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  1. 10.5– MUSIC FROM THE ORIGINAL SCORE BY LEE HOLDRIDGE [/img] https://tinyurl.com/yd29r8en . 10.5 is presented as a limited edition of 500 units. LISTEN TO A SOUNDCLIP FROM “10.5" https://tinyurl.com/ybhp87az CD includes Digital Download-24 Bit Wav, MP3, Digital PDF Dragon’s Domain Records, to be distributed through buysoundtrax.com, presents 10.5 featuring music composed and conducted by Lee Holdridge (JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL, SPLASH, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST) for the 2004 television mini-series directed by John Lafia, written by Christopher Canaan and Ronnie Christensen, starring Kim Delaney, Fred Ward, Ivan Sergei, Dulé Hill, John Schneider, Kaley Cuoco, Rebecca Jenkins, David Cubitt, Brian Markinson, John Cassini, Kim Hawthorne and Beau Bridges as the President of the United States. 10.5 was a 2004 television mini-series directed by John Lafia (CHILD’S PLAY 2, MAN’S BEST FRIEND, THE RATS, episodes of BABYLON 5, FREDDIE’S NIGHTMARES, THE DEAD ZONE), who is also co-credited with the screenplay along with Christopher Canaan (WALKER TEXAS RANGER, BRIDGE OF TIME) and Ronnie Christensen (PASSENGERS, DARK RIDE, INCARNATE). The mini-series was acclaimed for its visual effects, and deservedly so. From the toppling of Seattle’s Space Needle, a passenger train swallowed up by a giant crack in the earth, and the Golden Gate Bridge collapse to the film’s catastrophic 10.5 earthquake which separates a large portion of California’s southwestern coast to float off into the Pacific. By the time he composed 10.5 in 2004, Lee Holdridge had 34 years of experience composing music for films and television. Holdridge’s experience scoring for television, in particular, had given him a reputation as a competent and dependable composer. It was his association with NBC television that brought him in to score 10.5. Holdridge had scored a handful of dramatic mini-series prior to 10.5, mostly historical subjects, but his 1999 NBC mini-series ATOMIC TRAIN, an action thriller about a disposal company transporting an atomic bomb who conceals the device on a freight train to save money, gave him a chance to flex his action movie chops. Holdridge had been primarily an orchestral composer when it came to film scoring and higher-budgeted TV movies and mini-series, but 10.5 didn’t have the budget for a fully orchestral score. This was the era where television production companies didn’t have the kind of budgets that permitted full orchestras, so the bulk of 10.5’s score was recorded via MIDI. But Holdridge did manage to bring in a few live instruments to sweeten an otherwise electronic score. Most of the score was performed recording digital instruments into MIDI, allowing Holdridge and Robert Irving to manipulate the sounds and give the disaster music its proportional sonic size. The electronic foundation of 10.5’s score benefits from Holdridge’s experience as an orchestral composer and conductor when it came to realizing an authentic orchestral sound via digital means. Lee Holdridge was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 1944. He spent his early years in Costa Rica, beginning music studies on the violin at the age of ten with Hugo Mariani, then the conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica. Later, Holdridge moved to New York to continue his music studies and begin his professional career as a composer. Holdridge’s successes in New York came to the attention of Neil Diamond who brought Holdridge to Los Angeles to write arrangements for his forthcoming albums. A string of Gold and Platinum hits followed, which led to Diamond and Holdridge collaborating on the film score for JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL. Since that time, Holdridge has scored numerous film such