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Found 3 results

  1. Why have stores stopped stocking it? PB+J sandwiches aren't as good with strawberry­čś×
  2. If you'll excuse me, now I'll have to go and eat porridge for lunch. Later today I'll eat a sheep for dinner. That's right, we celebrate on the 24th over here. What do you eat for Christmas?
  3. Hi everyone, Last month, I adopted an entirely vegan diet (meaning no meat or animal products). I have never felt better--I'm more energized, more happy and in better health than ever before in my life. I wanted to share a few of the reasons why I decided to go vegan, in the hopes that some of the board members here will consider reducing their consumption of meat/animal products. 1) Animal farming is responsible for 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions - that's more than the entire transportation industry. Producing one pound of beef, for instance, emits 7.4 pounds of C02 equivalent. A pound of apples produces 0.15 pounds, in contrast. 2) Animal agriculture is a huge waste of resources. Because of the way energy is transferred as it moves up each trophic level, obtaining energy by eating animals is a huge waste. For instance, it takes 5214 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef (as opposed to 23 gallons to produce one pound of tomatoes). It takes more water to produce one pound of beef than it does to take a shower for an entire year. The same is true for grain. 3) The implications of #3 is that there are less resources to feed starving human populations. If the United States gave all the grain that it feeds to animals to starving populations, we would be able to feed 800 million people that are currently starving. 4) Animals go through a lifetime of suffering just to provide us with a few minutes of happy taste-buds. This suffering is entirely preventable. These are beings that are as capable of experiencing pain as humans, with individual personalities, familial bonds and as strong a desire to live as humans. Every time we eat a piece of meat, we are choosing to support this suffering over a humane alternative. 5) 80% of all antibiotics are used in animal agriculture. This contributes to "super bugs," or bacteria that evolve to become resistant to these antibiotics--this harms humans, as it renders our antibiotics useless. 6) People who work at slaughterhouses and kill animals all day develop PTSD and/or grow desensitized to violence. As a result, slaughterhouse workers are more likely to commit rape and other violent crimes. These are just some of the arguments against animal agriculture. Any single point here is, IMO, a good enough reason to at least reduce consumption of meat/animal products; all 6 together make an incredibly powerful case. I am happy to answer any questions about how to make the transition. I started by becoming vegetarian, and then transitioned into veganism, but I know people who have done it through other techniques. No need to go cold turkey (err, cold apricot?). Some tips here: http://www.chooseveg.com/
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