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Found 2 results

  1. I'm thinking of purchasing the Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Ron Jones Project from FSM through SAE. Well I encountered several problems. Firstly, it won't allow me to enter my state here in Australia, even though it allows shipping to my country which is a big problem. Secondly is the disclaimer asking for an aditional $45 for insurance which the disclaimer recommends "due to a number of packages missing in your country we recommend paying us an additional fifty dollars to make sure it doesn't happen..." What the fuck? Is it because your outdated site won't allow me to enter my state which is a crucial piece of information for shipping notices that parcels go missing? I don't know what to do. I don't want to pay an additional $45 dollars because of their incompetence, but it's the only site I know offering the set. What do you guys recommend? Should I email SAE and ask them to add my state? Is the set available anywhere else?
  2. This will be of interest to John Williams fans in Los Angeles, especially composers, where the Academy of Scoring Arts meets oncee a month for an in depth study of orchestration. We are currently studying Star Wars Suite. The ASA was founded by Ron Jones (Family Guy, Star Trek: The Next Generation) to create a community where working composers could come together to study orchestration—Ravel, Stravinsky, John Williams—and to share information and ideas among their peers. This orchestration group, also called by its nickname the “Ravel Study Group,” continues to meet once a month in LA, led by Ron. In a few short years, it has expanded to chapters all over the US and Canada. The orchestration study concludes in its third hour with a guest speaking on orchestration or composition. These have included Bruce Broughton, Tyler Bates, Eddie Karam, and first-call percussionist Don Williams, who often co-leads the Star Wars Suite orchestration study, and who is brother of composer John Williams. In addition to the study group, the ASA alternates semi-monthly with “INFOrums,” seminars designed to appeal across disciplines to people working in the industry, but not necessarily as composers. Recent INFOrums have featured panels of picture editors, entertainment attorneys, music supervisors, hit songwriters, audio engineers, and a conducting workshop with David Newman. Read press about the orchestration study group here: http://symphonyinternational.net/score-reading-in-studio-city-getting-under-the-hood/ Follow us on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Academy-of-Scoring-Arts/294966900566223 or visit our web site: http://www.academyofscoringarts.com/ The ASA was recently granted 501c3 status as a California non-profit.
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