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Found 9 results

  1. I have 2 tickets available for those interested in May 29 Boston Film Night Tribute concert 1st Balcony Rt. Seats A9, A10 I won't be able to come, still going to May 30 and 31 concerts though The price is USD 163 for both tickets (original purchase price) If interested, PM me pls.
  2. Hi, I'm looking to buy two tickets at a reasonable price for this. I've tried the box office returns line, but they don't have any returns so far. If you have any last minute cancellations and have a couple of spare tickets going please let me know It would be an amazing start to my partner's birthday weekend. I live and work locally in London so it would be very easy to meet and buy the tickets, even on the day itself. Thanks, fingers crossed! Sorry for the all the duplicate posts, the internet seems to have stopped working as I hit submit, can't see where to delete them
  3. Hey everyone! To those lucky enough to secure tickets for John Williams' concert at the Royal Albert Hall: hats off to you. For those, like me, who queued but were disappointed when the tickets were sold out - I have an idea. Would it be unreasonable to ask 11 other fans to invest in a box at the Albert Hall so we can all go to see the concert? The price of the box to rent is extortionate, but I feel that if we pool our resources we could get affordable seats? Tix would be £279 each? Who's with me? I'm upset that I couldn't get a ticket to this once in a lifetime
  4. Yesterday I bought a ticket to Tanglewood for August 19 on the official website. I noticed that I could still buy a ticket (albeit with an obstructed view), despite that the seating map was grayed out. I paid, opted for printing the tickets myself, and got my order receipt. Success! Or not?.... The problem is that I have not received my e-ticket yet. I contacted customer service but have not yet gotten response (yet).... What do you guys think? Have any of you been in a similar situation before?
  5. I have 2 tickets (not together) to John Williams Film Night at Tanglewood on 8/13/16 8PM. Tickets are PDF and can be emailed once payment is received (Paypal preferred). Front Orchestra Section 6, Row F - $160 or best offer Rear Orchestra Section 15, Row H - $100 or best offer twd15_shed_map.pdf
  6. Hi guys, New to the boards here. Long time John Williams fan. Unfortunately, I was not able to score 2 tickets to the John Williams concert in Milwaukee when it went on sale a few days ago. I would really love to attend it with my father. Not sure how it works on the boards here, but please message me if you have any available that you are willing to sell. Thanks so much!
  7. SOLD! Greetings fellow John Williams Fans! I have two tickets to the Boston Pops Film Night concert on Saturday, June 7, that I am willing to sell to anyone interested in going at such short notice. The tickets are for the Second Balcony, Row A, Seats 2 and 3. For those familiar with Symphony Hall, these seats overlook the stage from the right side, almost like a private box in some other concert halls. I am selling the tickets on StubHub for $38.00 each ($30, plus the fees they add), but I am absolutely willing to negotiate with anyone on here for a lower price. A few months ago, I was very e
  8. I have 6 tickets to sell for John Williams 80th Birthday Celebration on Aug. 18th at Tanglewood. Seats are GA Lawn and I'm willing to break them down to sell in pairs of 2. Price is $32 each which is what you will pay with BSO.org for a Lawn ticket + fees. They'll charge you to ship, but I'll take care of it to save you a little extra. Please buy here first as I'd hate to get stuck with tickets for this great concert just because I can't go. Please email me at ksherin@gmail.com if you're interested!
  9. Looking for 2 tickets to Film Night in Boston w/ the Boston Pops on either Fri. 6/1 or Sat. 6/2. Please email me directly if you have extras: ksherin@gmail.com
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