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  1. I think we now know why Williams chose not to put these on the album. Falcon Flight always seemed to be a little too different from the Williams sound and it seems that Haab's music laid the foundation for it. There's also similarities with Solo. Battlefront II was seemingly composed first. Haab said he was surprised when he saw Solo in the theater because of this.
  2. Hello, it's not the professor here this time. Just me I will try my best though, because this track is awesome! My Hello, what have we here? / You are imagining things section: 0:00-0:26 violins of quiet tension, to my ears slowly whispering the Anthem of Evil, with little counterpoint, but close to the end the counterpoint imitates the closing notes of the theme 0:26-0:27 a moment of music "taking notice" that something is not right, with a TROS-signature pronounced harp. Now the middle strings add some pedal tension. 0:27-0:44
  3. With the release of The Rise of Skywalker, we finally get to hear Williams giving his final send-off to the Star Wars franchise. With it, one can't help but bring about comparisons to another composer and his send-off to another beloved space franchise. I speak, of course, of Goldsmith's Star Trek: Nemesis. While the two scores differ in that, while Williams went into TROS knowing this would be his last Star Wars score, Goldsmith did not have the same benefit of going into Nemesis knowing this would be his last say on Trek. That said, both scores I feel work well as far as providi
  4. An anonymous tipster has sent JWFan some information that I can share with you now! The information is a list of cues that appeared in a cut of the film dated November 11th, 2019. Remember, the final day of recording sessions didn't happen until November 21st, and even by this cut some of the cues JW had written had already been dropped or replaced, so consider this a PARTIAL cue list: 1M01 Main Title 1M022 The Ninth Beginning 1M05 Rey Trains 1M06 Ren's Entrance 1M08 Approaching The Nursery 1M09 Rey Wakes Up 1M13 Tell Me What They Are
  5. Breaking his own record as the most nominated living person, receiving his 52nd Oscar Nomination! Congratulations Maestro! The 5 nominees: Joker (Hildur Guðnadóttir) Little Women (Alexandre Desplat) Marriage Story (Randy Newman) 1917 (Thomas Newman) Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (John Williams)
  6. My favorites are easily FALCON FLIGHT, and the cool Anthem of Evil passage in Prologue Second place would be Parents for dat choir, or To Kimiji for its nice Trio Theme passages, and the missing minute of The Old Death Star
  7. I put it on repeat most of the day .At least 15-20 times by now. I love this, it's kind of a mix of theme from Jurassic Park with Harry Potter Might end up one of my favorite concert versions ever and one of his most beautiful.
  8. In this thread feel free to openly discuss the entire OST album (and FYC album) including all track titles, BUT DO NOT POST ANY MOVIE SPOILERS. If you want to discuss how the music on this album relates to the plot leaks, head on over to The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERS ALLOWED discussion thread. If you've seen the film and want to to discuss music you heard in it that is not on the OST album, head on over to The Rise of Skywalker - COMPLETE SCORE as heard in the film Discussion - SPOILERS ALLOWED! If you want to post about where to buy the digital edition, or
  9. So by my calculations, there's almost 45 minutes of unreleased music heard in the final film, though it's still unclear how much of that is old recordings tracked in... (Apologies to mobile phone users, this chart only looks right on a desktop or tablet.... if you are on mobile, turning your phone sideways helps somewhat) # Title Length On FYC? Length On OST? Length Unreleased 1 Main Title 1:26
  10. Post any you find here! This includes tweets from people who went to the premiere last night, etc.
  11. So if my calculations are correct and the TROS OST drops on the NZ Apple Music store at 10pm AEST, that leaves us less than a hour to poll the room on the final ever questions for a brand new John Williams Star Wars score. So here goes! Quick and easy, no spoilers, just OST-related questions because (miraculously) we're still none the wiser on the contents of the OST. I've avoided questions relating to track titles because I believe these have leaked (but the chronology is unknown). Please DO NOT POST TRACK TITLES in this thread. STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWA
  12. Jay-Dubs with the only other contributor to all 9 films, the insufferable Anthony Daniels: Love that JJ is right next to Williams here, which shows just how highly he regards him. Also very telling that Williams is the only crew member on stage here, other than the writer/director, senior producers and heads of Disney/Lucasfilm: Williams with Lando (discussing their delicious love for Leia) and Indiana Jones, who demanded John start writing his themes for Indy 5 before Christmas: Appa
  13. That's about 6 hours, 20 minutes from now. If I'm not around when the stream starts, someone reply with the link/embed and report on what music you hear!
  14. Some great stuff in here! For one, his energy and enthusiasm are remarkable. He also crushes on Daisy again, and even on Billy Dee Williams a little bit! haha
  15. I most enjoy what JW did to The Emperor's Theme and The Imperial March on the TROS FYC. I am hopefully he found a spot to put in a reference to Duel of the Fates somewhere, but I'm less hopeful now than I was before the FYC for some reason. I think it's pretty likely he'll bring back Rose's Theme for some scene with her, but I'm not entirely sure about that either. If he hadn't turned it into half a concert arrangement, I'd think it's less likely. I have no idea if he'll use Cloud City stuff for Lando or not.
  16. The FYC album in the form of publically available MP3 files has been discovered less than an hour ago by our board, so at the time of me wrapping a write-up on this, this might well be the first dedicated review published on the subject matter. Since this is only a limited presentation - about a third or maybe even quarter of the entire score, it is hard to judge the score in it's entirety. I will be keeping to the album itself for the most part, and not speculating about music outside of it. My experience was influenced by a deep knowledge of the film's leaked plot, s
  17. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - For Your Consideration (FYC) Album 01 Prologue (1:45) 02 Falcon Flight (2:22) 03 We Go Together (2:10) 04 In the Desert (2:26) 05 A Prisoner (1:23) 06 To Kimiji (1:37) 07 Fleeing from Kimiji (1:53) 08 Hallway Shooting (2:11) 09 Hard to Get Rid Of (2:19) 10 Join Me (2:21) 11 The Old Death Star (2:14) 12 Off the Waterfront (1:03) 13 Final Saber Duel (1:38) 14 Healing Wounds (2:49) 15 Advice (1:54) 16 Battle of the Resistance (1:54) 17 Approaching the Throne (4:16) 18 Parents (1:57) 19 Coming Together (1:44) 20 S
  18. So I just stumbled upon this, which appears to be the first musician involved in the TROS score to add the film to their credits: https://lamasterchorale.org/singers-jim-raycroft As you may know, the LA Master Chorale provided the vocals for The Last Jedi. Jim is a 35 year member of that chorus. Not direct confirmation of this group's involvement in the score but it does confirm the presence of choir. So there!
  19. If The Complete Star Wars Prequels Boxset (done by MM, of course) was released at the end of this year, and you're allowed to get either this or the OST album of The Rise of Skywalker, which would you get? Over seven hours of well-known music in pristine condition on official releases, or just slightly over 70 minutes of brand-new, never-before-heard music. Easy enough question. But dear God, I couldn't decide for the life of me. 😂
  20. https://youtu.be/9E4yxmserwg This feels totally different to the stock before, sounds like we have a look at an action cue? Could be wrong!
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