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  1. Enough with the expansion talk already! What is your 5 most desired John Williams music that has had no release whatsoever (or at most, a theme or suite on some compilation). Bootlegs don't count. I'm not going to do a poll about it, as the choices are so many, but I've provided a list below that you can choose from (let me know if I've left out anything): FILMS: SILENT FILM - PIANO DUET A TIMELESS CALL THE SUGARLAND EXPRESS PETE'N'TILLIE THE SCREAMING WOMAN STORIA DI UNA DONNA DADDY'S GONE A-HUNTING SERGEANT RYKER THE PLAINSMAN THE RARE BREED THE KATHERINE REED STORY THE KILLERS NIGHTMARE IN CHICAGO GIDGET GOES TO ROME THE SECRET WAYS BECAUSE THEY'RE YOUNG I PASSED FOR WHITE DADDY-O TV SHOWS: List found here: http://www.jwfan.com...showtopic=21563 CONCERT WORKS: PIANO SONATA WIND QUINTET SYMPHONY NO. 1 ESPLANADE OVERTURE (even though it's basically "Meeting in Sicily") CELEBRATION FANFARE WE'RE LOOKING GOOD FANFARE FOR MICHAEL DUKAKIS FANFARE FOR TEN-YEARS-OLD FANFARE FOR FENWAY CONCERT FOR CLARINET AND ORCHESTRA (I won't count the horrible-sounding mp3 release) SEVEN FOR LUCK FOR SEJII SOUNDINGS CONCERTO FOR VIOLA AND ORCHESTRA CONCERTO FOR OBOE AND ORCHESTRA YOUNG PERSON'S GUIDE TO THE CELLO QUARTET LA JOLLA Personally, my list would look like this at the present time (there are some I want more, but that I have acquired in unofficial format, so the need is not so pressing): 1. STORIA DI UNA DONNA 2. SYMPHONY NO. 1 3. ALCOA PREMIERE THEATRE 4. THE RARE BREED (the existing suite shows how wonderful this score is) 5. GIDGET GOES TO ROME SUGARLAND EXPRESS is an important score to get out (for the Spielberg connection), but not that interesting beyond the theme.
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