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  1. Thought this was a fun interview which revealed a few interesting nuggets we didn't previously know. I think the Hook signing was already revealed by Rian, but one can infer from Nathan's comments here that he actually lost this gig to Williams. Another interesting layer to that mysterious period between TFA and TLJ where JW's ongoing involvement was unclear. It seems Nathan actually got to attend the recording sessions though, so don't feel too upset for him. A dream come true for any aspiring composer. A nice gesture from Rian who surely arranged that as an apology for not getti
  2. I like Rose’s Theme. But there are several oddities about it: It (or something damned close) was composed and recorded for TFA. It appears to be a major-key variant of the Force Theme. I know it’s controversial, but IMO the TLJ concert suite makes for a very satisfactory piece. It marries Rose’s Theme to the Luke in Exile Theme. These are two characters who have nothing to do with each other in the film. And it’s named “The Rebellion is Reborn,” which has nothing to do with either Rose or with Luke’s exile, however, Luke is the one who utters those words whic
  3. I don't agree with all of this guy's analysis, but he does make some good points, especially regarding the overuse of the Force Theme. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gB4lULC87Oo
  4. I've finally been able to construct my ideal playlist for The Last Jedi using the OST, FYC, and Isolated Score. I've been otherwise listening to a whole bunch of edits and none of them were quite "perfect". I've finally got mine and I'm listening right now. How do you listen to The Last Jedi the most?
  5. Mod edit: US Residents can purchase it here: https://moviesanywhere.com/movie/star-wars-the-last-jedi
  6. Now that we had time to watch/listen to TLJ many times.... What's your opinion now? Both are very good, but I'd say TFA for score (Rey's Theme!), and TLJ for movie.
  7. Thanks to @Falstaft (hiatus til TROS) we now have the complete cue list: End Credit Rose's Turn End Credit Part 3 Rev End Credit Part 4 Opening 0m1 Tossing the Sabre 0m1 Insert Rey Looks Back 0m1 Rev Tossing the Sabre 0m2 Thought Connection 0m2A The Cave Scene 0m2A Insert Place to Place 0m3 Learning the Force 0m3 Insert Learning the Force 0m4 Rey + Luke 0m5 Fathiers 0m5 Fathiers (with fixes) 0m6 Fathiers Charge! 0m7 Crashing the Party 0m8 Saying Goodbye to Fathier 1m2 Finn Wakes Up 1m2A [No Title] 1m2A fix Son of Starry Night 1m3 Welcome
  8. It has been roughly a month since The Last Jedi hit theaters in December last year, and since its release, it has certainly caused waves and division among the Star Wars fanbase and the public in general. While plenty of people thoroughly enjoyed the film, there are a good deal of those that disliked it, and even some who call for its removal from the franchise's overall canon. How did you feel about the latest installment of the Star Wars saga, The Last Jedi?
  9. http://variety.com/2018/film/news/mark-hamill-on-star-wars-music-composer-john-williams-1202659494/ John Burlingame did another write up on John Williams and this time talked to STAR WARS actor Mark Hamill. What was supposed to be a five minute chat ended up in much longer interview that it warranted a new spin off article to what Jon did yesterday. After reading this I sent this message to Jon Burlingame: 'He is the entire cast ' What a great and humble way of (showing) respect to our Maestro: Williams. I'm so moved. And it appear
  10. My guess, The Fathiers was temptracked with TOD music, probably the Nightclub Fight. The second part of The Fathiers sounds extremely TOD.
  11. Here's my catalog of themes for The Last Jedi. Anybody have ideas about what the sarabande, crying motive, desperation motive, or last-ditch fanfare might signify? https://www.aaronkrerowicz.com/star-wars-blog/the-last-jedi-soundtrack-musical-analysis-catalog-of-themes
  12. That was fast! Digital piano arrangements (normal and easy-piano) are available through sheetmusicdirect. They've listed the following pieces: Main Title and Escape Ahch-To Island The Supremacy Fun With Finn and Rose Old Friends The Rebellion is Reborn Canto Bight The Sacred Jedi Texts The Battle of Crait The Spark The Last Jedi Peace and Purpose Music Notes has only listed "Main Title and Escape" and "The Last Jedi" at this stage. I think I'll wait till it's published as a book and buy it.
  13. So, I've seen the film twice by now. Seen other reviews for context. Went with people who aren't informed in film criticism, saw what they thought. Now, I'll try to give it as professional a review as I can muster, without spoilers and in under 2,000 words. Long story short: I like the movie and I think its quite good, but nothing beyond that, really. It has too many issues with pacing, the implementation of humor and the use of some of its characters to be "great" in any real way. Now, short story long: Cinematography The visuals are very striking. I gave JJ Abram
  14. Where do you rank John Williams' music for "The Last Jedi" among his previous scores for the 'Star Wars' films?
  15. The Last Jedi opened in the USA tonight, and in addition to the standard 7:00 pm showings, there was also a 6:00 pm showing that including free snacks, some swag, and exclusive visual content before the main film. Many thought the visual content would be a look at Solo: A Star Wars Story, so you can imagine my surprise when, after a spoken introduction recording by Rian Johnson, we were treated to a 5-or-so minute long tribute to Williams, and a look at his work on The Last Jedi. There weren’t any specific new things to me - it was mainly people praising Williams, and Williams tal
  16. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - For Your Consideration (FYC) Album 01 Escape (7:41) 02 Ahch-To Island (2:31) 03 The Supremacy (2:00) 04 Admiral Holdo (1:02) 05 Fun With Finn And Rose (3:03) 06 Connection (1:58) 07 Lesson One (1:59) 08 Canto Bight (2:15) 09 The Master Codebreaker (1:07) 10 The Fathiers (2:20) 11 The Cave (2:02) 12 Rey's Journey (1:35) 13 A New Alliance (5:28) 14 Holdo's Resolve (2:17) 15 Chrome Dome (2:03) 16 The Battle Of Crait (7:00) 17 The Spark (4:20) 18 The Last Jedi (5:02) 19 Old Friends (1:23) 20 Finale (9:01) TOTA
  17. https://audioboom.com/posts/6550481-preview-rian-johnson-on-how-john-williams-works
  18. Hello! If you've heard the Last Jedi OST album and would like to discuss the music on it, this the place! The original thread can still be used to talk about receiving your physical copy, differences between various editions, where to buy or stream it online, etc, but here, it's all about the music. Starting the thread now because I found this on youtube, and I haven't checked yet to see if its real or fake.
  19. In this thread you can openly discuss The Last Jedi with no spoiler blocks at all, but here in the early days before wide release it's ok if you want to block certain things. LAST WARNING!!! SPOILERS ALLOWED BEYOND THIS POINT!!!
  20. Hello! This thread is to discuss the Last Jedi score as heard in the film. No spoiler tags are needed but you're welcome to use them in the early days now before it's opened wide. @Oskar has already kicked off the discussion, you can read it here, and let's continue it here!
  21. No reactions on Twitter about the score yet. Don't really want to read too many reactions lest someone reveals some huge spoiler. Also, is it weird we've heard next to nothing from JW about the score? TFA had, what, two separate featurettes with JW, two 60 Minutes features, a 30 minute Tavis Smiley interview, countless newspaper articles. I think the only time JW's even mentioned TLJ was that radio interview for the Spielberg/Williams collaboration, plus the infamous "I don't want anyone else scoring for Daisy!" anecdotes at his concerts.
  22. Anyone check the IMDB page lately? There's a lot of bizarre credits in the music department; not sure if they're fake or not.
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