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Found 5 results

  1. I'm just going to dump all of my podcast notifications in this thread from now. I assume you'll like that because you guys like to keep things tidy around here which I can appreciated. Ok... here's my update for today. TWO NEW SHOWS WENT UP THIS WEEK THE FLAGSHIP SHOW: FAVOURITE SCORES OF 2020 – PART 1 http://www.cinematicsound.net/the-flag-ship-show-fav-scores-2020-pt1/ On today’s new episode of THE FLAGSHIP SHOW on CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO NETWORK, Erik Woods selects his ten favourite scores of 2020. This is part one of a two-part series. Today, you’ll hear selections 10 – 6 which includes music by Dan Romer, Benh Zeitlin, Ralf Wengermayr, John Powell, Thomas Clay, and Austin Wintory. NEW EPISODE - RE-RECORDING GOLDSMITH http://www.cinematicsound.net/re-recording-goldsmith/ On today’s episode of THE FLAGSHIP SHOW on the CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO PODCAST NETWORK, we’ll be paying tribute to legendary composer Jerry Goldsmith. Goldsmith was born on February 10th, 1929 and would have turned 92 years young today. Goldsmith passed away on July 21, 2004, have scored hundreds of feature films, TV shows, TV mini-series’, concert works, commercials, film studio logos, theme park rides and radio programs. He was the recipient of one Academy Award, five Emmy’s and one Satellite Award. To honour Goldsmith on his birthday, we have put together a program called RE-RECORDING GOLDSMITH which is part of an ongoing series of re-recording programs here at CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO. RE-RECORDING GOLDSMITH features new recordings of some of Goldsmith’s best scores and some rarities as well. You’ll hear selections from CHINATOWN, RUDY, HOOSIERS, A GATHERING OF EAGLES, FANFARE FOR OSCAR, SEVEN DAYS IN MAY, SUPERGIRL, THE WIND AND THE LION, and many more featuring performances by The City of Prague Philharmonic, The Royal Philharmonic, The Kanagawa Philharmonic, The London Symphony, Dominic Hauser, Seattle Symphony and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. ----- APPLE https://apple.co/2YMYnMN SPOTIFY https://open.spotify.com/episode/78RTBYtL8x2SC22k5UoNg4 MERCH STORE https://www.teepublic.com/stores/cinematic-sound-radio Enjoy! -Erik-
  2. NEW EPISODE 2020 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL http://www.cinematicsound.net/2020-christmas-special/ On today’s program, five CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO hosts come together again to celebrate the holiday season by playing Christmas themed music from a wide variety of film, TV and video game scores. Join Eric Silver from THE 1UPBEAT, Robert Daniels from OBSCURE SCORES, Jason Drury from THE ARCHIVE, Ley Bricknell from FILMIC and Erik Woods from THE FLAGSHIP SHOW for our annual yuletide spectacular. On the show today you are going to hear music from JINGLE JANGLE: A CHRISTMAS JOURNEY (Debney), JINGLE ALL THE WAY (Newman), a medley of SUPER MARIO BROS. music (Various Artists), THE CLAUS FAMILY (Dern), and SILENT NIGHT, ZOMBIE NIGHT (Salvucci). And stick around ’til the end of the show for a cut from Douglas Pipes' KRAMPUS. Enjoy the show and Merry Christmas everyone! -Erik-
  3. UPDATE: September 9, 2019 THE FLAG SHIP SHOW: HIDDEN SOUNDTRACK GEMS http://www.cinematicsound.net/the-flag-ship-show-hidden-soundtrack-gems/ “I’m back in the saddle again” – Aerosmith It’s been seven months since I last prepared an episode of CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO. I apologize for those that were interested in hearing the rest of my favourite scores of 2018. I’ll most likely just publish a quick blog post with the rest of my list for those that are interested. The reasons for my absence has been well documented on social media (everything ranging from depression to anxiety to work to just basically burning out). Yes, I almost quit completely but the outpouring of support showed me that you deserved better and that I should keep this show going. First of all, I just want to thank Jason Drury, Brandon Shea-Mutala, Eric Silver, Robert Daniels, and Randy Andrews for keeping the content fresh