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Found 6 results

  1. [/img] GHOST WARRIOR - NEWLY REMIXED 2020 EDITION OF ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK BY RICHARD BAND Click here to go to Product Page https://tinyurl.com/y7mvwss9 GHOST WARRIOR is presented as a limited edition of 500 units. LISTEN TO A SOUNDCLIP FROM “Ghost Warrior” https://tinyurl.com/y7sdgyee CD includes Digital Download-24 Bit Wav, MP3, Digital PDF Dragon’s Domain Records presents a new release of GHOST WARRIOR, to be distributed through buysoundtrax.com. GHOST WARRIOR features music composed by Richard Band for the 1984 science fiction/action film directed by J. Larry Carroll, written by Tim Curnen, starring Hiroshi Fujioka, John Calvin, Janet Julian, Charles Lampkin, Frank Schuller and Robert Kino. Released in 1984, GHOST WARRIOR tells the story of Yoshimitsu, a renowned samurai in 16th Century Japan, who is wounded in a swordfight while trying to protect his wife from brigands. Yoshimitsu falls into an icy lake where he is quickly frozen. 432 years later his corpse is discovered in an ice cave and turned over to scientists in Los Angeles, who are hired to conduct an autopsy of the body. The team is led by Dr. Richards, who decides to try and revive the ancient corpse instead. Remarkably, the procedure is successful but Yoshi escapes when disturbed by a greedy security guard who tries to steal and pawn his katana sword. Fighting his way from the suburbs to downtown L.A., Yoshimitsu for all his mastery of swordplay and perception of Japanese culture circa 1552 is unable to comprehend 20th Century America, and can only defend himself at swordpoint after he runs afoul of a local street gang and, ultimately, the LAPD, leading to a tragic conclusion. The score for GHOST WARRIOR is a fusion of symphonic orchestral music, ethnic Japanese flutes and percussion, and an array of unusual percussion instruments invented and constructed by early 20th Century American composer Harry Partch (1901-1974). When Band got the assignment to score GHOST WARRIOR, he realized there was an opportunity to achieve something distinctive by combining ethnic Japanese instruments with the unique and versatile instruments of Partch. Band did some research on Partch’s instruments at the UCLA library. His first challenge was in figuring out how to communicate to musicians playing these instruments who are used to reading normal sheet music. At the same time, Band discovered that the top percussion player in Los Angeles, Emil Richards, had been Partch’s main disciple and had inherited all of Partch’s instruments. The Harry Partch percussion instruments were recorded in Hollywood at Group IV, a recording studio that no longer exists. The orchestral portions of the score were later performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Shirley Walker, who may have been the first woman to conduct the Royal Philharmonic for a film session. The end result is an expansive orchestral score that merges extremely unique percussive sounds with a richly symphonic melody structure accentuated by ethnic Japanese instruments. Richard Band was born in Los Angeles on December 28, 1953. He is the son of film producer-director-writer Albert Band (THE RED BADGE OF COURAGE – screen adaptation), brother to producer-distributor Charles Band and uncle to young rock star Alex Band of the rock group ‘The Calling’. Shortly after his brother Charles had formed his first movie company, Richard decided to take a break from music and began to work as an assistant director on some of his films. He then went from assistant director to production manager, to associate producer and finally producer on over 13 films. Richard has since gone on to score over 75 feature films and many television productions including multiple episodes of STARGATE SG-1, WALKER: TEXAS RANGER and Disney's SING ME A STORY series. Richard has composed the music for more than 10 interactive computer/video games over the years and has had many soundtracks that have been released of his film works. Richard has also scored many documentaries including the award-winning series’ MOST DECORATED, BRUTE FORCE and WEAPONS OF WAR and has also contributed much music to other series’ like THE REAL WEST, CIVIL WAR JOURNALS and BIOGRAPHIES. His experience over the years has brought him to record over 22 film scores with internationally renowned orchestras such as THE ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, THE LONDON SYMPHONY and THE ROME PHILHARMONIC. He has also had his music recorded in Prague, Romania, Croatia and Munich. In more recent years, Richard has also enjoyed scoring a variety of family and comedy films for Viacom and Paramount Pictures as well as hundreds of animated vignettes for the WB kid's network all of which were scored with orchestra. His musical talents can also be heard on several amusement park rides including ALIENS - THE RIDE as well as several Vegas venues. Among the many interactive games Richard has scored the music for STAR TREK, WATERWORLD, CASPER, STONEKEEP, DECENT UNDER MOUNTAIN, CLAYFIGHTER and INVICTUS: THE SHADOW OF OLYMPUS. Dragon’s Domain Records is excited to bring the soundtrack to GHOST WARRIOR back to the marketplace with the music freshly remixed by Matt LaPoint from the score’s original 8-track masters, which the composer was only recently able to find, digitally remastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland, including liner notes written by author Randall Larson, with the participation of the composer. GHOST WARRIOR is a limited edition release of 500 units. GHOST WARRIOR is expected to begin shipping the week of May 4th, 2020 and can be ordered at www.buysoundtrax.com . The first 100 copies ordered trough the buysoundtrax.com website will be autographed by the composer at no extra charge. 