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Found 3 results

  1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (~3 hours in) WOW. I am blown away by this game. Of course, my background with video gaming is that I played extensively from my childhood (80s) through college (graduated 2001), so on the NES, SNES, and N64 primarily. Since then I kept up on Nintendo systems (own a GC, Wii, Wii U, and now Switch) but played way less games for them than I ever did for the older systems. So I primarily love 8-bit and 16-bit era games, or rather I've primarily enjoyed side scrollers, platformers, RPGs, metroidvania, etc - pixel art based games, really - more so that 3D games (or course Nintendo knocked it out of the park with so many great 3D games like Mario 64, Zelda OOT, Mario Galaxy, Mario 3D Land, and who doesn't love Goldeneye and Perfect Dark). But now I see what advancements I've been missing in these recent generations! What I mean is, there's probably a lot about this game that people will recognize from I dunno, Xenoblade, GTA, Horizon, Skyrim, etc - all kinds of games I've never played at all. So maybe for me, this game is mind blowing than it would be to the people playing every AAA title on current gen consoles. But on the other hand, the entire world seems to be impressed with this game, so maybe Nintendo really did one-up the competition and put out something really special here. I love how the game opens with practically no cutscene, no prologue, no explantion, just a voice telling you to wake up, you wake up, and you're in control. I love how you go outside the cave and there's an old man, just like in the original Zelda game (the guy who get your first sword from). In fact, in many ways, I feel like this game is Miyamoto trying to kind of remake the original game, or rather the spirit of it - basically just waking up in Hyrule with no one to guide you, and you being able to just go out and explore..... and its great! I appreciate that while you can absolutely go anywhere and try anything at any time, the Old Man is there to send you on your first little quest, and after that, the next 3 Shrines that I think will unlock a lot more of the world (I've done the magnesis, bomb, and stasis shrines so far). But I get the feeling I could have done plenty of stuff already without even talking to him at all. One thing I love is that for example, after completing one shrine, I wanted to head out to another one I had seen on the top of the tower. On my way, I saw some smoke in the distance and figured I'd check it out. Turns out it was a camp set up by the Old Man, and he was a little ways off up a hill trying to hunt. That was when I learned you even could hunt in this game, which was great! I love how you have to cook food to survive, so far I've made too meals that were so bad, the art was pixellated out ( ) but also some mushroom and meat skewers. There must be a bajillion recipes you can make in this game. Another cool moment was when I was wandering and saw a tree and wondered if I could climb it; Turns out I could and there was a bird's nest on top with some eggs in it. Score! A little while later I was wandering and found some spicy peppers on the ground, and when I grabbed them the game told me they might warm me up. A little later I came across an area where it was snowing. When I wandered in, Link started shivering, you could see his breather, and I lost half a heart after a little bit from the cold. So I had an a-ha moment; I went back to the camp, threw one of the eggs in with some spicy pepper and voila, made me an omelette that would allow me to fight the cold for four minutes! So I want back, ate my omelette and set out to explore the snow (it was near that shrine I was trying to get to). Along the way I ran into an encampment of bokoblins I had to fight, and before long I realized I had less than I minute of cold fighting power to go! I headed towards the shrine but more bokoblins found me! They were firing arrows as I was trying to climb up a mountain and get over a ridge where it wasn't cold any more. I made it just in time and started scaling down a large rock wall and ended up on a little ledge where I get this giant steel hammer! Of course, when I went inside the shrine there there was another hammer inside anyway (it was the statis shrine), which kinda made me little find a little less special, but what can you do? This game is amazing, I thought about it all day while I was busy, and now I can finally get back to it. Time to get that last shrine and then hopefully the paraglider! Oh, one more thing: I just LOVE the LOOK of this game. I feel like I'm in a miyazaki movie sometimes! Not just because of the visuals, but the music too. And this game more than any Zelda I can remember (Keep in mind I haven't played any of the post-OOT ones except Link Between Worlds) has a pretty interesting SCI FI tint going on to it. I'm not sure what to feel about it yet; So far it seems well integrated, and also reminds me a bit of Miyazaki for some reason.... I'm sure as the game goes on, there will be more detail about the sci fi aspects (I guess I really mean the technology aspects). I guess its hard to rank a game 3 hours in when it'll probably take over 100 to beat, but damn, its goddamn amazing so far.
  2. Just played The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time last night and got this nostalgic feeling about the music. So what are your Top 10 Tracks of the Ocarina Of Time Soundtrack? Here is my list: Hyrule Main Theme Title Theme Deku Tree Forest Temple Legend Of Hyrule Zora's Domain Gerudo Valley End Credits Kokiri Forest Great Fairy's FountainI used the Track Titles from the ZREO - Ocarina Of Time Soundtrack:
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