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  1. No idea how this slipped under the radar but I stumbled upon this article tonight. It details a 2017 AES presentation called “Bearing Witness: The Music of Star Wars, Archiving Art and Technology,” in which Dann Thompson and Leslie Ann Jones (the Skywalker Sound employees who transferred all known scoring elements for the first six Star Wars scores) discuss their efforts to track down the scoring masters, what elements were located, how they archived all the music, etc. This is a listing for the event. An excerpt from the article: At the bottom it says this presentation would be available to download, but I cannot find any trace of a recording: Has anyone heard of this presentation before, or happened to attend, or have more info about what was discussed? It seems they went into great detail about the elements and their condition, how they were preserved, even the different album/film mixes and John's mixing process on the prequel OSTs with Pat Sullivan. They mention the Star Wars Main Title coming from a mag source, but what about the multi-tracks? Pretty elusive information we've been speculating for decades now! Seems like a must-have for anyone curious about the status of the Star Wars recording masters (feared missing or lost), but I cannot find any trace of where to access or watch this presentation. Anyone have any clues?
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