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Found 18 results

  1. Here is my analysis of the soundtrack album that appears on the main page as well and in addition a thematic breakdown with track times. Comments, observations and corrections are as welcome as always: War Horse A review and an analysis of the Original Soundtrack Album By Mikko Ojala (Incanus) The upcoming film War Horse is the 28th collaboration between director Steven Spielberg and composer John Williams. The movie is based on a popular children’s novel by author, poet and playwright Michael Morpurgo and tells of a young English boy Alber
  2. So... there's a "complete" score leak: 1m1 Dartmoor (04:12) 1m2b Horses To Market (02:05) 1m3 The Auction (02:24) 1m4 Bringing Joey Home (02:32) 1m5 Bonding With Joey (01:51) 1m6 Dad and The Goose (00:55) 1m7 Learning The Call (04:13) 1m8 Whistling Montage (00:52) 2m10-20 Albert Defends Joey and Harnessing Joey (03:27) 2m22 Landlord's Speech (01:45) 2m23-25 Plowing (08:32) 2m27 Dad's Medals (03:02) 2m28 Horse Vs Car (00:59) 3m30 Ruined Crop and War (02:05) 3m33 Leaving For France (01:44) 3m34 Saddling Up (01:02) 3m35 The Charge (02:12) 3m36 Surr
  3. I'm selling my last John Williams 'For Your Consideration - Best Original Score' Cds. From a non-smoking home. Both are manufactory pressed discs, they are not bootlegs or CD-Rs. Prices include international shipping from France, with tracking. * The Force Awakens FYC: CD is in a printed cardboard cover: CD is in VG condition (slight mark on the surface that doesn't affect the good playing), artwork is MINT. Price: $89 * War Horse FYC: CD is in a box, with front and back covers : CD & artwork are MINT. Price: $89
  4. War Horse<br> A Complete Score Analysis<br> by Jason LeBlanc<br><br> Complete Cue List<br> Note: All cue titles not taken from the OST or FYC Promo are completely made up by me. I have no idea what the official titles are.<br><br> <table> <tr><td>1</td><td>Dartmoor</td><td>3:52</td><td>Unreleased (0:08) / OST 01 [0:00-1:05] / Unreleased (0:08) / [1:05-2:06] / Unreleased (0:08) / [2:06-end]</td></tr> <tr bgcolor="ivory"><td>2</td><td>To The Auction</td><t
  5. Screenings around the country have started this week (see here). If you have seen the movie, share your thoughts! Please user the spoiler tag ( [ spoiler] [ /spoiler] ) when necessary. Thanks!
  6. Best Music MICHAEL GIACCHINO Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (Paramount) MICHAEL GIACCHINO Super 8 (PARAMOUNT) HOWARD Shore Hugo (Paramount) ALAN SILVESTRI Captain America: The First Avenger (Paramount/Marvel) JOHN WILLIAMS The Adventures of Tintin (Paramount) JOHN WILLIAMS War Horse (Walt Disney/DreamWorks) http://www.saturnawards.org/nominations.html
  7. I think "The Dash Across No Man's Land" (whether you go by the FYC/film version or the longer OST version that appears in the second half of track 13, your choice) is THE BEST action cue to come out in a long time. Probably the best since either the LOTR trilogy or Azkaban. It sounds so fresh and original to me, but also sounds EXTREMELY WIlliams-y. Like it has his trademarks of 40 years of writing action cues, but doesn't REMOTELY ape any of them - It's completely original. Like WIlliams took all his action writing experience and then threw it out and said "Here, I'm not done yet!" This
  8. Alrighty, here we go. Incanus has put together this wonderful list of themes and their locations. Here is his original post, and here is the theme material copy and pasted and re-arranged by me: So, with that in mind - vote for your favorite theme! My poll has 3 sections - favorite "Major" theme (appears in at least 5 tracks), favorite "Minor" theme (appears in 2 or 3 tracks), and then favorite overall theme from both categories.
  9. All the Oscar experts predict that both War Horse and Tintin will easily be nominated for the Academy Awards and that War Horse will win. I however happen to think that Tintin is the better score and would be more deserving of a win than War Horse. Does anybody share my view? Will it be bittersweet to see Williams win for War Horse instead of Tintin (which I think is a magnificent score)? Also it is very likely that The Artist will defeat both and walk away the Oscar. That would be too bad. Having seen The Artist, I can say that the score is functional and film-serving but not a great piece of
  10. Here is a fan-made trailer combining footage from the first 2 trailers with music from the OST http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Br1uMzsTZjI
  11. To me, I view the War Horse OST as having 3 "Acts": Act I (Tracks 1-6) introduce us to all the major themes. The overall sense this section of the OST has is positive, and you can feel a sense of bonding and friendship developing that climaxes in track 6 ("Plowing") Act II (Tracks 7-13) feature almost none of those themes, as instead we have more sparsely orchestrated material that really creates a sense of seperation and being taken out of your happy zone. In addition, this section features the only action/war material on the OST. Act III (Tracks 14-16) features a return of the themes from
  12. Right here: http://www.cinemamusica.de/1685/ Remember, the track list contains SPOILERS!!! Here is Google's translation of the German text on the page: The mp3s can be downloaded directly off their website here: http://www.cinemamus...le_download/270 http://www.cinemamus...le_download/271 http://www.cinemamus...le_download/272 http://www.cinemamus...le_download/273 http://www.cinemamus...le_download/274 http://www.cinemamus...le_download/275 http://www.cinemamus...le_download/276 http://www.cinemamus...le_download/277 http://www.cinemamus...le_download/278 http://www.cinemamus...le_download/2
  13. Check out my review of War Horse on Music Behind the Screen. http://musicbehindth...-war-horse.html (While no spoilers are used, track names are...)
  14. Check out my review of War Horse on FMM http://www.filmmusic...nwilliamsreview
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