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  1. Greetings friends! Just wanted to share an extended interview (really more of a chat) I did with one of my favorite composers, James Newton Howard. It's the first interview I've ever done, not to mention, it's with one of my heroes, so I'm pretty jittery, repetitive and, in every way, shape, and form, NOT the most interesting aspect of this 26 minutes. But alas, as expected, he manages to shine through that and the very standard line of questions I throw at him (this was actually conducted for another project I was doing, hence the generalized questions) and give a very intriguing, illuminating interview! One thing: I have to apologize in advance for the sound quality. I've found that cranking up the volume and donning a pair of headphones mostly does the trick, but the software I was using had some trouble and I had to record the whole thing instead with speaker phone and an Olympus LS-100. Not ideal. For anyone particular interested in "Maleficent", he mentions it a few times and notes that it's probably his favorite of his own scores, but the main discussion of it happens around 22:09. It's very apparent that this is the first time since the completion of the score that he's gotten the chance to talk about it. I hope you guys can glean something of interest from this! http://www.moviemusicmania.com/7/post/2014/05/composer-interview-james-newton-howard1.html
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