of how noble and powerful Giacchino's Star Trek theme can sound. "Kronos Wartet" has an interesting start, but it ultimately descends into lifeless atmosphere before turning into a asthmatic version of Harrison's action motif. "San Fran Hustle" is a fantastic track taking a plethora of themes and motifs into some really exciting and fun territory. From the Star Trek theme to Spock's Theme (wow!) to the most propulsive take on Harrison's Theme to the "Matter I Barely Know Her" string motif to the Amok Time fight music. "The San Fran Hustle" is arguably the best action track Giacchino has written so far. It doesn't have too much "excited action squirrel" and it has some proper tension and release. Another neat little track is "Kirk Enterprises". This is the most quintessentially Star Trek track on this album. Listen closely around 2:09 to be transported in time to Jerry Goldsmith's Motion Picture. All in all, it's a very good score. It's more mature, more challenging, and more Star Trek. While it isn't as good as Giacchino's best, to be fair he is back from a long hiatus, the album is abysmally short, and he is writing to a very fast film. Hearing Into Darkness and his maturation I'm excited to hear what he has coming up in this "post-hiatus" chapter of his career. Blume's Temporary Score (until seeing the movie/Deluxe Album): 83% Other Soundtracks Mentioned: ST09 Score: 70% John Carter Score: 93% And finally, my Blume-Experience-Scientific track by track ratings:
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