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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings, fellow JW fans! My name is Aaron Fullan and I'm a film composer from near the Chicago area. As you know, John Williams' 88th birthday is this weekend (February 8), so I decided to arrange a musical tribute piece in honor of this most special occasion. It's entitled "Skywalkers' Legacy | A Star Wars Symphonic Suite" and it highlights some of my favorite themes from the Star Wars saga. Much to my surprise, John Williams' go-to orchestrator (William Ross) listened to the piece last night and used words/phrases like "quite good", "wonderfully arranged", and "bravo!" in his comments about it! Needless to say, my day/week/month/year was made. I'd love to hear your honest thoughts about it if/when you have a few minutes to listen/watch it! I highly value the opinions and input of my fellow JW fans on this "labor of love." HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. IF YOU'VE COME HERE TO DISCUSS THE NATURE OF PLAGIARISM VS. HOMAGE, THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT THREAD! TURN BACK NOW, NOW I SAY!!! There, I said it. Now let's have a nice little thread about things in Williams that sound like other things you've heard. (Obvious ones encouraged, even ones many of us already know. Think of this as a reference catalogue for us JWFanners.) If possible, YouTube videos with timestamps would be best (and titles for the videos in the post as well since they may well disappear from YouTube at some point). Go!
  3. I'd like to announce a concert I will be presenting outside of Boston, Massachusetts, An Organ Tribute to John WIlliams, on Saturday, June 30 at 7:00 PM. In celebration of the maestro's 80th birthday, I have assembled a program of works spanning his career arranged for/improvised at the organ, in this case the mighty Louise S. Janesco Memorial Organ, a digital instrument of 58 stops equipped with six complete organ suites and MIDI. The program will include extended medleys from the Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Indiana Jones franchises, as well as a special tribute to American heroes accompanied by "Hymn to the Fallen". If there is sufficient interest, we may stream the event for those who can't be present physically that evening, or explore the possibility of repeating the program in other venues in New England and beyond. The concert will be held at St. Luke's Evangelical Lutheran Church, 950 East Street in Dedham, Massachusetts. The venue is easily accessible by I-95 off the Mass Thruway or from Boston by the Franklin Line MBTA. This event is FREE and open to all - any freewill offerings received will benefit St. Luke's Music Ministry. Hope to see you there! _ _ Robert S. Potterton, III MSM/SPC Director of Worship Arts St. Luke's Lutheran Church Dedham, MA
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