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Found 17 results

  1. Didn't we have a thread about this yet? According to the search function, @crocodile listening to it yesterday is the only time the score has been mentioned since April - but I'm pretty sure I remember us talking about it when the Quartet release was announced? Anyway, thanks to a FLAC of the main title on the new release kindly provided to me, I've done a comparison between the old Retrograde (top) and the new Quartet (bottom) release: Three observations: The Retrograde is more immediate/hotter. That seems to fit the music just fine though. The new Quartet seems slightly flat in comparison. Aside from that, the mix sounds the same. The Quartet runs minimally faster. By the end of the cue, they've clearly drifted apart. They seem to have the exact same pitch though? (I've trimmed a bit of silence at the beginning to synchronise the start) The Retrograde has a fade out at the end, whereas the Quartet continues the final loop a few more times until the cue's proper end! I think I prefer the sound of the old release. I'm certainly used to it. But I very much like the fact that the Quartet skips the fade out. It's hard to justify getting the new one just for that though. Has anyone here bought the new release who is also familiar with the old one?
  2. MIDNIGHT COWBOY (2-CD) Expanded Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack Musical Supervision: John Barry Everybody’s Talkin’ Sung by Nilsson Quartet Records, in collaboration with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Capitol Records, Universal Music Enterprises and the Phil Ramone estate, present an expanded 2-CD edition of the iconic score for the landmark film MIDNIGHT COWBOY, directed by John Schlesinger in 1969, starring Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight, and winner of three Academy Awards, including Best Picture. The musical score of MIDNIGHT COWBOY presented a new concept, widely used in the last decades, but not in the late sixties—a combination of songs and original music wisely developed into a perfect underscore. Renowned British composer John Barry, who had already won three Oscars in 1969, appeared under the credit of "Music Supervisor," but also composed a series of original cues and supervised the entire musical concept of the film, along with legendary American producer Phil Ramone. The song "Everybody's Talkin’," written by Fred Neil in 1966, was selected as a main theme for the film, newly recorded with arrangements by George Tipton and performed by Harry Nilsson. It became an instant classic and ultimately a generational symbol. For this new Quartet release, the classic 1969 soundtrack album has been mastered from first-generation master tapes on Disc 1 and supplemented with new mixes made from recently discovered multi-track tapes, that includes some alternate song versions, different vocals of the Nilsson song, and alternate and single versions prepared by John Barry of his famous original theme. On Disc 2 we have included the music (both songs and score) as it appears in the film, mastered from mono elements vaulted at MGM. Score and album were in part different recordings; the harmonica solos, played by Toots Thielman in the film, were played by Tommy Reilly on the album. This collection has been produced, restored, mixed and mastered by Chris Malone, and the 24-page booklet includes authoritative and exclusive in-depth liner notes by Jon Burlingame. DISC 1. Original Soundtrack Album 1. Everybody’s Talkin’ Nilsson (2:32) 2. Joe Buck Rides Again John Barry (3:49) 3. A Famous Myth The Groop (3:23) 4. Fun City John Barry (3:52) 5. He Quit Me Lesley Miller (2:45) 6. Jungle Gym at the Zoo Elephants Memory (2:14) 7. Midnight Cowboy John Barry (2:50) 8. Old Man Willow Elephants Memory (7:10) 9. Florida Fantasy John Barry (2:10) 10. Tears and Joys The Groop (2:30) 11. Science Fiction John Barry (1:58) 12. Everybody’s Talkin’ Nilsson (1:56) Bonus tracks 13. Midnight Cowboy (Single Version – Alternate) John Barry (2:12) 14. Everybody’s Talkin’ (Alternate) Nilsson (2:34) 15. Fun City (Alternate – Mono) John Barry (3:22) 16. He Quit Me (Alternate) Lesley Miller (2:04) 17. Tears and Joys (Alternate) The Groop (2:38) 18. Everybody’s Talkin’ (Alternate vocal) Nilsson (2:34) 19. Midnight Cowboy (Single Version) John Barry (2:40) DISC 2. The Film Score 1. Everybody’s Talkin’ (Main Title) Nilsson (2:33) 2. Everybody’s Talkin’ (I’ve Got Places to Go) Nilsson (2:13) 3. Everybody’s Talkin’ (Headin’On Up New York City) Nilsson (1:47) 4. Daydreams and Nightmares John Barry (1:15) 5. Everybody’s Talkin’ (New York City) Nilsson (1:48) 6. Everybody’s Talkin’ (Terrific Shirt) Nilsson (0:37) 7. A Famous Myth The Groop (1:36) 8. Realization John Barry (1:19) 9. Midday and Midnight Cowboy John Barry (1:30) 10. He Quit Me Lesley Miller (1:48) 11. Science Fiction John Barry (1:51) 12. Tears and Joys The Groop (1:16) 13. You’re the Only One, Joe John Barry (1:18) 14. Sunshine and Coconut Milk (Source Music) Toxey French (0:53) 15. Florida Fantasy John Barry (2:10) 16. Orange Juice on Ice (Source Music) P. Williams, P. Ramone, F. Huddleston (1:14) 17. Night Life John Barry (1:21) 18. The Cemetery John Barry (0:39) 19. The Gates of Hell — Flesh, Blood and Smoke Elephants Memory (8:59) 20. Joe Buck Rides Again John Barry (4:01) 21. Everybody’s Talkin’ (Where the Weather Suits My Clothes) Nilsson (1:35) 22. Finale John Barry (1:22) 23. End Titles John Barry (1:02) https://quartetrecords.com/product/midnight-cowboy-2-cd/
  3. WORLD PREMIERE RECORDING: ENDLESS NIGHTS Music by Bernard Herrmann Music Conducted by Fernando Velázquez Performed by the Basque National Orchestra Quartet Records is proud to present its second world premiere recording of a previously unreleased classic Bernard Herrmann score, following the release of THE BRIDE WORE BLACK in 2018. Herrmann’s score for ENDLESS NIGHT looks both forward and backward in his career. Its romantic elements recall passages from THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR and VERTIGO, while its more austere aspects anticipate the more motivic-based writing of IT’S ALIVE and SISTERS. To suggest the menace beneath the romance, Herrmann used a Moog synthesizer for its wailing and otherworldly timbres. Some of the score is based on a setting of words from William Blake’s “Auguries of Innocence”. There is also an achingly beautiful love theme, used by Herrmann as a “red herring” in this intriguing plot, and several cues that rely on color (Herrmann was, of course, a master orchestrator) and staid harmonic progressions for their chilling effect. Reconstructed from Herrmann’s original manuscript (provided by the publisher), the music is conducted by prestigious composer/conductor Fernando Velázquez, performed by the Basque National Orchestra, with original Moog synthesizer sessions played by Toni Saigi. We also had the incredibly good fortune of securing the magnificent voice of classical soprano Núria Rial for the vocals. Recorded on the OSE orchestra stage in September 2019 by Marc Blanes, with additional Moog sessions in 2020, the album was produced by Edouard Dubois and Jose M. Benitez (with executive production entirely by Quartet Records) and mastered by Chris Malone. The booklet includes extensive liner notes by associate producer Frank K. DeWald, who discusses both film and score. 1. Prelude (2:15) 2. The Opening (0:43) 3. The Balcony (1:12) 4. Gypsy’s Acre (0:49) 5. Flashback I (0:25) 6. The Pictures (1:23) 7. Ellie (1:22) 8. Encounter (1:32) 9. Warning (2:02) 10. Duo I (1:27) 11. The Cats (1:15) 12. The Newspaper (0:44) 13. Marriage (1:38) 14. Greta (Original Version) (2:17) 15. The Seasons (1:39) 16. Broken Glass / Miss T / The Ice (1:11) 17. School Play (0:39) 18. The Gift / The Ride (1:37) 19. The Garden / The Statue (1:54) 20. Duo II (1:15) 21. Endless Night (1:26) 22. Devotion / Binoculars (1:00) 23. Farewell (0:39) 24. The Yellow Pill (0:28) 25. Death (1:26) 26. The Return (1:21) 27. The Couch (0:38) 28. Flashback II (0:25) 29. The Fight / The Song (Film Version) (2:15) 30. Breakdown (0:44) 31. End Title (1:11) Bonus Tracks 32. Encounter (Alternate) (2:22) 33. Greta (Film Version) (2:19) 34. Duo II (Film Version) (0:54) 35. Endless Night (Film Version With Mandolin) (1:27) 36. The Fight / The Song (Original Version) (1:50) 37. End Title (Alternate Version With Moog) (1:08) 38. Endless Night (Vocalise) (3:26) https://quartetrecords.com/product/endless-night/
  4. I'm asking for the price you pay in your country for special editions, expansions, complete scores, ... you know what I mean. As far as I can see, on the websites of the labels themselves, there are normally three price ranges: 1CD = normally 19,99$ 2CD = normally 29,99$ 3CD = normally 34,99$ Of course, that's without shipping fees and it's dollars. So what do you have to pay in England, Sweden, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Pakistan, ... ? I will start with Germany: There are two criteria that normally influence the price - the number of discs and the label's shipping fees. Quartet Records 1CD = 16,95€ = 20,14$ 2CD = 21,95€ = 26,08$ La-La Land 1CD = 22,95€ = 27,26$ 2CD = 36,95€ = 43,90$ 3CD = 49,95€ = 59,34$ Intrada 1CD = 27,95€ = 33,20$ 2CD = 37,95€ = 45,08$ Varese Sarabande 1CD = 34,95€ = 41,52$ 2CD = 42,95€ = 51,02$ It's annoying that you have to pay twice as much for Varese Sarabande as for Quartet, althought the latter is clearly the better special label.
