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  1. Hello, all! I noticed something while doing a project. In Jurassic Park, there is a cue titled "Goat Bait" that corresponds to the scene in which the tour cars stop at the T-Rex paddock and it doesn't show. It's a very atmospheric cue with no real melody, and it syncs up to the movie perfectly. This cue went unused, sadly. The other day, I was doing a project in which I put music in the T-Rex breakout section, just to see how it would sound. I figured that for the suspenseful opening with just the footsteps might sound good with the "Goat Bait" cue put in. When I put it in place, it synced up perfectly, almost like it was written for that scene specifically. I mixed it in and will attach that video in the replies. Please forgive the quality, my setup isn't exactly the greatest. I'll put the versions with the dialogue muted in the replies. I can't help but wonder if JW planned this or if Goat Bait Scene 2 Mixed.mp4 it's just a crazy coincidence. Hope you enjoy! Goat_Bait_Scene_1_Mixed.mp4
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