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POA Signature Edition Recordings

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No, as far as I know not (yet), the signature edition contains:

I. A Bridge to the Past

II. Aunt Marge's Waltz

III. Double Trouble

IV. The Knight Bus

V. Witches, Wands and Wizards

the music recorded on that album is another "arrangement" not published as sheet music.

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"Witches, Wands and Wizards" is an arrangement of parts of "Quidditch, Year Three," "Chasing Scabbers," "Secrets of the Castle" and "The Snowball Fight" (with a newly written coda, which isn't found on the OST. I edited the music on the OST to make a recording of sorts of it, and it's fairly decent... I just don't have the coda (obviously).

I really wish an orchestra would do it - I was hoping it would be on the Kunzel album... or at least, not Aunt Marge's Waltz, because the version in the suite is the exact same version that's on the album - so we already have it (whereas "Witches, Wands and Wizards," "The Knight Bus," and "A Brige to the Past" have been edited to fit in a concert setting).

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