  5. Big fan of Velazquez, and have been looking forward to his new score for 'A Monster Calls.' It seems like a really good story for a composer to get their hands on. I've just listened to the samples, which you can hear on Quartet Records site here - http://www.quartetrecords.com/a-monster-calls.html Some lovely pieces, and it has that romantic, elegant sound that Velazquez is so good at. I particularly like the Piano theme, which is showcased best in these samples in the 'End Credits' piece with String and Harp accompaniment.
  6. Folks, I present to you my latest interview with Album Producer and Editor NEIL S. BULK being spotlighted at www. JerryGoldsmithonline.com website: THE MAKING OF TOTAL RECALL & BASIC INSTINCT: NEIL S. BULK RECALL’S FILM MUSIC WHOLE SALE! http://jerrygoldsmithonline.com/spotlight_neilsbulk_interview.htm (This was supposed to run early few months back but got delayed due to some external factors. However, www.JerryGoldsmithonline.com has graciously hosted this as a special spotlight feature ) Hope you Enjoy! best, Amer
  7. http://www.quartetrecords.com/the-delta-force.html http://www.screenarchives.com/title_detail.cfm/ID/25798/ http://www.moviemusic.com/soundtrack/M09026/delta-force/ http://store.intrada.com/s.nl/it.A/id.8289/.f
  8. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=458531960900477&set=a.322124201207921.76750.322120894541585&type=1 http://www.quartetrecords.com/fatti-di-gente-perbene.html
  9. http://www.quartetrecords.com/passion-2.html http://www.moviemusic.com/soundtrack/M08761/passion/ http://www.screenarchives.com/title_detail.cfm/ID/23977/
  10. To this day, Murder on the Orient Express (1974) is one of the most successful, stylish and faithful adaptations of Agatha Christie ever made for the silver screen. Sidney Lumet directed an all-star cast, built around Albert Finney’s fascinating portrayal of Christie’s famous Belgian sleuth, Hercule Poirot. The film was nominated for six Academy Awards (winning a Best Supporting Actress statuette for Ingrid Bergman) and ten BAFTA Awards (winning two acting awards and the Anthony Asquith Award for Richard Rodney Bennett’s extraordinary score). Sir Richard Rodney Bennett (1936–2012) excelled in several musical careers. In addition to film scores, he composed concert works in a variety of styles; he was also an accomplished jazz pianist and a popular cabaret performer. His elegant and glamorous music for Murder on the Orient Express spotlights two remarkable themes: a posh, 1930s-style piano-based main title and a sophisticated, melodious waltz. Emphasizing style over menace (but not lacking in the latter), Bennett’s score was often cited as one of his finest contributions to the genre. Quartet Records is particularly pleased, so soon after Bennett’s lamentable passing, to make the Capitol Records soundtrack LP of Murder (containing almost every cue) once again available to eager fans. Sourced from the original EMI album master and featuring new liner notes by Frank K. DeWald—illustrated with numerous production stills—this latest addition to the Quartet catalog (which previously included Bennett’s Lady Caroline Lamb) features the Royal Opera House Orchestra, Covent Garden, conducted by Marcus Dods. This release are available for pre-order now. The CD will ship the second week of February. http://www.quartetrecords.com/murder-on-the-orient-express.html
  11. Did anyone spot this on the Quartet Records facebook page? It's not something that happens every day. https://www.facebook.../QuartetRecords Great news, as I was never truly satisfied with the incomplete Varese Sarabande release.