as SPLASH, BIG BUSINESS, MR. MOM, MICKI & MAUDE, 16 DAYS OF GLORY, SYLVESTER, A TIGER’S TALE, EL PUEBLO DEL SOL, OLD GRINGO, PASTIME and BROTHERS AT WAR. His television work include MOONLIGHTING, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, the complete eight hour remake of EAST OF EDEN, DREAMER OF OZ, Hallmark Hall Of Fame’s ONE AGAINST THE WIND and THE STORY LADY. Lee also began a very successful collaboration with Moriah Films, the film division of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, with the Academy Award winning documentary feature film THE LONG WAY HOME. In addition to his film career, Mr. Holdridge has had an extensive repertoire of concert works performed and recorded. He has also worked with many major recording artists having written, arranged and conducted for Placido Domingo, Barbra Streisand, Brian May of Queen, Stevie Wonder, Neil Diamond, John Denver, Neil Sedaka, Daniel Rodriguez, Al Jarreau, Dionne Warwick, Diana Ross, Natalie Cole, Jane Oliver and many others. Dragon’s Domain Records is excited to bring 10.5 to compact disc for the first time, mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland under the composer’s supervision. The booklet includes exclusive liner notes written by author Randall Larson with the participation of the composer. 10.5 is a limited edition release of 500 units. 10.5 will begin shipping the week of June 29th, 2020 01 10.5 Main Title / Goodbye, Space Needle 3:18 02 Train Wreck Sequence 2:07 03 Heading to Los Angeles 1:26 04 Hill’s Theory 2:14 05 Aftermath 2:12 06 Fault Search / Sinkhole 4:39 07 Father and Daughter On the Road 2:02 08 Goodbye Golden Gate Bridge 3:02 09 Let’s Use Nukes!!! 2:32 10 Presidential Order to Evacuate 1:15 11 Presidential Speech 1:39 12 Governor and Rachel Under Wreckage 1:53 13 Doc Calls Home / Rachel Dies 4:05 14 The First Nuke 4:58 15 L.A. Evacuation / Rachel Didn’t Make It 3:58 16 Truck Run 1:37 17 I Never Got Over Your Mom / The Camp 2:10 18 Rachel’s Message / Owen Finds His Family 1:56 19 Quake at Warhead Site #6 / Losing the Nuke 2:42 20 Going Down the Drill Hole /Trapped by the Bomb 4:33 21 A Father’s Farewell 4:34 22 Detonating the Nukes / Wrong Way River 3:46 23 The Big One!!! 5:21 24. The Big Finish 1:24 25 It’s Over / 10.5 End Credits 3:50 Total Time: 74:14
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtWfeHWchlo A New music video produced by BSX's Mark Banning based on our new recording of Murray Gold's " The Impossible Girl (Clara's theme)" from DOCTOR WHO. Enjoy. Ford A. Thaxton
  3. http://buysoundtrax.greedbag.com/buy/halloween-the-sound-of-evil-0/ Now available for download at the Buysoundtrax.com GREEDBAG store for either $7.99 (MP3) or $8.99 (WAV) BuySoundtrax Records is proud to scare the bejeezus out of you this fall with the release of HALLOWEEN: THE SOUND OF EVIL – MUSIC FROM THE HALLOWEEN FILM SCORES, a newly recorded collection available digitally on October 2, 2013. The collection is the first to celebrate the music from the eight films in the original series and the two films in the re-imagined series and includes music by John Carpenter, Alan Howarth, John Ottman, Danny Lux, and Tyler Bates. The album is arranged and produced by Dominik Hauser. Filmmaker John Carpenter created not only the slasher film that reinvented the genre, but the music that would define terror for decades to come. “The piercing tonality of his shrill synth sustains took on the gleaming sheen of a butcher knife’s blade, while the electronic stabs of lower-end synth chords became the brutal blows of the killer’s slashing arm and the repetitive, tinkling piano notes became the spine-chilling icicles dripping down your spine,” describes Randall D. Larson, author of Musique Fantastique: 100 Years of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Film Music in the liner notes. Happy Halloween!
