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  1. So yeah, this is a topic I see debated occasionally on the forums, so I thought this could be a formal place to do so and share your opinion. Feel free to share your thoughts below, and please participate in the poll above!
  2. Some great stuff in here! For one, his energy and enthusiasm are remarkable. He also crushes on Daisy again, and even on Billy Dee Williams a little bit! haha
  3. Didn’t see it posted yet. https://variety.com/2019/music/production/john-williams-star-wars-rise-of-skywalker-1203446034/
  4. Clearly John Williams wanted to show Giacchino how you write a knock-off evil theme, aka NOT the Imperial March. Which one is you favorite knock-off Star Wars bad-guy theme track?
  5. My favorites are easily FALCON FLIGHT, and the cool Anthem of Evil passage in Prologue Second place would be Parents for dat choir, or To Kimiji for its nice Trio Theme passages, and the missing minute of The Old Death Star
  6. I mean it's so ridiculous. The Disney movies have boring characters, are a bit full of themselves, and seem to be fixated on pleasing demographics and maximising sales through mass appeal. And it's hard to accept anything from the Disneyverse as canon anyway since George Lucas isn't involved. I mean, the guy IS Star Wars, not all these other hangers-on. But the prequels, man. Those were where it was all happening. They had a clear direction, a visionary leader, a greater sense of unified artistry. And ROTS, that movie is amazing. It's a film that moves, and has suspense and things are happening all the time. You always remember the dialogue in these movies too. They're about things too, like a man's love for his woman. They're great! But these sterile Disney flicks? Do people just go for these because of brand loyalty that's been drilled into them since the early 90s? I'm thankfully immune to their dainty princessy crap for kids, but it seems everyone else is enamoured by it. Makes me feel sick.
  7. Did anyone else watch the new documentary The Galaxy Britain Built: The British Force Behind Star Wars about the making of Star Wars on BBC Four this evening? It was wonderful, not least because it included extensive discussion of the music by John Williams. As well as showing several sections of the famous 1980 BBC documentary of John Williams working on the score to The Empire Strikes Back, it also included recent interviews with bassoonist Robert Bourton and trombonist Denis Wick who played in the LSO on the original soundtrack. Both spoke very highly of John Williams and gave their recollections of recording the score in Denham, Lionel Newman getting the orchestra in line and much more. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000cdzt/the-galaxy-britain-built-the-british-force-behind-star-wars If you have the chance to watch it on the BBC iPlayer, I highly recommend it. A must for any Williams fans!
  8. Even if you’re not synesthetic, this might be fun to try for you. What textures/feelings/colors/sensations does each score, in its totality, evoke in you? Here’s the sensation each album in its totality evokes in me: 1. Star Wars (1977) - A grey dilapidated, rusty, dirty and old, very old world. 2. Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back (1980) - A wet...grimy brown and rusty disgusting sewer...the kind you walk through with puddles and condensation on the walls. 3. Star Wars Return of the Jedi (1981) - A dense northern forest 4. Star Wars The Phantom Menace (1999) - Marble halls, huge columns, the Roman Empire and its bureacracy 5. Star Wars Attack of the Clones (2002) - A summer’s eve, just after a storm, and just before sunset when the sky is big...filled with puffy clouds turning more orange. 6. Star Wars Revenge of the Sith (2005) - World War I trenches and battles in the old fancy marble buildings and cities. 7. Star Wars The Force Awakens (2015) - The Old American West, Railroad tracks and old trains, The Grand Canyon 8. Star Wars The Last Jedi (2017) - Kids playing war in the backyard on the first nice day of summer. 9. Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker (2019) - A North African desert at noon, the inside of an Egyptian pyramid.
  9. At the very start here: Thoughts? This recording doesn't sound like any of the previous scores and I doubt a morning talk show would just use some random concert performance of Main Title, considering Disney are their parent company (and they got the exclusive first clip from the film). It also sounds different to the version of Main Title they were using for interviews on TLJ (which sounded more like the TFA recording to my ears).
