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  1. This weekend the Dutch Philharmonic will perform a concert that includes a lot of music from Star Wars. It is in one of the best venues we have here in the Netherlands. They just announced that the concert will be streamed live on the internet: Streams: https://www.facebook.com/NedPhO.NKO/videos/1612478478808509/?fref=mentions www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBmJV91-7ps The concert starts at 20:15 CEST (11:15 AM PST) Source (in Dutch): https://www.facebook.com/events/459958841014762/ I will not be listening to the streams because I will be in the audience ;-)
  2. COULD CONTAIN SPOILERS From Reddit, “The score was masterful: unobtrusive and really built up the tension of the action scenes. I can’t wait to hear more of it!” Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/StarWarsLeaks/comments/7i14ge/japan_special_screening_first_1015_minutes_of_tlj/?st=JAVNMX5U&sh=5be09d85
  3. A new chapter is on the way in about 18 months. We have no clue what it'll be about. JJ reckons the script is good, but he might be pulling a James Gunn on us there. Although there's been no official announcement, is it a foregone conclusion that Johnny will return? If so, what can we expect? Will he give Rey's Theme further development or will he abandon it like he did Anakin's Theme? In ESB, he created a new baddie theme - will a new one emerge in the upcoming score? And how will the scoring schedule go? In TFA, it seemed to drag on for months - a marathon run for an ageing composer who will be on his last legs should he decide to return for Episode IX. Meantime, a new score by The Splat for Rogue One will be out later this year. That'll tide us over. I loved Godzilla, so I'm probably more eager for that one than most. I wonder if that film will have a $200+ million opening too?
  4. We come to it at last; the great poll of our time. Both are massively influential giants in the sci-fi genre, and continue to excite and inspire millions of fans decades after their inceptions. Which sci-fi epic do you prefer; the rollicking action and adventure of Star Wars, or the cerebral intelligence and ingenuity of Star Trek?
  5. The trilogy that forever shattered a fanbase in two. The trilogy that, arguably, scarred the reputation of one of Hollywood's greatest storytellers. The trilogy that, whatever its shortcomings may be, features some of the most badass music John Williams has ever composed. Which film and score do you prefer from the divisive Star Wars prequel trilogy?
  6. Hello my name is Paul Klusman I'm known for a series of cat videos on YouTube starting with "An Engineer's Guide to Cats" and others. I'm working on a cat video of Star Wars ep. IV A New Hope and I need to contact Mr. John Williams for permission to use his composition in my video. I'm not using the original theatrical recordings but instead I am singing - "meowing" the melodies and using it as underlying music in my video. I would like to use the exact melodies rather than skewing them as a parody. I know this is a long shot but does anyone have a way to contact Mr Williams quickly? The video is nearly done and I'd like to release it on YouTube in a week or so. Thanks so much, Paul Klusman
  7. Not sure if this has been discussed, but from what I can hear the brass sounds very similar to TFA's recording. Not that it's 'new' music unfortunately, but it could be from the TLJ recordings.
  8. There is a little video on the Star Wars instagram about dogs dressed up like porgs - anyway, it features some music reminiscent of the introduction of 'Knight Bus' with some pizzicato strings. Is this music familiar to anyone? (Before starting the discussion 'could it be Williams??)
  9. Was just browsing the season for the Dallas Wind Symphony (now called the Dallas Winds) - happened upon this!! The Last Jedi: Music by John Williams Tuesday, March 27, 2018 – 7:30 pm Meyerson Symphony Center Dallas Winds Jerry Junkin, conductor http://dallaswinds.org/the-last-jedi/ December 15, 2017 marks the return of Luke and Rey, as Star Wars fans the world over line up for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. On March 27 we bring all-new arrangements of Williams music for The Last Jedi to band fans, along with more Williams gems from Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and Hook. Summon The Heroes Wide Receiver (for NFL Films and ESPN Sunday night football) The Patriot Flight to Neverland, from Hook Viktor’s Tale, from The Terminal Deborah Fabian, clarinet Harry’s Wondrous World, from Harry Potter For NY (for Leonard Bernstein’s 70th Birthday) Scherzo for Motorcycle and Band, from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) Far and Away Escapades (from Catch Me if You Can) Stephen Page, Saxophone If you click on Buy Tickets, it gives a little more detailed program info. Tickets seem to range from roughly $30-65 including fees. Shame it's on a Tuesday, that makes it really hard to travel in for, but sounds like an amazing concert!