01 Prologue 5:27 02 Yoshi is Alive! 1:20 03 On The Move and Main Titles 4:07 04 Tormentors 8:52 05 Yoshi Sees Automobiles 1:20 06 Bright Lights, Big City 4:04 07 Johnny Follows Yoshi 2:20 08 Yoshi Remembers The Past 4:15 09 Human Antique 5:53 10 Yoshi Rescues Girl 4:08 11 Samurai Love Theme and End Credits 3:15 BONUS TRACK: 11 Ghost Warrior: Suite 5:38 Total Time: 51:11
  2. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra will again be paying tribute to John Williams in two concerts at the Royal Albert Hall in October 2016. The ones in 2012 and 2014 at the same venue were great fun (even allowing for the sacrilegious arrangement of Jaws) and played to a sold out hall. http://www.rpo.co.uk/whats-on/eventdetail/546/-/john-williams-2016 Robert Ziegler conducts while Tommy Pearson presents and reads out people's drunken tweets from the interval.
  3. Does anyone else have this CD? Star Wars Suite and other great film music I cannot remember ever seeing this one mentioned here (but stand to be corrected). I was browsing in HMV in Brighton before the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra's Heroes and Aliens concert on Saturday and they had a better soundtrack section than I have seen in HMV for some years, including this gem. It is part of the Classic FM Full Works series of CDs and I would normally give this sort of thing a wide berth, but it's actually a pretty nice compilation for several reasons. They were flogging two for a tenner so I thought what the hell. First and foremost, it contains the legendary Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind suites performed by the LA Philharmonic under Zubin Mehta. I only had these on tape cassette (remember them?) and my copy was mangled years ago, so I wanted a nice digital version. Remember that the former suite includes the rarely heard The Little People and The Battle movements, while the superb, longer thirteen minute suite of the latter is I think the only such version. The rest are various selections from the Decca / RPO back catalogue, including a number of 'gap fillers' for Williams fans. For example, there is the End Title Suite from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, which I think I am right in saying is the only recording to date that tries to replicate the film version. There is also a version of Schindler's List played by none other than Janine Jansen, now one of the best violinists in the world. The only faux ami is Nick Ingman's bizarre arrangement of the Jaws theme, the inclusion of which in several RPO concerts I have lamented more than once (twice, in fact). However, even that has a certain curiosity value and I quite like having it on CD. The CD only seems to be available from HMV shops in the UK - I have not been able to find any online retailers selling the physical CD except as a used copy. If you are in the UK and you see this in HMV, I would recommend it.
  4. The schedule for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra is showing another concert devoted to John Williams at the Royal Albert Hall on 10th October 2014. Robert Ziegler conducts while Tommy Pearson presents. http://www.rpo.co.uk/event.php?pid=1555 When they did this in 2012 it was really good, not least because there was a huge choir (the Royal Choral Society) in selections such as Hymn to the Fallen, Duel of the Fates and Dry your tears, Africa! They've even made sure that it does not clash with England v San Marino the previous evening. ET is still AWOL in the publicity poster, though.
  5. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra will be giving a concert of John Barry's film music, under the baton of Nic Raine, at the Guildhall in Portsmouth (UK) in October. Details and tickets are at: http://www.portsmouthguildhall.org.uk/events/royal-philharmonic-orchestra The programme looks like it will include a few rarities among the usual suspects, including Barry's popular The Black Hole and Moonraker.
  6. London will see two major concerts devoted to the maestro in the space of three weeks! Not to be confused with the London Symphony Orchestra's Williams concert on 8th November, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra has just announced that it too will be paying due homage to Johnny T at the Royal Albert Hall in October 2012. Robert Ziegler conducts. http://www.royalalbe...ms/default.aspx War Horse will be among the selections performed by the RPO.
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