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  1. Posted: Oct 29, 2021 - 12:11 AM By: Ford A. Thaxton (Member) Jerry Goldsmith's Score for "Poltergeist" featuring Bruce Botnick, Dan Redfeld and Tim Rodier http://asmac.org/images/com_eventbooking/EventC/poltergeist_2.png Take a deep dive to the other side with an inside look at Jerry Goldsmith’s score to Poltergeist featuring Dan Redfeld and Tim Rodier of Omni Music Publishing Goldsmith once said that the role of a film composer was to score the emotion, not the visuals, and this Oscar-nominated horror masterwork demonstrates that philosophy perfectly. Although the ghostly Tobe Hooper/Steven Spielberg film brings the scares, Goldsmith looked beyond that to score the underlying love between the Freeling family that comes under threat from the supernatural scourge. The result is a powerful score that mixes tender lyricism in the form of Carol Anne’s Theme with some of the most complex and compelling material of Goldsmith’s career, a score that brilliantly pinballs between shock and awe. An enduring masterpiece in the composer’s impressive oeuvre. TCM is currently streaming Poltergeist. Sign in with TV service provider required https://www.tcm.com/watchtcm/titles/2822 BIOS: Bruce Botnick was the recording engineer for The Doors’ last album with Jim Morrison, LA Woman, which followed earlier studio works with Arthur Lee and Love as well as The Ventures. In 1979, his career expanded into film when he mixed for the Star Trek movie. It was on that project where Bruce met Jerry Goldsmith. The two built a friendship and partnership in making movie music together that spanned over 110 movies! During this time, Bruce formed a sound company and designed a few studios, which resulted in winning two TEC Awards for excellence in audio. For full film credits, please check Bruce Botnick's IMDb page. Award-winning American composer, conductor, orchestrator and producer Dan Redfeld has had his music and arrangements performed internationally from the concert hall to the musical theatre stage to the recording studio. His credits include the following: Music director: It Shoulda Been You, (Musical Theatre Guild), Bright Star, Beauty & The Beast, (Susan Egan), The Who's Tommy, (Alice Ripley), Chess, (Susan Egan/Matt Morrison), My Fair Lady, Jonathan Pryce, assistant MD), Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame, Peter Pan, Evita, and dozens more. Conductor for LA Opera's Educom since 2003. Composer: A Hopeful Place, Arioso for Oboe, Percussion & Strings, (Santa Barbara Symphony premiere), January 15, 1947 for Solo Harp, Fantasy for Violin & Piano, Travels for Piano Quartet, and Dance Sketches. Tim Rodier is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music with no less than a dual major in composition and film scoring. He has since become a successful composer and orchestrator with dozens of top credits to his name: Among other things, he orchestrated on Sharknado 5: Global Swarming, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Little Fockers and Into the Wild as well as the TV show Duets. Music prep credits include A-list titles such as Saving Mr. Banks, Skyfall, Men in Black 3, The Iron Lady, Despicable Me, WALL-E, Jarhead, Spider-Man 2, Charlotte’s Web and the TV series Angels in America. In addition, Tim is also the founder and owner of Omni Music Publishing, a successful publishing company with the goal to make full film scores available to the public. Scores available through what composer Austin Wintory calls “a legitimate goldmine” are some of the great classics of film music history: Bernard Herrmann’s North by Northwest, Basic Instinct by Jerry Goldsmith and Elmer Bernstein’s score to Ghostbusters have found a permanent home here, as have Don Davis’ The Matrix, Danny Elfman’s Batman and Batman Returns, all-time favorite The Wizard of Oz by Herbert Stothart, Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg and James Horner’s Willow. And after a long battle with a life-threatening liver disease that required multiple transplants in 2019, Tim and Omni Music Publishing have more titles are in the works. Details Event Date Saturday, October 30, 2021 12:00 pm
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