  4. A LITTLE HOLIDAY SURPRISE GIFT FROM BSX Just click on the link listed here and download the FREE WAV File from DROPBOX! http://dl.dropbox.co...ilverado_EC.wav Theme from SILVERADO For Piano and Vlolin Newly Recorded Composed and Arranged by Bruce Broughton Violin: Belinda Broughton Piano: Bruce Broughton We Hope you enjoy it and please let us know what you think of this track. Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season. The Staff of buysoundtrax.com / BSX RECORDS
  5. THE JERRY GOLDSMITH COLLECTION: Volume One: The Rarities Newly Recorded Music by Jerry Goldsmith $15.95 CD STARTS SHIPPING ON 6/19/2012 You can order this title from INTRADA by going here: http://buysoundtrax....gocovoonra.html This title is now available on ITUNES for download http://itunes.apple....ion/id532298326 International customers who are unable to download these tracks from ITUNES US or AMAZON US should refer to your nearest international ITUNES or AMAZON provider to download this titles from. AUDIO SAMPLES SEVEN DAYS IN MAY SHAMUS-Main Title [media=]http://buysound.webjedi.net/Goldsmith_Audio/shamus.mp3 2 DAYS IN THE VALLEY-The Unused Score THE SAND PEBBLES [media=]http://buysound.webjedi.net/Goldsmith_Audio/Sand_Pebbles.mp3 BuySoundtrax Records is proud to announce the release of THE JERRY GOLDSMITH COLLECTION - VOLUME 1: RARITIES digitally beginning May 31st and will also be available at http://www.buysoundtrax.com and other soundtrack retailers beginning June 19, 2012. The album features 'new recordings of rarely heard originals, and fresh takes on Goldsmith classics," as described in the liner notes by noted film music journalist Jon Burlingame. THE JERRY GOLDSMITH COLLECTION - VOLUME 1: RARITIES features 23 tracks of new recordings of some of Goldsmith's rarely heard themes including a NEW recording of the score for SEVEN DAYS IN MAY arranged by Dominik Hauser, the main title for SHAMUS, the composer's unused theme for the modern crime thriller 2 DAYS IN THE VALLEY, "Comes The Night" from the rarely screened spy thriller SEBASTIAN, the theme from RIO CONCHOS in an exciting arrangement from composer Chuck Cirino, arranger Joohyun Park's fresh takes on PSYCHO II and WARLOCK, vocalist Katie Campbell's interpretation of the theme from THE ILLUSTRATED MAN, and "If We Could Remember", a song from one of the composer's final films, THE SUM OF ALL FEARS. THE JERRY GOLDSMITH COLLECTION - VOLUME 1: RARITIES also includes music from SHAMUS, CHINATOWN, THE DETECTIVE, THE LIST OF ADRIAN MESSENGER, THE VANISHING, A PATCH OF BLUE, THE SAND PEBBLES, PLAYERS, THE OMEN, PAPILLON, POLTERGEIST and a new performance of the composer's Toccata for Solo Guitar performed by Gregg Nestor, who also performs on the main title for RIO LOBO. Jerry Goldsmith was born in 1929 and as a child studied piano, composition and theory. After a stint taking classes in film composition taught by Miklós Rózsa at USC, he attended Los Angeles College. In 1950, Goldsmith was hired by CBS as a clerk typist for the music department. It was at CBS that he would get his start writing music for several television series. In the early 1960s, Goldsmith moved more into the feature film realm, earning widespread acclaim for his score for the western LONELY ARE THE BRAVE and his first Academy Award nomination in 1962 with FREUD. Throughout his long career, Goldsmith would be nominated 17 more times, for A PATCH OF BLUE, THE SAND PEBBLES, PLANET OF THE APES, PATTON, PAPILLON, CHINATOWN, THE WIND AND THE LION, THE OMEN (nominated for original song and earning the award for Original Score), THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL, STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE, POLTERGEIST, UNDER FIRE, HOOSIERS, BASIC INSTINCT, L.A. CONFIDENTIAL and MULAN. He would also earn 5 Emmy Awards, for THE RED PONY, QB VII, BABE, MASADA and STAR TREK: VOYAGER. His credits also include beloved films and cult classics such as GREMLINS, RUDY, THE SECRET OF NIMH, FIRST