  12. http://www.quartetrecords.com/ I don't know how many of you are aware of them but they have joined the mix several years back with some interesting releases. They have just re-issued Goldsmith's Stud Lonigan. It also features a young John Williams on the piano. http://www.screenarc...IGAN-PRE-ORDER/
  13. Buysoundtrax / Dragon's Domain 2018 Releases: 2018-09-12 Robert O. Ragland - Grizzly (DDR609 - 500) 2018-09-12 Sean Murray - Deep Blue Sea 2 (DDR657 - 500) 2018-08-15 Patrick Gleeson - The Plague Dogs (DDR653 - 1,000) 2018-08-15 Paul Chihara - The Mississippi (DDR611 - 1,000) 2018-08-01 Dennis McCarthy - Death of a Nation (BSXCD9135) 2018-08-01 San Fernando Symphonic Assembly - Chariots of Fire: The Film Works of Vangelis (BSXCD9122) 2018-07-26 Chuck Cirino - Return of Swamp Thing (DDR650 - 1,000) 2018-07-26 Sean Murray - Accodent Man (DDR655 - 500) 2018-06-13 Basil Poledouris - Tintorera: Killer Shark / The Lost Album / Dolphin (DDR629) 2018-06-13 Michael Allen - Last Dance (DDR652 - 1,000) 2018-04-25 Mark Snow - Caraoline At Midnight / Seduced and Betrayed (DDR646 - 2,000) 2018-03-15 Merrill Jenson - Windwalker (DDR631) 2018-03-15 Chuck Cirino - A Doggone Adventure (DDR651 - 1,000) 2018-01-26 Brian May - The Quest (DDR649) 2018-01-26 Lee Holdridge - The Pilot's Wife / The Tenth Man (DDR632 - 500) 2014-17 Releases: Film Score Monthly Next release? None; The label has officially closed (many existing titles will continue to be sold for years, but no new titles will be produced.) 2011-2013 Releases: GNP Crescendo 2012-2014 Releases Intrada Next release? Roger should post clues for the October 16th title sometime on Thursday, October 11th. It will then go up for sale on Monday, October 15th sometime after 5PM PST. How often do they release new titles? Typically every 2 weeks. They go up on the main page of Intrada's web site on Monday evening between 4pm-5pm PST and begin shipping the following morning. Does Intrada give clues? As of September 2013, Roger now simply announces the new titles the Monday before the week they go on sale on the Intrada forum. As of September 2014, Roger has returned to giving clues the Monday before the week they go on sale As of January 2015, Roger now gives clues the Thursday before the release date. 2018 Releases 2018-10-02 Richard Band - Prehysteria! (ISC419) 2018-09-18 James Horner - *batteries not included (ISC412) 2018-09-04 Jerry Goldsmith - The Lonely Guy (ISC416) 2018-08-07 Trevor Jones - Nate and Hayes [2CD] (ISC417) 2018-07-17 Alan Silvestri - The Mummy Returns [2CD] (ISC404) 2018-07-17 Jerry Goldsmith - The Mummy [2CD] (ISC402) 2018-06-26 Andrew Powell - Rocket Gibraltar (ISC411) 2018-06-11 Piero Piccioni - The 10th Victim / Georges Garvarentz - That Man in Istanbul (ISC410) 2018-05-29 Jerome Moross - The Valley of Gwangi (ISC405) 2018-05-15 Jerry Goldsmith - Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend (ISC403) 2018-05-01 Johnny Mandel - Harper (ISC406) 2018-05-01 James Horner - The Boy In The Striped Pajamas (ISC400) 2018-04-03 James Horner - Living In the Age of Airplanes (ISC401) 2018-03-20 Bruce Broughton - Mickey, Donald, Goofy - The Three Musketeers (ISC399) 2018-03-06 Jerry Goldsmith - Rambo III (INT 7150) 2018-02-06 Alan Silvestri - COSMOS Volume 3 (ISC398) 2018-01-23 Alan Silvestri - Who Framed Roger Rabbit? [3CD] (ISC397) 2018-01-09 Michael Kamen's Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves [2CD] (ISC395) 2011-2017 Releases JWFan thread: click Kritzerland Next release? Unknown, Kritzerland hasn't followed a specific release pattern since 2014. How often do they release new titles? Typically twice a month, announced on a Monday morning around 6am PST. Does Kritzerland give clues? Bruce Kimmel will sometimes post on this forum what the next title will be a few days before it goes up for sale 2018 Releases 2018-08-27 George Gershwin - Porgy and Bess (500) 2018-08-27 Ben Bagley - Harold Arlen Revisited (500) 2018-08-27 Soren Hyldgaard - Red / Family 2018-07-13 Julius Monk - Four Below Strikes Back (500) 2018-06-21 Ben Bagley - Leonard Bernstein Revisited (500) 2018-06-01 Ben Bagley - Ira Gershwin Revisited (500) 2018-05-18 Ben Bagley - Alan Jay Lerner Revisited (500) 2018-05-18 Jerry Fielding - Advise and Consent (1,000) 2018-05-09 Jim Wise - Dames At Sea / LeRoy Holmes - I'm A Fan (500) 2018-05-04 George Duning - The Man With Bogart’s Face (500) 2018-04-27 Ben Bagley - The Decline and Fall of the Entire World as Seen Through the Eyes of Cole Porter (500) 2018-04-19 Julius Monk - Demi-Dozen (500) 2018-04-19 Johnny Mandel - The Verdict / The Seven-Ups / M*A*S*H (1,000) 2018-04-06 Claibe Richardson - The Grass Harp (500) 2018-03-27 Cole Porter In Paris / Feathertop (500) 2018-01-02 Heitor Villa-Lobo - Choros No. 6 / Bachianas Brasileiras No 7 (500) 2011-2017 Releases: JWFan thread: click
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