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Found 3 results

  1. This is the thread for anyone who wants to tell about their encounter with John Williams! Tell us about the circumstances of your meeting and your emotions about it! Also feel free to post your photos or souvenirs of this special moment!
  2. I've been so focused on trying to complete my collection of Williams film scores on CD, I've been lax in keeping up with some of the concert recordings. After being slightly late to the Across the Stars and Vienna parties, I realize there's quite a bit of gems out there waiting for me. One example of the kind of thing I'm after is the Patriot arrangement on Lockhart's Lights, Camera, Music. I'm looking for recommendations. Not just film music, but I wouldn't mind dipping my toes into Williams' concertos as well. I'd like to think I'm ready to broaden my appreciation, and seeing @Jay's thread on Phillips Boston Pops CDs has nudged me a bit to start to fill my shelves with more than OSTs and boutique label Expansions. Here's what I've got: I plan to get Lights, Camera, Music, and of course Across the Stars and Vienna, as well as the 3rd Spielberg Collaboration. What else can you suggest, and are there stunning arrangements of old favorites that I'm missing out on?
  3. Hey everyone! To those lucky enough to secure tickets for John Williams' concert at the Royal Albert Hall: hats off to you. For those, like me, who queued but were disappointed when the tickets were sold out - I have an idea. Would it be unreasonable to ask 11 other fans to invest in a box at the Albert Hall so we can all go to see the concert? The price of the box to rent is extortionate, but I feel that if we pool our resources we could get affordable seats? Tix would be £279 each? Who's with me? I'm upset that I couldn't get a ticket to this once in a lifetime (I live in the UK...), but this feels like my only hope! Help me JWFans - you're my only hope? Tom
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