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Found 2 results

  1. I dont know if somebody did a similar thread on this but What's your favourite Alternate cue from a John Williams score that has appeared either on the OST and the subsequent expanded re-issues over the years? I love the new expansions because they are wonderful excavations from a body of work that has long since been hidden from us. Its like an archaeological discovery [pun intended, of course) To date my favourite 5 are: 1) Return of the Jedi/ Sale Barge Assault (EPISODE VI: RETURN OF THE JEDI) While I do like the thrilling STAR WARS montage cues version used in the film; this alternate is by far darker and moody piece that reminds me of Williams future/currents works such as WAR OF THE WORLDS. The ending is somewhat familiar to the revised version. Lucas probably didn't like it and requested a more triumphant heroic Jedi esque approach. 2) The Dome Opens ( SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE) We first heard variations of this cue split over different sequences in ken Thorne' s adaptation of Williams original score in SUPERMAN II. I was extremely puzzled to hear for the first time when the Richard Donner cut of SUPERMAN II came about using mostly Williams original score. So obviously I just loved the music hearing this very import nugget for the first time and i was actually looking forward to it when the blue Box was eventually released by FSM. Its a terrific cue and much more aggressive and darker than its teamed version that appears in the final film. 3) Indy Rides the Statute (RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK) Firstly its an alternate version and the film version has different take and the ending edited . It has a gorgeous piece of propulsive brassy action that has been a favourite of mine in the Indy box set release. 4) Return to the City ( EMPIRE OF THE SUN) While there are many interesting Alternates in the recent expanded LLL release. But this one is a discovery on its own.(even John Williams himslef alluded tot his lost cue when it was pulled out after so many years) An alternate that is an entirely new piece which I found to be very reminiscent of Williams darker moods as in WAR OF THE WORLDS and MINORITY REPORTS. A few strains and fragments are recognizable that get better development and focus in the final revised cue. The tone is also similar to Goldsmiths THE BLUE MAX as well.I find a few of the starting strains similar somewhat - just me i.e. 5) The Imperial Probe (EPISODE V: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK)Another great cue. Although Its NOT an alternate since its basically not used in the film. Most of didnt even know it existed in the first place. Lukas Kendall heard it when he was working on the Arista Box set and even then it didn't appear on the cd until the Special Edition release. Folks, feel free to add yours to this thread. (Again, I'am Sorry if another similar post exists) I know there are tons of alternates cues on AI (I haven't even gotten to it yet) But I'd like to know your favourite versions.
  2. Anyone hear this version before? Start the video at 2:58 ‚Äč
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