  10. Post any you find here! This includes tweets from people who went to the premiere last night, etc.
  11. So if my calculations are correct and the TROS OST drops on the NZ Apple Music store at 10pm AEST, that leaves us less than a hour to poll the room on the final ever questions for a brand new John Williams Star Wars score. So here goes! Quick and easy, no spoilers, just OST-related questions because (miraculously) we're still none the wiser on the contents of the OST. I've avoided questions relating to track titles because I believe these have leaked (but the chronology is unknown). Please DO NOT POST TRACK TITLES in this thread. STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER SOUNDTRACKCountdown
  12. That's about 6 hours, 20 minutes from now. If I'm not around when the stream starts, someone reply with the link/embed and report on what music you hear!
  13. So, there is a new Disney SW ride. Looks fun. There's also a lot of music in the experience, unlike the rest of Galaxy Edge. Discuss.
  14. I most enjoy what JW did to The Emperor's Theme and The Imperial March on the TROS FYC. I am hopefully he found a spot to put in a reference to Duel of the Fates somewhere, but I'm less hopeful now than I was before the FYC for some reason. I think it's pretty likely he'll bring back Rose's Theme for some scene with her, but I'm not entirely sure about that either. If he hadn't turned it into half a concert arrangement, I'd think it's less likely. I have no idea if he'll use Cloud City stuff for Lando or not.
  15. If The Complete Star Wars Prequels Boxset (done by MM, of course) was released at the end of this year, and you're allowed to get either this or the OST album of The Rise of Skywalker, which would you get? Over seven hours of well-known music in pristine condition on official releases, or just slightly over 70 minutes of brand-new, never-before-heard music. Easy enough question. But dear God, I couldn't decide for the life of me. 😂
  16. https://youtu.be/9E4yxmserwg This feels totally different to the stock before, sounds like we have a look at an action cue? Could be wrong!
  17. With less than 40 days until the unveiling of John's final ever Star Wars score, and with all trailers for the film now released, this is now our final chance to predict the contents of a brand new John Williams Star Wars score, period. I'll avoid questions already discussed in previous polls and instead focus on some oddly specific topics based on the footage released, Don Williams' interview, and anything else we officially know about the plot (so no references to leaked spoilers because I have avoided them; please be mindful of not posting spoilers if you have read them).
  18. For anyone not aware, there was a lot of conjecture surrounding unused TFA music featured in one of the film's making-of documentaries. The music above is an example of such music, which several posters attributed as a possible Jedi Steps alternate. I decided to test how the music would play over that scene and where it might fit. This was the best result I could create but it's pure guesswork, so just use the video as a reference for the music itself. What's interesting for me (and someone with a stronger musical knowledge might be able to confirm my theory) is that the horns playing in counterpoint to the strings from 0:11-0:15 appear to be playing a fragment of the Jedi Steps theme! It actually sounds like a prototype of the theme before Williams refined the idea into the final film version. The use of mysterious strings at 0:03 are also carried across to the final version of the cue here:
  19. That was fast! Digital piano arrangements (normal and easy-piano) are available through sheetmusicdirect. They've listed the following pieces: Main Title and Escape Ahch-To Island The Supremacy Fun With Finn and Rose Old Friends The Rebellion is Reborn Canto Bight The Sacred Jedi Texts The Battle of Crait The Spark The Last Jedi Peace and Purpose Music Notes has only listed "Main Title and Escape" and "The Last Jedi" at this stage. I think I'll wait till it's published as a book and buy it.
  20. Thought this was a fun interview which revealed a few interesting nuggets we didn't previously know. I think the Hook signing was already revealed by Rian, but one can infer from Nathan's comments here that he actually lost this gig to Williams. Another interesting layer to that mysterious period between TFA and TLJ where JW's ongoing involvement was unclear. It seems Nathan actually got to attend the recording sessions though, so don't feel too upset for him. A dream come true for any aspiring composer. A nice gesture from Rian who surely arranged that as an apology for not getting the score. https://collider.com/knives-out-composer-interview-nathan-johnson/
  21. Now that we had time to watch/listen to TLJ many times.... What's your opinion now? Both are very good, but I'd say TFA for score (Rey's Theme!), and TLJ for movie.
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