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Found 4 results

  1. SCORE: - THEME - The Force Theme Credit for the Force Theme Archive i used as the basis for this thread goes to the admin emeritus General Kenobi from the TheForce.net board. Thanks for your work! Of all the themes and melodies John Williams ever composed the Force Theme is among the very best and famous ones. What makes it truly unique is the fact that it single-handedly is the most developed Williams theme ever. No other one has gone through so many permutations, has evoked so many different feelings and is still as listenable as
  2. So seeing as they will be dropping the first trailer to The Last Jedi this Friday at Star Wars Celebration. Do we know if Williams composed the music for it? Hope to hear some new music in it. Mind you I just can't wait to see the trailer!
  3. Very soon will be released the first book about the music of Star Wars. Publishing House (Berenice / Spain). Title: Star Wars. La música (Star Wars. The Music). For more info contact with the Press Department Manager: Jefe de prensa José María Arévalo López de Ontiveros (+34) 639 149 886 jarevalo@editorialalmuzara.com
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