during my absence. This isn’t the first time they’ve saved my bacon and it probably won’t be the last. Without them, this show, this site would be dead. By the way, I just published a new hosts and talents bio page. We’ve never had one so take a peek and learn a little about your favourite CINEMATIC SOUND RADIO talent. And of course, thank you, the listener for stick by me and the program. Even in my absence, you’ve managed to make 2019 a record-breaking year for downloads/listens. As it stands right now our downloads/listens is up 8% from last year. Unfortunately, our audience size has dwindled in my absence. Let’s remedy that. This show took me months to prepare but it’s finally done and I’m eager to do more. Therefore, I thought I’d present something special for you to celebrate my return to podcasting. Today you’ll hear music from albums that are a bit difficult to acquire. On the program, you are going to hear selections from hidden soundtrack gems like SLIPSTREAM (Bernstein), U-571 (Marvin), PHENOMENON (Newman), CAPTAIN POWER AND THE SOLDIERS OF THE FUTURE (Guttman), INSPECTOR GADGET (Debney) and WHITE FANG 2: MYTH OF THE WHITE WOLF (Debney) Enjoy! ----- The show is available via iTunes, Spotify, Google Play & Stitcher http://apple.co/29zAyyL | https://spoti.fi/2PfYHPb | http://bit.ly/1ZrG6Lf | http://bit.ly/2bIQlM3 Social Networks http://www.facebook.com/cinematicsound | http://www.twitter.com/cinsoundradio Enjoy! -Erik-
  4. UPDATE: November 11, 2018 BELATED 2018 HALLOWEEN SPECIAL PART 2 http://www.cinematicsound.net/belated-2018-halloween-special-part-2/ On today’s program, we will be featuring four scores for you. You’ll first hear selections from the superb new recording and reimagining of Joseph Loduca’s 1981 classic score to EVIL DEAD. You’ll then hear selections from Holly Amber Church’s THE TOY BOX, a suite from one of the finest scores of the year by Christopher Gordon for OUT OF THE SHADOWS and we’ll end the program with a soapbox rant and selections from Thom Yorke’s very first film score to the remake of SUSPIRIA. Enjoy the show! ----- Recent shows you might have missed. 2018 HALLOWEEN SPECIAL PART 1 http://www.cinematicsound.net/2018-halloween-special-part-1/ THE 1UPBEAT INAUGURAL EPISODE http://www.cinematicsound.net/the-1upbeat-with-eric-silver-inaugural-episode/ INTERVIEW WITH GHIYA RUSHIDAT http://www.cinematicsound.net/interview-with-ghiya-rushidat/ BREAKING THE WAVES: EPISODE TWO http://www.cinematicsound.net/breaking-the-waves-episode-two/ THE ARCHIVE WITH JASON DRURY: EPISODE 13 http://www.cinematicsound.net/the-archive-with-jason-drury-episode-thirteen/ ----- The show is available via iTunes, Spotify, Google Play & Stitcher http://apple.co/29zAyyL | https://spoti.fi/2PfYHPb | http://bit.ly/1ZrG6Lf | http://bit.ly/2bIQlM3 Cinematic Sound Radio Affiliate http://www.moviescoreradio.com Co-Host of Tracksounds The Soundcast Stereo http://www.thesoundcast.blogspot.ca/ Social Networks http://www.facebook.com/cinematicsound | http://www.twitter.com/cinsoundradio Enjoy! -Erik-
  5. UPDATE: September 28, 2018 10 FAVOURITE SCORES OF THE LAST TEN YEARS | PART 1 http://www.cinematicsound.net/top-10-favourite-scores-past-10-years-pt1/ On the program today, I make my return to the network with part one of the countdown of my 10 favourite scores from the past ten years. Now, I know I’ve done a BEST OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM program in the past and some of the selections from that show will overlap here… but who cares. This is going to be a great show and by the time it is over, you’ll have heard some brilliant music. You'll hear music from John Powell, Mark McKenzie, Roque Banos, Abel Korzeniowski, James Horner, and Frederic Talgorn. Enjoy! The show is available via iTunes, Google Play & Stitcher http://apple.co/29zAyyL | http://bit.ly/1ZrG6Lf | http://bit.ly/2bIQlM3 Cinematic Sound Radio Affiliates http://www.wrockradio.com | http://www.moviescoreradio.com Co-Host of Tracksounds The Soundcast Stereo http://www.thesoundcast.blogspot.ca/ Social Networks http://www.facebook.com/cinematicsound | http://www.twitter.com/cinsoundradio Enjoy! -Erik-
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