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What was doing John Williams when you born ?

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I recently discovered in the 1997 Star Wars special edition booklet that the day I born, 5th March 1977, John Williams was recording for the first time the Star Wars Main Title Overture.

It is surprising that the opening day of the recording session was a Saturday, but it is really funny it was my birthday. ;)

What do you think John Williams was doing the day, the month or the year you born ?

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Composing my favorite score actually, Return of the jedi.

Mmmm arent you the same age as me, and zodiacal sign cancer too?

Jedi was composed late 1982, wasnt it?...recording sessions feb-march 1983 as with the other SW movies?

Sorry to spoil the fun but i was jealous! ;)

TOD is fine though ;)

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June 29th, 1986. Who knows? I couldn't find on this website when SpaceCamp was scored, and I bet The Witches Of Eastwick was scored at the earliest in late '86, if not sometime in '87. So, he was just enjoying himself somewhere, I'm sure, except that he must have felt some tingling or foreboding at 10:58 A.M. ET, but he probably couldn't place it at the time. If only he knew...


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For 1981, he did two scores.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark and Heartbeeps.

Me too, although Raiders had already been released when I was born, so he was probably doing nothing, maybe beginning to think about E.T.

And to think I've never heard a single note of Heartbeeps, oh well.

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May 20, 1977.

So the Maestro was probably hotly anticipating how his symphonic score for this space opera would be received later in the week.

Naw, more likely he was sitting at the piano going through all 250,000 permutations to identify the best alien-greeting melody.

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