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Found 7 results

  1. Hello There, some of you maybe know my youtube channel martyprod2 where i posted around 80 Tv pro video of john wlliams conducting all kind of stuff, including his own music (or not). Some parts of my collections come from myself, and some from someone very nice from here.. I Just started to remaster each video one by one in Full HD, Widescreen, pictures improved upscaled and cleaned, colors eventually reworked and a bit of new color gradding, and sound normalized (my hearing illness actually forbidd me to do more than that for now). I take this opportunity to post the stuff that i have in my collection and didn't posted yet, like this one, and which is the first one to be remastered. For the videos already posted, for the ones with few comments, i'll erase them and they will be replaced by their remastered version, and for the ones who have lot of comments, i'll let them online and will post the remastered version next to it. I'll post more soon, but it take a long time
  2. Hey everyone, Not sure how many of you might have previously heard of this, but I just came across a Keith Lockhart-conducted Boston Pops performance of both "Men of Yorktown" from Midway and "Night Journeys" from Dracula. The Midway selection is particularly nice in my opinion, and is extended and revised from a previously known incarnation. The performances were the opening pieces from a recorded concert on WGBH which featured Broadway star Sutton Foster. Probably slipped under our radar since the concert was not intended to highlight John Williams. Even more intriguing is that the concert narrator mentioned that both pieces are being recorded for a future release celebrating John Williams' legacy, so certainly something to look forward to. Link to the channel is below (expand all of the concert links and click on the "Sutton Foster" one). Enjoy! http://www.wgbh.org/programs/The-Boston-Symphony-Orchestra-in-Concert-1641
  3. Hi, Without making a real Top 10, I wonder which are your favourite "JW & Boston Pops" albums? There are few sources which review and comment these albums on the web, so what would be for example, your suggestion for anybody who would want to begin a basic collection? After a quick search on the John Williams Discography Wiki, here are I think all the Boston Pops albums recorded with John Williams: Studio Albums Boston Pops: Pops in Space Boston Pops: Pops on the March Boston Pops: That's Entertainment Boston Pops: We Wish You A Merry Christmas Boston Pops: Aisle Seat – Great Fim Music Boston Pops: Pops Around The World – Digital Overtures Boston Pops: Out of this World Boston Pops: On Stage Boston Pops: Peter and the Wolf/Nutcracker Suite Boston Pops: Swing Swing Swing Boston Pops: America, The Dream Goes On Boston Pops: Pops in Love Boston Pops: Bernstein by Boston Boston Pops: Holst – The Planets Boston Pops: Digital Jukebox Boston Pops: Pops Britannia Boston Pops: Salute to Hollywood Boston Pops: Music of the Night Boston Pops: Pops a la Russe Boston Pops: Pops by George – The Music Of Gershwin Boston Pops: I Love A Parade Boston Pops: The Spielberg/Williams Collaboration Boston Pops: Joy To The World Boston Pops: The Green Album Boston Pops: Night and Day – Celebrate Sinatra Boston Pops: Unforgettable Boston Pops: Music For Stage And Screen Boston Pops: Swing Boston Pops: Williams on Williams – Classic Spielberg Scores Boston Pops: Summon the Heroes Singles John Williams Conducting The Boston Pops Boston Pops: Oboe Concerto (w Keisuke Wakao) Compilations Boston Pops: By Request – The Best of John Williams and the Boston Pops Boston Pops: Star Wars - The Best Of Space Music The Very Best Of The Boston Pops Boston Pops: Kids Stuff – An Afternoon at the Movies Boston Pops: Movies Boston Pops: Over the Rainbow Boston Pops: Pops Stoppers Boston Pops: Space-Taculars Boston Pops: Space and Time Boston Pops: Salute Gene Kelly, Fred Astair, Judy Garland Boston Pops: Salute To America Boston Pops: From Sousa to Spielberg The Very Best of John Williams and the Boston Pops (4-CD Set) Boston Pops: John Williams Conducts Music from the Star Wars Saga Boston Pops: American Classics John Williams and the Boston Pops Orchestra: A Collection (Japan) Boston Pops: Encore! (2-CD Set) 20th Century Masters – The Millennium Collection: The Best of John Williams & The Boston Pops Collaborations and performances as Guest star (only original albums) Jessye Norman: With a Song in My HeartCinema Serenade 2: The Golden Age (w Itzhak Perlman)Video albums (DVD) Broadway's Best at Pops (Arthur Fiedler, John Williams and Keith Lockhart/Boston Pops)Tanglewood 75th Anniversary Celebration (K. Lockhart, J. Williams, S. Asbury, A. Nelsons, etc./Boston Pops, Tanglewood Music Center O, Boston SO)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Williams_discography
  4. Romão and I are planing a trip to Tanglewood this summer to attend Williams' annual Film Night. This year it will be on Saturday, August 2. I was wondering, if any of you, more experienced in attending concerts at Tanglewood, would offer any suggestion about seating in the Shed. Tickets go on sale on Sunday, and I plan on getting the best possible seating for us -- not really worried about the price... after all this will be a once in a lifetime thing... Also, if anyone has other suggestions besides seating, feel free to contribute.
  5. I know this is just repeating what is said on the JWFan main page but I thought this would warrant its own thread for discussion. This is really fantastic news
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