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Found 5 results

  1. As we all know, John loves to use major seventh brass chords. It's probably a big jazz influence, and Korngold Kings Row is there. I was wondering if there are any earlier appearances in a similar brass context in classical music. I'd be very grateful for any suggestions. Thank you!
  2. John Williams is reportedly composing the theme of the Han Solo movie. Do you think something like this could ever be as iconic as Leia or Luke's themes in the OT, or do you suppose it will simply be just another anthology movie soundtrack for Star Wars? Share your thoughts and wait for the trailer.
  3. So seeing as they will be dropping the first trailer to The Last Jedi this Friday at Star Wars Celebration. Do we know if Williams composed the music for it? Hope to hear some new music in it. Mind you I just can't wait to see the trailer!
  4. Looking forward to visiting Boston to attend the May 12th performance with my father!
  5. What watch does john williams wear? at 4:31
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