BLOOD, TOTAL RECALL, BASIC INSTINCT, THE MUMMY, LOGAN'S RUN, THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY and ALIEN. Jon Burlingame writes, "this collection of newly recorded Goldsmith gems reminds us -- as if we needed reminding! -- that Jerry Goldsmith was not just a fine composer. He was a brilliant one, always serving the movie but at the same time creating music that could live apart from its celluloid origins. There was no one else quite like him. THE JERRY GOLDSMITH COLLECTION - VOLUME 1: RARITIES is now available on iTunes and will soon be available from other digital outlets. THE JERRY GOLDSMITH COLLECTION - VOLUME 1: RARITIES will also be released on compact disc as a limited edition release of 1500 units and will be available from our website and other retailers beginning June 19, 2012. 1. JUDGE DREDD: Trailer (0:55) (arr. John Beal) 2. SEVEN DAYS IN MAY: Complete Score Suite (11:29) (arr. Dominik Hauser • Drums: Kurt Walther) FILM NOIR SUITE 3. CHINATOWN: End Credits (2:01) (arr. Dominik Hauser • Trumpet, Roy Wiegand) 4. THE DETECTIVE: The Dark Song (3:02) (Solo Piano performed by Mark Northam) 5. SHAMUS: Main Title (3:38) (Arr. Dominik Hauser) 6. TWO DAYS IN THE VALLEY: Unused Main Theme (2:26) (arr. Dominik Hauser • Trumpet, Roy Wiegand) THRILLERS 7. THE LIST OF ADRIAN MESSENGER: Main Theme (3:44) (arr. Chaz Grossman) 8. SEBASTIAN: Comes The Night (2:38) (arr. Dominik Hauser • Trumpet, Roy Wiegand) 9. THE VANISHING: No Coffee (End Credits) (3:07) (arr. Dominik Hauser • John Rosenberg, Piano) 10. THE SUM OF ALL FEARS:If We Could Remember (3:29) (arr. Dominik Hauser) LOST LOVE 11. A PATCH OF BLUE: Main Theme (4:57) (arr. Dominik Hauser • Trumpet, Roy Wiegand) 12. THE SAND PEBBLES: And We Were Lovers (3:07) (arr. Dominik Hauser • Cello, Peggy Baldwin) 13. PLAYERS: Meant To Be (Love Theme) (3:27) (Solo Piano performed byMark Northam) 14. PAPILLON: Free As The Wind (2:12) (arr. Dominik Hauser) THE WAY WEST 15. TOCCATA FOR SOLO GUITAR (2:50) (arr. Gregg Nestor) 16. RIO LOBO: Main Title (2:47) (arr. Gregg Nestor) 17. RIO CONCHOS: Main Title (2:35) (arr. Chuck Cirino) 18. HOLLISTER-BROTHERHOOD OF THE GUN: Main Theme (1:58) (arr. Dominik Hauser • Trumpet, Roy Wiegand) FLIGHTS OF FANTASY 19. WARLOCK: The Sentence (3:21) (arr. Joohyun Park) 20. PSYCHO 2: Main Theme (3:40) (arr. Joohyun Park) 21. THE OMEN: The Piper Dreams (2:54) (arr. Dominik Hauser) 22. THE ILLUSTRATED MAN: Main Title (3:07) (arr. Dominik Hauser • Katie Campbell, Vocals) 23. POLTERGEIST: Carol Ann's Theme (3:21) (arr. Dominik Hauser • Katie Campbell, Vocals)
  6. http://buysoundtrax....andsoorsob.html THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER Original Soundtrack Recording Music by David Whitaker LIMITED EDITION OF 1500 UNITS $15.95 CLICK HERE to hear an Audio Sample from THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER STARTS SHIPPING ON 5/21/2012 BUYSOUNDTRAX Records presents the original soundtrack to THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER, featuring music composed and conducted by David Whitaker (VAMPIRE CIRCUS, DR. JEKYLL AND SISTER HYDE) for the 1982 fantasy film directed by Albert Pyun (CYBORG, DOLLMAN, KNIGHTS) and starring Lee Horsley (MATT HOUSTON), Kathleen Beller, Simon MacCorkindale (MANIMAL), Richard Lynch (INVASION U.S.A), Richard Moll (NIGHT COURT), George Maharis (THE SATAN BUG) and Reb Brown (YOR, UNCOMMON VALOR). THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER tells the story of Talon, a young prince whose parents, the king and queen of Edhan are killed at the start of the film by evil warlord Titus Cromwell (Lynch), whose victory in battle has been assured by a pact he made with a dark sorcerer named Xusia (Moll). After his triumph, Cromwell quickly destroys the sorcerer to ensure his uninterrupted reign over the kingdom, unaware that Talon, the prince of Edhan has escaped. Armed with his father’s tri-bladed sword, Talon grows into a mighty warrior, gleefully played by Lee Horsley.When