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Found 1 result

  1. Another year coming to a close, another 2 Spielberg/Williams scores checked off the list by Matessino. Since last year's poll, Saving Private Ryan was unexpectedly reissued with unreleased music for its 20th Anniversary, while Schindler's List was expanded with film cues only on Black Friday (in time for the film's 25th Anniversary 4K release). SL led last year's poll with the most votes, while SPR had the third fewest. We've also learned the Indiana Jones scores have now officially reverted to Disney Records. Whether this makes future IJ expansions produced by Matessino more or less likely is unclear, but they won't come from LLL either way. Still, I'd be penciling in 2021 as the most likely year for movement there, with both Indiana Jones 5 and the 40th Anniversary of Raiders. We also recently learned that Williams again vetoed a release of The Sugarland Express as the launch title for LLL's Universal Heritage Collection, but that Matessino "has an idea" about how to convince Williams to change his mind. Either way, seems this won't be happening anytime soon. So it's time for an updated poll! What's next on Matessino's hit-list for Spielberg/Williams scores? With the list shrinking every year by ~2, and their last 5 collaborations likely too recent for expansion (considering new union fees, rendering them prohibitive for independent labels), could we see a surprise announcement on Black Friday or is SL the last Spielberg/Williams expansion for 2018? And, looking ahead, which score would you most like to see Matessino tackle? Film Last Official Release Score Notes Sugarland Express N/A JW vetoed release in 2017 Jaws 2015 (Matessino Intrada) Complete Close Encounters 2017 (Matessino LLL) Complete 1941 2011 (Matessino LLL) Complete Raiders of the Lost Ark 2008 (Bouzereau, Incomplete) Disney Records, most likely 2021 E.T. 2017 (Matessino LLL) Complete Temple of Doom 2008 (Bouzereau, Incomplete) Disney Records, most likely 2021 Empire of the Sun 2014 (Matessino LLL) Complete The Last Crusade 2008 (Bouzereau, Incomplete) Disney Records, most likely 2021 Always 1989 OST Nobody cares enough to see what's unreleased Hook 2012 (Deutsch, Incomplete) Ultimate War tapes missing as of 2012 Jurassic Park 2016 (Matessino LLL) Complete Schindler's List 2018 (Matessino LLL) Complete (source music omitted) The Lost World 2016 (Matessino LLL) Complete Amistad 1997 OST 46 minutes unreleased Saving Private Ryan 2018 (Matessino LLL) Complete A.I. 2015 (Matessino LLL) Complete Minority Report 2002 OST Recording sessions leaked Catch Me If You Can 2002 OST 40 mins unreleased The Terminal 2004 OST 20 mins unreleased War of the Worlds 2005 OST Recording sessions leaked Munich 2005 OST OST mostly complete, prohibitive union fees Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 2008 OST Disney Records, most likely 2021 Tintin 2011 OST Prohibitive union fees War Horse 2011 OST Prohibitive union fees Lincoln 2012 OST Prohibitive union fees The BFG 2016 OST Prohibitive union fees The Post 2017 OST Prohibitive union fees Film anniversaries can be a possible indication of upcoming expansions. Future milestones: 2019: Always (30th), Sugarland Express (45th), The Terminal (15th), The Last Crusade (30th), Temple of Doom (35th) 2020: Munich (15th), War of the Worlds (15th) 2021: Hook (30th), Raiders (40th) 2022: Amistad (25th), Minority Report (20th), Catch Me If You Can (20th)
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