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  1. Not sure if there's a thread on this yet (if there is please merge) but what is/are your earliest film score memories? It might just be a single cue, a single portion of a cue... I grew up in the 90's so there are three distinct memories of film music before I knew I liked it, or engaged in it: - The Wicked Witch of the West's Theme from The Wizard of Oz, a weird memory I know, but back then as a child I'd always sing or hum that theme whilst riding my grandparent's broom around the kitchen (I was four/five!) - Darth Vader's Theme/ The Imperial March - My dad showed me the OT on VHS and I instantly loved this theme. No one could escape that theme, who doesn't know it? - Batman Forever Theme - Back then I loved those films (today it's a different matter) and Batman was a huge part of my childhood and that theme that plays as Batman crashes through ceilings, races around in the Batmobile - that theme was what I identified with the character.
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