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Found 3 results

  1. Star Trek Strange New Worlds is off to a cracking good start! And while the aesthetics recall some of the Kelvin Universe updates, this is a gorgeous looking show, and more true to the TOS and TNG roots than just about anything since. This is the best Trek I’ve seen in almost 30 years. I am seriously loving the self-contained stories each episode. The captains log wrap up at each conclusion to leave you pondering what you saw feels very Trek, and very comforting. I’m two episodes in and there are developing storylines, but not stretched out as the main focus. So there’s none of that plodding, drawn out pacing problem you find with shows like Picard. They’ve brought back the adventure and I’m loving it. a couple of things We are two episodes in and I am feeling incredibly satisfied. Chicken Soup for the Trekkie Soul. Cool aliens, expensive looking and appealing effects, thoughtful classic Trek style science fiction. I’m home.
  2. One of the best videogames of all time is getting an HBO adaptation. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/last-us-series-works-at-hbo-chernobyl-creator-1282707
  3. Does anyone know which episodes JW scored for General Electric Theater?
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