he is conned into aiding the beautiful Princess Alana (Beller) rescue her brother, Prince Mikah (MacCorkindale), who has been imprisoned by Cromwell, Talon rediscovers his royal heritage. Meanwhile, Xusia, believed to be dead, returns to wreak his own vengeance on Cromwell for his betrayal, which puts Talon and his army of mercenaries right in the middle, pitted between sword and sorcerer. Released in 1982, a month before CONAN THE BARBARIAN, the film was quickly eclipsed by the box office might of CONAN but it has maintained respect as a cult classic and considered one of its director’s best films. To compose the score for his ambitious first film, director Albert Pyun brought on board David Whitaker, a British composer well versed in scoring films of dark fantasy, having worked both for Hammer Films, on VAMPIRE CIRCUS and DOCTOR JEKYLL AND SISTER HYDE and Amicus Films, on SCREAM AND SCREAM AGAIN. David Whitaker’s score for THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER is a full-blooded late 19th Century-styled orchestral score, built around a handful of primary themes and the composer’s own eloquent orchestrations. Born in Surrey in 1931, David Sinclair Whitaker received his formal music education at Guildhall, studying piano, composition and conducting. In 1962, after having spent some time in the service, he began marketing his tunes around London’s Denmark Street and found some success when he met producer Andrew Oldham, who was producing the Rolling Stones at the time. Whitaker was engaged to do arrangements for some of Oldham’s pop acts of the day. Whitaker also began recording albums of his arrangements. One of these albums caught the attention of the Beatles’ film producer, Walter Shenson, who hired Whitaker to score the 1968 Jerry Lewis comedy DON’T RAISE THE BRIDGE, LOWER THE RIVER. Established by his association with Shenson, Whitaker scored a number of films in quick succession for producer Irwin Allen, including the spy thriller HAMMERHEAD and the Western THE DESPERADOS. Whitaker then scored SCREAM AND SCREAM AGAIN for Amicus Films, which brought him to the attention of Hammer Films, where he would produce two of his more memorable scores for VAMPIRE CIRCUS and DOCTOR JEKYLL AND SISTER HYDE. Later in his career, he collaborated with rock star Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin on the score to DEATH WISH II. Following THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER, Whitaker slowly moved away from the business, returning in the 2000s to score three dramas. Whitaker died in England on January 11, 2012, shortly after his 81st birthday. He is best known for his dynamic work for Hammer films and this mighty adventure score for THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER. Released on compact disc in 1999 as a limited edition release, BUYSOUNDTRAX Records now presents the world premiere soundtrack release of THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER in time to celebrate the film’s 30th Anniversary, featuring music composed and conducted by David Whitaker, performed by the Graunke Symphony Orchestra, newly remastered by James Nelson of Digital Outland. The booklet contains liner notes written by noted author Randall D. Larson and also includes comments from the composer. BSXCD-8910 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack The Sword and the Sorcerer Music by David Whitaker $15.95 Ships 5/21/12 1. The Sword and the Sorcerer Overture (3:13) 2. Main Title / Tomb Island / Xusia Stabbed (6:57) 3. Tavis' Death / Battlefield (2:33) 4. Black Sorcery / Kingdom of Edhan (3:33) 5. Young Talon's Fight (3:22) 6. Talon and the Mercenaries (1:29) 7. Xusia's Cave (1:57) 8. The Innkeeper (1:12) 9. Rebel Headquarters / Alana's Rape (4:01) 10. Alana's Theme (1:42) 11. Skull Cave / Red Dragon / Fire (4:19) 12. The Rat Attack (1:11) 13. Castle Chase Parts 1 & 2 (3:41) 14. Talon vs. Cromwell /The Fight in the Water (2:47) 15. The Bordello (1:06) 16. Elizabeth's Death (1:52) 17. The Feast (1:36) 18. Vows Exchanged / Talon on the Cross / The Rebellion Begins (5:03) 19. Round Room Fight (2:19) 20. Transformation (3:26) 21. Talon Kills Xusia (Not Used in Film) (1:02) 22. Fight to the Death / Aftermath (4:50) 23. Love Theme / Epilogue / End Credits (6:12)
