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Found 2 results

  1. I'm not asking for most wanted complete scores, but for a special, single, yet unreleased cue you really want on CD. My Top 5: 1 Molaram's Speech/The Evil Potion (The Temple of Doom) 2 Professor Trewlaney's Prediction (The Prisoner of Azkaban) 3 The Holy Grail (The Last Crusade) 4 [Cue in Amistad when Yamba explains the bible] 5 Wallcrawler I/Dracula & Mina (Dracula) Since the John Williams Jurassic Park Collection my Top 5 are all new.
  2. As the poll asks, which way do you want to enjoy the newly released music? I for one chose to have a "close to chronological" experience, with no editing, using only the iTunes release. I happen to like it's remastered sound, and actually do like that it is louder overall within tracks because I think the music on the 1993 OST became either too quiet or too loud for my taste. I am still in debate whether or not I want to add the three remaining unreleased cues, because of the obvious sound quality difference. I think I may end up just having them at the end as bonus tracks. I will omit "End Credits" for sure, but of course have "Welcome To Jurassic Park" where it belongs. I will have as a bonus both "Jurassic Park Theme" and "My Friend The Brachiosaurus" from "Williams On Williams". How about you guys?
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