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Found 1 result

  1. Firstly, my apologies if this has been posted before in some way, I did do a search of JWFan but couldn't find any reference to it... Anyway, I stumbled upon this page: http://musicandmotio...d/Superman_Pdf/ Here you'll find a list of PDFs which contain page by page scans of JW's hand-written manuscript for Superman: The Movie (1978)!!! A fascinating insight, it includes title page, table of contents, most of the cues (some are missing sadly, I haven't found them elsewhere) and a printed full-score 'Superman Theme'. The FSM Superman: The Music (1978-88) "Blue Box" liner-notes made several references to JW's comments, markers etc, hand-written in and around the staves of the manuscript; e.g. 'The Rescue of Jimmy' [13m4] (from 'Superfeats') had Superman's arrival indicated as "Guess Who?", 'Kansas High School' [4m1] notated as "Heavy 50's Rock". These (and more) can all be found here!! Just thought I'd let you all know, is all!
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