  7. http://buysoundtrax.stores.yahoo.net/lemufrmopiby.html STARTS SHIPPING ON 5/21/2012 CLICK HEREto hear an Audio Sample from LEGEND Score CLICK HERE to hear an Audio Sample from Is Your Love Strong Enough Performed by Katie Campbell BUYSOUNDTRAX Records is proud to present a new recording of the score for the 1985 fantasy film, LEGEND, featuring music composed by electronic music pioneers Tangerine Dream (SORCERER, THIEF, RISKY BUSINESS) for the fantasy film directed by Ridley Scott (ALIEN, BLADE RUNNER, THE DUELLISTS), written by William Hjortsberg and starring Tom Cruise, Mia Sara and Tim Curry. Tangerine Dream’s electronic music for the film is presented here in a new recording produced and arranged by composer Brandon K. Verrett. LEGEND is a visually stunning fantasy/adventure that takes place in a mythical forest inhabited by fairies, goblins, unicorns and mortals, where an epic battle of Good versus Evil begins to unfold. Tom Cruise plays Jack, a peasant boy in love, perhaps tragically, with the beautiful princess Lili (Mia Sara). Jack and Lili become pawns in a much larger game as the Lord of Darkness (Tim Curry) exploits their relationship to reveal the location of the remaining members of the purest race in the world, the last pair of Unicorns. He dispatches his goblins to kill the Unicorns and claim their horns, so that he may claim their mystical power and bring about an everlasting age of Darkness. Jack finds himself forced to undertake a quest, to save Lili, try to prevent the death of the last Unicorn and defeat the plans of the Lord Of Darkness, or the sun will rise no more. The music for LEGEND was a subject of great controversy in 1985. Initially, Ridley Scott had turned to composer Jerry Goldsmith to score the film, which would reunite them after their great success on ALIEN in 1979. Goldsmith responded by writing an enchanting, organic symphonic score emphasizing strings, woodwinds and choir, a score that the composer, the director of the film and many others felt was among Goldsmith’s best work. After a disappointing test screening, studio executives encouraged Ridley Scott to replace the music with something that would be more commercially appealing to the film’s expected youth market. Tangerine Dream had realized great success with their score to RISKY BUSINESS in 1983, another film aimed at the youth market and so they were hired to compose a brand new score for the film. Tangerine Dream ultimately composed 80 minutes of music for LEGEND, using 35 different synthesizers, yielding a score that many feel is the group’s finest musical endeavor for film. Despite inevitable comparison between the two scores, the music that Tangerine Dream composed for the film was extremely effective and remains their most lyrical and complex work for films, from the delicate melody for Nell’s Cottage, the hauntingly fragile melody for the Unicorns, the crackling percussive motif for the Goblins and and the pervasive dark synthetic pulses associated with Darkness. In the spirit of BSX’s fondness for reinterpreting significant film scores new musical presentations, composer/arranger Brandon K. Verrett has created a new performance of Tangerine Dream’s music for LEGEND, keeping an eye toward respect for their original performances and ear toward the sounds of today’s technology. With this new performance of the LEGEND score, album producer Ford A. Thaxton wanted to bring out the many beautiful elements that existed within Tangerine Dream’s music but could not be realized with the gear used in 1985, taking into account how much technology has changed in 27 years since the music was first recorded and giving it a fresh face, utilizing the