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Found 16 results

  1. Here it is: ADMIN NOTE: Click HERE to jump to the reveal of the track list Click HERE to jump to the reveal of the cover art Click HERE to jump to the reveal of the track TIMES Click HERE to jump to the first soundclips And click HERE to jump to when the first JWFanner received his set and actual discussion of the release begins!
  2. something interesting: http://www.ascap.com...s_pp=30&start=1 not a cue list, but.. close. MOTH AT ISENGARD
  3. Just a quick note: anyone who think the trilogy is now "complete" should check out Doug Adams' blog. Based on Doug's reports, we may surmise that when the book is out and the dust has cleared, people will be shocked at the amount of revelatory music they've never heard. Some choice quotes: Some pieces give you a glimpse into the creative process… both compositionally and editorially… you really get a better sense of how these films were put together. Some of the alternate compositions simply stand as superb pieces of music… an LOTR 3.5, if you will. Some reveal how Shore composes. Some re
  4. I noticed that there was not a guide on what cues contained film edits/tracking so I decided to make one: "A Conspiracy Unmasked" or Analyzing the Fellowship of the Ring CR The year 2013 of the Second Age. Here follows the account of Faleel, Manic Treasure Hunter of JWFan, and the finding of the unreleased music.... Disc One Prologue: One Ring To Rule Them All The CR has the film version, The OST and Rarities have different edits of the same alternate, The TE and EE DVD menus have the TE version There is a section of the cue microedited around 2:00, (the microedited section can
  5. Hooray for Miranda Otto beerchug ADMIN NOTE: Click HERE to jump to the reveal of the cover art Click HERE to jump to the reveal of the track list Click HERE to jump to the reveal of the track TIMES And click HERE to jump to when the first JWFanner received his set and actual discussion of the release begins!
  6. I'm sure many have noticed the structural similarity between the first part of Bilbo's adventure and the first part of Frodo's. But what about the music? For each of the 15 choices, vote for your favorite piece of music from the Peter Jackson movies. Ignore OST vs SE differences for AUJ pieces and OST vs CR vs Rarities differences for LOTR stuff, just vote by whatever your favorite version of each piece of music is. Have fun!
  7. Its that time again, this time though, the CR presentation is nearly perfect. "Foundations of Stone" or Analyzing the Two Towers CR The 13th day of August in the the year 2014, by Shire reckoning. JWfan, the Shire...Middle-Earth. The Third Age of this world. Now, where to begin? Ah, yes. Concerning Edits.... Disc I Glamdring Complete Elven Rope This track contains the EE title music, the rarities has an early choral version. The TTT score featurette might feature an alternate version of 1:12 to 1:58 that uses the Fellowship theme. Lost In Emyn Muil The Lord of the Rings: Tactics
  8. Here is a result of quite a few years of on and off writing as I have continually added material from new observations, fan discussions and ideas and several revelations from Doug Adams into the text. I offer first the thematic analysis of the score with the track-by-track analysis of the Special Edition soundtrack album coming later. As always comments and observations, improvement and addition suggestions are most welcome. Thanks to all the fine folks here and elsewhere for your insight and help in parsing through these magnificent scores: KK, Jay, Georg, Faleel, BloodBoal, Barnald and
  9. So now when we have the last Hobbit score i'm curious which score you guys prefer in both of the trilogies. Of course the choice might change if we ever get complete recordings of the Hobbit but please vote on what you feel right now based on all the material we have and have heard in the films. I LOVE all the scores myself and to me it is very hard to pick my favourites since I feel that all of the scores have their assets. If you want you can write how you personally would rank the scores. This is how I would rank the scores right now (I feel that my opinion might change in the future): The
  10. I'm listening to Billy Boyd's song. And it's beginning to really hit me that this is the end of something significant. I can still remember when I was five or six when my father gave me his copies of Tolkien's work. It's always been such a deep part of our relationship, and of our whole family. Reading the books together, talking about them, being surprised and thrilled when the films were announced. Luckily they were winter releases so I was around to see them with everyone. We went so many times to each. Those films changed my life fundamentally. When we all congregate at my brother'
  11. Who's the more interesting character in PJ's 6 films? I would have to say Bilbo without even having anything resembling a second thought. I find Freeman a far more interesting actor then Wood. And his character, even with loadfs of invented subplots has a lot more meat on it's bones. It's the same way in the books for me, actually. Bilbo for the win!
  12. It'd been so long by now, but I've just been listening to the complete Grey Havens track (as heard on the CR) and it felt so fresh and moving to me; I was actually compelled to compare it with E.T.'s legendary farewell cue which too deals with exactly same themes as the LotR piece. Both have moved me to tears within their respective films and indeed outside of them as music in their own right. What's interesting though is there's a massive dramatic and stylistic gulf between the pieces - with E.T.'s cue being very much the full-on romanticised hit of sheer unabashed sentimentalism and RotK ins
  13. Which do you prefer? The Choral powerhouse Sammath Naur? or the emotional replacement cues? choose wisely!
  14. Is there any article, interview or any documented evidence to suggest JW has read LOTR, or possibly any of Tolkien's other works?
  15. I'm so happy - I'm definitely going! Find it playing at your local AMC: http://www.amctheatres.com/movies/the-lord-of-the-rings-trilogy?showdatetime=12-8-2012 Find it playing at your local Regal: http://regmovies.com/Movies/Movie-Folder/2012/Lord-of-the-Rings-Trilogy-Marathon-160268?date=12/08/2012'>http://regmovies.com...date=12/08/2012 I'm sure its playing at other theaters too; Check your local listings! Near me it's also playing at the Cinemaworld in Lincoln RI http://www.cinemaworldonline.com/lincoln/showtimesdetail.asp?title=*LORD_THE_RINGS_MARATHON&FilmID=LO52&poster=L
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