  10. Hey everybody, my latest episode of "The Music of" is live and on one of my favorite scores, "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back". I'm a huge fan of Star Wars, and if you haven't seen one of my reviews before, I isolate the music within the film so you get to see how it works in the movie without the sound effects or dialogue, it's pretty cool. I don't dive super deep into them, but rather like to get all kinds of people an idea of what makes this music so special!
  11. Both trilogies serve as prequels to a far greater trilogy. Both have had more of a mixed reaction to their respective fanbases. And now it is up to you to decide; which trilogy is better, the Hobbit trilogy or the Star Wars prequel trilogy? Personally, my vote goes to the Hobbit trilogy. Despite the excessive CGI and visual effects, as well as the additional storylines and subplots, at least it feels as though it is from the same vein of movies as the LOTR trilogy. On the other hand, the Star Wars prequel trilogy completely sidelined the visual style and charm of the OT, resulting in a set of movies that have neither the humor, nostalgia, or feel of the original classic films. The Hobbit trilogy also has far superior acting. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. Please vote in the poll above!
  12. Hi all, I've now completed a blog post analyzing the musical meaning of the themes from The Force Awakens. http://www.filmmusicnotes.com/themes-and-their-musical-meaning-in-star-wars-episode-vii-the-force-awakens/ Enjoy!
  13. Hi I'm looking for recordings of this score for my Advanced Higher Music qualification, any help would be appreciated. LINK TO COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL REMOVED BY MODERATOR
  14. So if both John Williams and Michael Giacchino were off the table for scoring ANY of the upcoming Star Wars films, who would you want to score one of the films, whether it's a spin-off or episode 9? There are no wrong answers (unless you say Hans Zimmer). Personally I might go for James Newton Howard. Not modern JNH, but late 90's/early 2000's JNH if he was able to tap into that spirit again.
  15. EA's SWBF2 will be coming out in a few months. Do you think it will contain any unreleased music? It seems this Saturday may or may not be the moment of truth, as they will be showcasing prequel gameplay.
  16. Reposting this here from @mrbellamy Looks like Williams will be composing (or rather, has composed) the source music (diegetic music) for The Last Jedi! Very exciting news!
  17. As we all know, the 1997 Special Edition OST 2CD set presented us with the complete recording sessions of the iconic Main Title on the last track of CD1. As we all know also, the sound quality of these separate takes is better (MUCH better, I think) than the final version presented on track 2 of the same CD1. I believe that some of you have already toyed with the idea of creating a version using the selected takes (18, 19 & 20, which the 1997 OST booklet dutifully informed us). So, to celebrate the 40th anniversary, here's my modest contribution (and the correspondent track from the 1997 OST for comparison). It was no easy task putting this together. In the end, it made me respect the work of music/sound editors, and EVEN MORE the work of music/sound editors of the analog era. Hope you like it!
  18. Here's my analysis post and "disassembly" of the Revenge of the Sith soundtrack: http://cuebycue.blogspot.com/2016/05/star-wars-ep-iii-revenge-of-sith.html I think there's some fantastic writing here, really gut-wrenching and beautiful, but I still think I like the themes from Episodes I and II better...probably a taste thing. Some of the stuff here is really sophisticated but not really developed as a thematic device, such as the "creepy theme" in Padme's Ruminations. I freakin' LOVE that, especially when the organ comes in! I wish he'd developed that more somehow.... I also wish he'd put together a concert version of Grievous' themes, I can imagine that being lots of fun. Anyways, there's probably some mistakes here, I'll be correcting as the days go by.... Now, if all goes according to the OT schedule we should have complete versions of the prequel movies by 2019...
