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Found 2 results

  1. A music critic and author Henry Pleasants (1910-2000) wrote a very interesting book back in 1955, titled The Agony of Modern Music. Wikipedia describes this book as "a polemical attack on the direction taken by much of twentieth-century music and an argument in favor of jazz as the "true" master music of the time". Some quotes from it seem to go in hand with the study of Williams' work. On Wagner: "The purely musical basis of Wagner's popularity is something contemporary composers of opera have never perceived. They have held to this method and discarded his manner
  2. Thought we should start a general thread on any theory/composition sources we find on film music so they can all be found in one place. Here's one that was just posted yesterday on two-chord progressions and their associations, especially in Hollywood blockbusters. If you're musically literate, you'll want to skip ahead to 5:39, or if you haven't seen the "MnM" kind of notation before, start at 2:28:
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