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  1. https://audioboom.com/posts/6550481-preview-rian-johnson-on-how-john-williams-works
  2. You can discuss the trailer itself in the thread for the film, please limit discussion in this thread just to the music. Thanks!
  3. Here's my catalog of themes for The Last Jedi. Anybody have ideas about what the sarabande, crying motive, desperation motive, or last-ditch fanfare might signify? https://www.aaronkrerowicz.com/star-wars-blog/the-last-jedi-soundtrack-musical-analysis-catalog-of-themes
  4. No extra music or anything, just "2 collectible cards" https://www.target.com/p/-/A-52936836 They have an entry for the normal edition too: https://www.target.com/p/-/A-52994365
  5. what's this music https://www.ispot.tv/ad/w_lE/nissan-master-the-drive-sales-event-fulfill-your-destiny-altima
  6. I'm torn... I really want to, but I want to see it in the context of the film. HOWEVER, every single Star Wars movie release for me has been a musical introduction first, followed by the first viewing of the film. I reminisce about the days of listening to the TPM soundtrack over and over and how wonderful it was to see images attached to it later. For me the music has always existed on it's own, as Star Wars has kind of been like a big music video for John Williams with dialogue and SFX. What will you do when it leaks?
  7. With The Last Jedi looming as the second last Star Wars score ever conceived from the mind of John Williams, that leaves few chances to decide how you first experience one. This was a hot topic with The Force Awakens, as many fans chose to discover the score and experience its new themes "cold" in cinemas for the first time. Aided by Disney's steadfast protection of the score to prevent leaks (and with less than a few minutes of score being released pre-release), this made the choice of avoiding the score far easier than the likes of Attack of the Clones (whose OST leaked weeks before release, complete with a music video). So have you decided how you'll treat his score for The Last Jedi? With less than a month until release, we've uniquely heard nothing of the score. We have no details other than a rumoured tracklist, that the Main Titles were re-recorded, but no indication of JW's direction for the score nor any new themes composed. So how much are you willing to learn before seeing the film itself?
  8. In case there are any fans of Star Wars here, the Last Jedi red carpet premiere will take place on December 9 at 5pm PST and will be live streamed here: http://www.starwars.com/news/watch-star-wars-the-last-jedi-red-carpet-live-at-starwars-com
  9. Anyone check the IMDB page lately? There's a lot of bizarre credits in the music department; not sure if they're fake or not.
  10. Alright....I'm gonna hold off making a thread for now but strange things are brewing on Reddit. Somebody posted these pics: And APPARENTLY that person claimed this is the tracklist: Admin Note: Jump HERE to confirmation this tracklist is real
  11. https://www.amazon.de/Star-Wars-Last-Jedi-Deluxe/dp/B0758KSWZK What is this? IS it real?
  12. Dunno if this is legit or not; the track titles give away much of the basic story structure, and in previous OSTs, the opening theme is usually referred to as "main title" not "main theme", and the final cue often includes "finale". Still, it's worth giving a look. Also, by the way, if anyone here has Instagram, you can find me at @realjohnlong.
  13. COULD CONTAIN SPOILERS From Reddit, “The score was masterful: unobtrusive and really built up the tension of the action scenes. I can’t wait to hear more of it!” Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/StarWarsLeaks/comments/7i14ge/japan_special_screening_first_1015_minutes_of_tlj/?st=JAVNMX5U&sh=5be09d85
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