modern digital instruments of 2012. To prepare for the project, composer Brandon K. Verrett thoroughly studied Tangerine Dream’s complete score. His intention for the new recording was to stay true to the familiar soundtrack performances of the original score but to do so while retaining the freedom to put his own musical stamp on the presentation. According to the composer, “Those who are familiar with the original score will find subtle changes in tempo, musical gestures and timbre. Some of the interpretations may be found to be fairly literal. Other tracks seem to invite more development and exploration and with those tracks, I allowed myself to explore Tangerine Dream’s material and to paraphrase using my own compositional vocabulary.” While the original score was composed largely on synthesizers, this new recording of LEGEND retains the original organic concept of the instrumentation, augmenting it with violin, erhu, piano, guitar, voice, cello and other exotic instruments, carefully molded to bring the music alive. This mindset extended to the songs featured in the film and this new recording of LEGEND also includes new presentations of the classic songs “Loved By The Sun” and “Is Your Love Strong Enough”, featuring the voice of singer Katie Campbell. Brandon K. Verrett’s formal musical training began at age 11. After having discovered an interest in composing while in middle and high school, Verrett continued his studies at the University of Lousiana-Monroe, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in theory and composition. He also holds a graduate certificate in Scoring For Motion Pictures And Television from the University Of Southern California. Verrett’s scores have been featured in films for theatrical and television releases and have also premiered in both local and international festivals. In addition to composing, Verrett’s arrangements and orchestrations can be found in films such as PRIEST, DRAG ME TO HELL, UNTRACEABLE, THE INFORMERS and many other films. BUYSOUNDTRAX proudly presents LEGEND – MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE, featuring a new exciting recording of music composed by Tangerine Dream, produced and arranged by Brandon K. Verrett, featuring vocal performances by Katie Campbell. LEGEND – MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE includes exclusive liner wrotes written by noted author Randall D. Larson, detailing the history of the film’s music and new comments from composer/arranger Brandon K. Verrett related to the development of the project. LEGEND – MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE also features striking front cover and rear tray artwork produced by noted artist and illustrator Jerry Bingham (BATMAN: SON OF THE DEMON, BEOWULF) that is exclusive to this release. LEGEND – MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE is a limited edition release of 1500 units. The first 100 units ordered from our website will include a booklet signed by composer/arranger Brandon K. Verrett and singer Katie Campbell. BSXCD-8909 Music From The Motion Picture Legend Music Composed by Tangerine Dream Produced and Arranged by Brandon K. Verrett $15.95 Ships 5/21/12 1. Prologue (2:28) 2. Opening (3:41) 3. Cottage (4:15) 4. Unicorn Theme (4:48) 5. Goblins (4:48) 6. Fairies (2:58) 7. Blue Room (3:58) 8. The Dance (2:19) 9. Darkness (3:10) 10. Kitchen Fight (3:26) 11. Unicorn Theme Reprise (1:45) 12. Jack Versus Darkness (3:29) 13. Unicorn Saga (3:52) 14. Loved By the Sun (6:27) Music: Tangerine Dream Lyrics: Jon Anderson Performed by Katie Campbell 15. The Unicorn Song (3:19) Adapted from “The Angel” by William Blake Performed by Katie Campbell 16. Is Your Love Strong Enough (5:31) Music: Tangerine Dream Lyrics: Bryan Ferry Performed by Katie Campbell 17. Cottage - Alternate (3:19) 18. Unicorn Theme Alternate (4:42) 19. Fairies - Alternate (2:50) 20.Unicorn Saga Alternate (4:33) Total Time: 74:07
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