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Found 3 results

  1. As @Holko and @Jay suggested, I've spent some time doing these isolated score videos for Minority Report, one of my favorite Spielberg movies and also one of my favorite John Williams scores! So the objective of this as you may already know, is to present the movie as JW scored it, by restoring unused and replaced music. We are fortunate enough that we got an amazing release from La-La-Land Records last year featuring the complete score plus a bunch of alternates. I strictly used the presentation that Mike Matessino established to make the videos, meaning there is absolutely no edits in the music except of course when two separated cues on the set are meant to overlap in the movie. I really wanted to avoid using black screens when the movie goes out of sync either if some sections are looped or stretched, because it can sometimes be distracting, so I decided, when possible, to alter the picture by slowing elegantly some shots. I will post the videos in several parts, hope you enjoy it The Crime / Creating The Red Balls The movie version starts very differently with deep drums beats (that opening is presented in the Additional Music section of the LLL release), here we see how JW intended the movie to start. The cue fits pretty much, I made small adjustments to the picture for better sync with the music. Pre-Crime To The Rescue For a eight-minute cue, the cue fits pretty well even though I also made some slight adjustments to the picture. Note that the section from 6:38 to 7:00 was not used in the movie, instead, other bits of the same cue were tracked here. Images Of Sean Only the ending of that piece was actually used in the movie (starting from 2:53). Two openings were recorded for the cue, both included in the LLL track Images Of Sean. Since I did not want to edit that track, I duplicated some footage to present the two different openings in the same video: the revised opening 1M9R Image of Sean (Revised) from 0:10 to 1:17 and the original opening as recorded in 1M9 Image Of Sean from 1:17 to 2:20. Presenting The Pre-Cogs / Agatha The middle of the first cue was not used at all in the movie. That section from 1:24 to 2:55 was tracked from Leo Crow ... The Confrontation and “Sean” By Agatha". We can now see how JW intended it for that scene. It really took time to edit the movie to the cue but I'm very happy with how it turned out. The Containment Center / First Vision Of Anne Lively Nothing much to say except that I love The Containment Center, one of my favorite cues of the score! Suspicion The whole beginning was not used in the movie (from 0:10 to 0:55). Here's the whole scene, as JW scored it. The Collage That cue seems to belong to a deleted scene that is unfortunately not available. Even though it refers to 2M6B Schubert Collage, I don't see how it could be used as an overlay to the Schubert piece that plays before. Here is what can be found in the script (great find @crumbs): The Elevator / On The Run The Elevator starts 5 seconds earlier in the movie but with sections in the beginning looped. I did not edit the picture here, I just made the cue start a bit later and it looks correct. Note that the ending of the cue sounds different in the movie, only the synth can be heard. On The Run fits perfectly! Anderton Escapes / The Conveyor Belt The first part from Anderton Escapes fits properly but then there are 3 sections in the second half that are simply cut in the movie. This is the first case I had to use black screens to make the cue sync with the picture. I tried to see if the deleted footage could be seen in the Blu-Ray bonuses, sadly the "previz" for that scene is identical to what ended up in the final movie. The Conveyer Belt overall fits pretty well even though there is a cut section (from 6:46 to 7:02) which I also had to fill with black screens. Nothing could be found about that deleted footage either. The section from 7:52 to 8:00 was unused in the movie. Instead the percussion from an earlier section of The Conveyor Belt and the drum overlay from Freezing Water were tracked. We can see how JW intended it here. The Greenhouse Effect Fits, even though I made minor adjustments to the picture. The Operating Room / Dr. Eddie And Miss Van Eyck Like the previous cue, this one fits pretty well, with some little changes to the picture. The Swimming Pool Fits perfectly! Deploying The Spyders / Freezing Water This one was really fun to do. I had to adjust the picture to make some crucial sync points work but overall the cue fits pretty well! The beginning of Freezing Water (at 2:42 in this video) uses an alternate drum cue in the movie (presented in the Additional Music section of the LLL release). Here we can see how great the original drum section (that was also present on the OST) plays with the picture. Saving The Eye Another really fun one! There is a section (from 2:11 to 2:21) that doesn't play at all in the movie, instead, other bits of the same cue were tracked/looped here. After making subtle adjustments to the picture, we see how the cue JW composed should have worked in the movie in its entirety, and it's amazing! How Much Time Have We Got? A short cue that got