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Found 4 results

  1. I recently listened to this score, after being absent from it for more than 15 years. I listened to it very much when it was fresh, and it was one of my favorite soundtracks. Now I think parts of it sound horribly dated, to the point of being cringe-worthy - I'm of course referring to some of the electronic elements. What do you think?
  2. I was thinking about the famous "I'm flying" scene from Titanic and, in particular, the precise moment where the music reaches its emotional climax. On paper, you might expect the score to swell at the moment Jack and Rose kiss, but it actually reaches its emotional peak a few seconds later when Rose reaches up her hand to hold Jack's head closer. The moment becomes a lot more sensual and somehow more romantic as a result. I realise this is just intelligent, intuitive film scoring, but the timing of these things always fascinates me. (2:09) Another example off
  3. Alas, it's another pointless poll that will most likely be completely inactive in the next week or so... Do you agree with the age-old JWFAN proverb "Titanic is better than everything"?
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