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Found 4 results

  1. 1. The Midnight Sky (3:31) 2. Aether Spaceship (3:33) 3. Mission (4:24) 4. Sullivan’s Nightmare (2:09) 5. Iris In The Stars (4:32) 6. Augustine’s Redemption (2:54) 7. Evacuation (2:48) 8. Wolves Attack (2:06) 9. Families & Friends (2:32) 10. In The Milky Way (2:55) 11. A Child (1:57) 12. Peas Battle (3:22) 13. First Alert (3:54) 14. Dead Birds (1:10) 15. Crashed Plane (5:22) 16. The Ice Breaks (3:09) 17. Visual On Earth (3:00) 18. Survivors (3:11) 19. Is There Hope? (7:43) 20. Changing Route (3:55) 21. Asteroids Rain (2:08) 22. Blood Drops (5:33)
  2. Concert tonight at the Royal Albert Hall. Anyone going?
  3. Hey fellow film music fans! I'm downsizing my composer autograph collection, which has grown considerably over the last few years….and Danny Elfman has drawn the short straw. Now, before you scoff and raise your eyebrows in suspicion - please know that I wouldn't be doing this without a good reason, as I realize signed Elfman CDs are hard to come by! In some cases I've wound up with multiples of various composers; either in person or through other means, but I've reached a point where I simply can't justify the excess. (And having previously met Danny in NYC; where I re
  4. Hi Everyone, Not sure if anybody has seen this yet, but for those of you who live in the New England area, Howard Shore will be at the Newport Contemporary Music Series in Rhode Island for the us premiere of his piano concerto and six pieces, and looks like he's going to have a Q&A and sign autographs after the concert! Found the concert details here http://ncmsri.org/2017-season/
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