artificially looped in the movie to make it start a bit earlier. Here I tried to adapt the picture to make the music sync even better than in the final cut, I like the result! Another Vision This one was really tricky. Only the ending was used in the movie (starting from 2:07 in the video) with the vocal section stretched and mixed differently. While restoring the whole cue to the picture, I decided not to follow the way the last part of the music was used, I instead altered the picture as I believe Williams scored it. The result is, in my opinion, wonderful and makes this piece one of the most interesting of the entire score. The Man In The Window Fits perfectly well. Leo Crow ... The Confrontation The whole 5-minute cue syncs perfectly with the picture, there was no need to edit anything. The ending, however, was most likely lasting longer on the cut JW scored: there should have been indeed an additional 15 seconds segment supposed to play before the part when Anderton is about to kill Leo Crow (which used repeated music from this cue). I unfortunately had to insert a black screen for that segment. The Revelation Small adjustments for better sync, but overall fits well. "Sean" By Agatha / Run! This one sounds really good! Even though “Sean” By Agatha was microedited in the movie, especially towards the end, those two pieces fit well with the picture. Anderton In Halo This one was complicated because the second part of the cue belongs to a deleted scene that was not made public. However, since the original script for that scene was released, I decided to imagine how the music should have played here. This really is a gorgeous cue and I would really love to see how the real scene looks like. I Never Said She Drowned This cue has a looped beginning in the movie, making it start a bit earlier. Apart from that, it fits pretty well! Confronting Lamar / Thought Transference and Finale Confronting Lamar was overall, a very very tricky cue, with many editorial changes that seem to have altered JW original intentions. The beginning was not used and we have instead tracked bits of The Greenhouse Effect playing in the movie.There is also a whole 40-second segment that most likely was added after JW scored the scene (supposed to play at 2:23). Bits of The Crime were tracked here. I removed this segment and edited the picture to get closer to what I think JW scored and I can say I'm really proud of the result. On the opposite, Thought Transference and Finale fits a lot better, I only made the usual small changes to the picture for a better sync. A New Beginning / Minority Report In the movie, three pieces play for that finale scene: A New Beginning, Sean's Theme and Minority Report (End Credits). Since Sean's Theme was initially composed as an alternate for A New Beginning, here we see how JW scored the ending of the movie: A New Beginning followed by the End Credits cue. Alternates and Source Music Pre-Crime Commercial I did this one just for fun. The source music has a looped ending in the movie so I tried to adapt the picture to make it fit. The Crime (Alternate) Here we can hear the alternate opening of the cue, with three percussion hits that were actually used for the film version opening. The rest of the cue is an alternate performance of The Crime. Anderton Escapes (Alternate) This is the same cue as Anderton Escapes but this time with the percussion overlay that appears only partially in the movie. Deploying The Spyders / Freezing Water (Alternate) The difference with the main program version is the whole different beginning of Freezing Water, starting at 2:42. That alternate percussion segment was used, in a shortened form, in the movie. Note that the percussion overlay still plays in the main program during the harp section at 3:08. Here we can hear that section without any percussion. The Man In The Window (Alternate) A shorter, alternate version that still fits perfectly well. "Sean" by Agatha (Alternate) Here is the original recording of that cue, without the replaced segment from 2:08 to 3:36. I really love those variations of Sean's Theme and it's great to discover what was JW's first intentions. Sean's Theme Here is the alternate for A New Beginning, as it should have played in the movie. Definitely a different approach, but it's really working.
  2. Spielberg will indeed cannibalize one of his own films for a TV series, via his Amblin Television unit. Godzilla writer Max Borenstein will develop the series, which is expected to land a name actor in the lead and follow the adventures of the PreCog unit through his or her eyes. Source No telling whether it'll be in continuity with the feature film or not.
  3. I find this soundtrack to be really interesting. The strange thing about it is that "Sean's Theme" and "A New Beginning [Minority Report]" seem to be really misplaced in the soundtrack, although they are probably the two best tracks - Precrime to the Rescue" is good too . Do not get me wrong, I like the soundtrack, but 80%of the soundtrack sounds a lot like "Attack of the Clones". I really like "A New Beginning [Minority Report]", it sounds vaguely familiar. Is it based on some previous work?
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