  19. Dear Sir / Madam, I have made a transcription/set of variations of The Imperial March from Star Wars. I have a student who is supposed to play it in a local music competition this coming weekend. I made this transcription without any intention of claiming that I wrote the original and I have made this clear on the score. It is edited in a way that makes it possible for small hands but in better taste than a lot of the transcriptions out there. It is a set of 3 variations with a coda at the end. There is no introductory theme (like you would find in a traditional set of variations) but only variations with a softer interlude half way through to break up the first two variations. I think that more than 40% of this piece has been edited or changed but I am not sure. It takes about 2 minutes to play. There is no intention to publish this work or claim copyright for the original. I have not sold it to the student or his parents or anyone else for that matter. I have no intention to sell it. It is only for my one student to play and develop his technique while enjoying what he is using for educational purposes. I have no intention to make money in any way through this piece or for anyone else to make money directly or indirectly from this piece. The local event has a programme but the only details which are published in the programme are the names of the competitors. There is no need for the student to announce the title and composer of the piece although if it is required then he will do so. The event organisers are not making money or advertising the event by using the title of this piece or the original composer's name. It is also a non-profit event. There will be no recording made of this piece when played. The event organisers will be making sure of this. No audio or video recordings will be made and there will be supervisors in the room making sure of this also. The student who is playing this piece along with his parents have been primed not to allow anyone to have a copy of the sheets or give them to anyone else. They are very respectful of the laws of the land and are only interested in promoting their son's musical interests and have agreed to the terms that I have laid down as well as any which we will potentially be given by anyone in authority. As soon as the student has finished playing the sheets will be taken back and destroyed. Is there anyway for us to get permission for him and only him to play this piece during this coming weekend? If anyone can help I would really appreciate it as hours of reading up on copyright law has not brought me close to finding out what is permissible and what isn't as far as movie Music is concerned. I have even asked Radnich and Belousova how they got permission to transcribe, record, sell and show for free on YouTube their transcriptions and paraphrases of Star Wars but they have not replied and we are running out of time. My student has worked for just over a whole year (now 8 years old) to be able to play this piece. It would be a crying shame if it was not possible. How can we get official permission for him to play it just in case a representative of the PRS turns up to this event? Do we need official permission? PLEASE HELP! Mish
  20. This is a question that I keep coming back to with the Star Wars sequel trilogy: Will John WIlliams ever record another Star Wars score with the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) again? While I enjoyed the score for The Force Awakens, I couldn't help but notice that there was just something different about it or missing. Part of it could have been the recording techniques, digital vs. analog, or a host of different variables, but one element I feel that supersedes all of that was the absence of the LSO. Yes, the musicians used to record the score on The Force Awakens I'm sure are world class and likely some of the best in the world, but there is something to be said when comparing a group of musicians that have been put together in a very short amount of time with very little time playing together as a group to record a film score, as opposed to a world class orchestra that has been playing together for years. I also realize that even the musicians in the LSO change over the years, but as a unit, I would bet they have spent much more time playing together than any group of musicians put together to perform on one film score. For me personally, I felt that overall, The Force Awakens score was amazing and the playing was good, but I felt that the cohesion and crispness experienced with the LSO at least on the prequel scores, was lacking. I just wanted to get everyone's opinion on this. With the recent news that Williams will be recording the score for Episode VIII on and off now and into early next year, does this signal Williams official departure from the LSO on Star Wars? Do you think we'll ever get another Star Wars score composed and conducted by John Williams with the London Symphony Orchestra? Fingers crossed, I'm hoping we get just one more with the LSO, but of course, I am thankful that we still have John to bless us with new material for Star Wars regardless.
  21. http://www.insidethemagic.net/2016/02/star-wars-in-concert-to-return-in-2016-to-a-city-near-you/
  22. There's been discussion of this piece scattered in various threads, and I figured it was prime time it got its own thread to increase visibility of this piece Here are two performances of it on Youtube, anyone know of any others?
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