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Found 9 results

  1. John Williams has a lot of influences, almost too many to take in at once. This thread then is really about appreciating some of the composers who came before him. The question I have for you is not "who were Williams' influences?" but "who of any of Williams's influences seems to lend to what you most love about him?" Who's that composer who, in a way, inspired you through Williams' music? If you're not sure how to answer, name as many as you'd like, but try to narrow it down to what styles from which composers might it be you love so much
  2. Hey fellow film music fans! I'm downsizing my composer autograph collection, which has grown considerably over the last few years….and Danny Elfman has drawn the short straw. Now, before you scoff and raise your eyebrows in suspicion - please know that I wouldn't be doing this without a good reason, as I realize signed Elfman CDs are hard to come by! In some cases I've wound up with multiples of various composers; either in person or through other means, but I've reached a point where I simply can't justify the excess. (And having previously met Danny in NYC; where I received 2 sigs from him personally, I feel content letting go of the following…) I'm selling 8 (of 11) signed items that I won in a California estate auction (titles & prices listed below). The CDs are still sealed in their original cases and signed by the Elf Man himself. They were originally part of a promotional thing, so there are double copies of each title; except for Serenada Schizophrana & Spiderman, of which I'm keeping one each… you understand 😁 hehe FOR SALE: Serenada Schizophrana -- $100 (sealed)* Spiderman -- $100 (sealed)* The Kingdom -- $100 (sealed)* The Kingdom -- $100 (sealed)* Sandard Operating Procedure -- $100 (sealed)* Standard Operating Procedure -- $100 (sealed)* Charlotte’s Web -- $90 (unsealed)* Charlotte’s Web -- $90 (unsealed)* *Please note these prices are final offer, however I may be open to a good trade. I've seen what Danny's sig goes for on the web and I've come down in price approx $20, but again, signed Elfman albums are rare! If you have ANY questions whatsoever feel free to hit me up 👍 Get ‘em while they're hot! 🎶 🎶 🎶
  3. Some of you in the Los Angeles area might be interested in attending this concert of the Pacific Symphony conducted by Andre Previn October 19-21, 2017 PREVIN: Almost an Overture (West Coast premiere) MOZART: Piano Concerto No. 9, K. 271 RACHMANINOFF: Symphony No. 2 https://www.pacificsymphony.org/tickets/concert/mozart_rachmaninoff/15742 Andre Previn is one of JW's oldest friends and the one who suggested the use of the London Symphony Orchestra for Star Wars. Previn was music director of the LSO at the time and JW and he were old friends & colleagues from the early studio days. Legend has it that Previn tried to get JW to ditch film music and become a "serious composer and concert conductor". Previn himself wrote over 50 film scores and earned four oscars for these scores before becoming an acclaimed full time concert composer and conductor. These days, the 87 year old Previn is quite frail and mostly wheelchair bound so this might be one of our last opportunities to see him in concert and also features a west coast premiere of an overture of his.
  4. Not sure if this has been posted yet but here is a four part documentary about Alexander (Sandy) Courage who wrote the original Star Trek tv theme along with much else. It is hosted by John Williams:
  5. ocelot


    I guess I never did one of these intro thingies. Uuuummm, hhhmmm, I'm Wael. Some of you know me from before when I was here years ago causing panic in some people. I live in LA. I'm a composer. Have four dogs, a cat, a horse, reef tanks. I'm borderline Shy/Wild.... No wait, that's the wrong forum. Anyway, Hello. If anyone wants to listen to what I have written and recorded with orchestras here you go www.soundcloud.com/waelbinalimusic www.facebook.com/waelbinalimusic or just google Wael Binali and there are vids of orchestras recording and playing my pieces in concert on youtube as well. Otherwise, where is the CD to episode 8 already?!?!?!?!
  6. I really want to become a composer in the future but I have no idea what to study or how to get started. I would also like to know if there are any places that I should go to that would give me a good chance at becoming one. If there are any composers here please share some tips. I would much appreciate it. FYI my favorite score is his harry potter score.
  7. It's getting tiring to read all the bashing intertwined with every Giacchino thread, specially new scores. One likes to look for news about them when new posts arise, but more than half the times it's just bashing. So please feel free to write your thoughts here, and lets leave the other threads to their true topics. Tanks a lot!
  8. While I do not often have time to hang around on this forum anymore, I do have something very special to share with you today. This is the music to an indie computer game that I am involved in making. The composer has been very kind to allow me to repost this for promotional purposes. He would also very much appreciate any feedback you can give him, as this is still in development. So please give this a listen and post here your thoughts! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hearts of Oak: Conquest of the Seas" is a non-commercial PC game that is to become the historical seafaring game to end them all! Fun, realistic gameplay on land and at sea, set during the Age of Sail, will provide extensive free play, exciting scripted storylines and intense multiplayer scenarios. Our goal is to allow anyone interested in the era to be able to live their dream! More information, screenshots and video material on our official IndieDB Profile. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The intention with the music is obviously to be appropriate for the time period, but also be fun, original and adventurous like the seafaring film music of old. THEME SUGGESTIONS: - Hearts Of Oak (finished) - Post Captain's Lullaby (finished - rough mix) - Note: This is based on an actual unnamed period melody ATMOSPHERIC PIECES: (background/menu/calm seas/nighttime) - Susanne's Lullaby (sketch) - Land Of Hope (sketch) TAVERN PIECES: (may be used for towns and below deck as well) - Rum Bonfire (sketch - people noise is just for effect, and will not stay) CHASE/BATTLE PREPARATIONS PIECES: - Hoist The Flags! (sketch) BATTLE THEMES: - Mano Y Mano (part 2) (sketch - the piece will have other arrangements) COPYRIGHTS All of the above creations are the property of D'laymusic - Norway, and Christian "Flannery" Tornholm-Lehn - and are protected under copyright law, and if violated might lead to legal persecutions!
  9. Greetings from Poland I'm a huge fan of John Williams works since I was a child. Probably the first track i heard was from star wars. Then i started to listen everything what JW accomplished. Awesome work. I love his orchestration and way he feels the music. It's hardly even to choose the best soundtracks but my favourite ones are : Jurrasic Park, Star Wars, Empire of The Sun, Munich. I'm a webdeveloper but I've always wanted to be a film music composer as I'm involved into music since my early ages. Maybe it will happen someday hehe In my signature you can find my current music works. Not much yet but you can check if you want Anyways, Great to be here. I'm gonna spent some time now browsing the current board to see what we have here
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