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  1. Since 3 episodes have now been released on Blu-ray, and season one will be released this year, I think it's good to have a thread about this fine series. I received my Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Next Level only this morning and have watched the series pilot, Encounter at Farpoint. First of all, I have to say that this blu-ray looks rather spectacular. The early seasons of TNG always had that rather soft, fuzzy look to them, and since I only ever saw this pilot on VHS it's like seeing this for the first time. The image is crisp, sharp and detailed, the colors are vibrant. The Enterp
  2. - Crazy Picard - Enterprise destroyed because they didn't just rotate the shield modulation and apparently Data and Geordi forgot how to save the ship like they did for the entire show in far worse situations - Kirk falls off a bridge, or on the bridge - Borg have time travel technology and go to the day before First Contact - Disobeying Starfleet orders constantly and helping the Ba'ku - Dune buggy, Schinzon and basically everything in Nemesis Now, the TNG movies are guilty pleasures, don't get me wrong. Yet, the original series movies due to their generally higher quality and the consi
  3. This is definitely a big enough title to warrant its own thread. The only thing that isn't clear on Intrada's website or forums - as far as I've seen - is exactly when it ships. Does anybody know?
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