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Found 2 results

  1. This is brought up by my friend: How important are themes and motifs in Film Scores? My friend says that themes aren't important, but it depends on the composer to use them or not. I for one love themes and love how those melodies are twisted and and developed depending on the scene. It's the main reason I love film score. I don't like it when a score lacks themes or there is just ONE theme to a movie that is just reused. For example, Toy Story 1 and 3 lack specific themes (Toy Story 2 actually has a motif for Buzz Lightyear). Another example is Back to the Future or Cars 2 (which i think is a very weak Michael Giacchino score). What do you think? Are themes important in movies?
  2. I've always been a fan of bad guy themes and I think there was a thread on this in the John Williams board, but I wanted to know more about other bad guy themes in other film scores! One of my favourites is Cutler Beckett's theme from ATW by Hans Zimmer. My scope is limited, so please discuss and share your favourites?
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