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Universal ET Music

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Hey all I was wondering... while in line for the ET ride at Universal, I noticed about 2-3 cues of music thay played that was unreleased music... am I just imagining this?

I also did some reconnaisance... I remembered how you all wanted the "Celebration Track"

Well, I went to Universal and IOA today with a digitial recorder and I tried my best to record unreleased things.

I got a bunch of unreleased/unused cues from TLW... not to mention

The Celebration Theme from The ET ride...

I warn you, it's not the best quality... I recorded it with my recorder in my hand... so it's got the animatronic voices and sound effects... but it's the best you can get really...

If someone wants it... I can send it.

You'll get to hear him call me "Ard..." my name is Bernard" lol

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The E.T. ride music is an original piece by Williams not in the E.T. film score.

I want to compare the sound quality with the old hissy botlegged recording.


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I'd like to hear it Goodmusician-ard, thanks for the offer! Oh, and any chance somebody could send me the E.T. Ride music Mark is talking about (the hissy bootlegged recording)?

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Yea... ditto. I could try my best to clean it up... maybe layer things if you'd like?

I remember hearing the music thinking it was very JW, but wasn't electronic... so I was like "What is this?"

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What the hell?It seems like a poor synth arrangement of Williams E.T.theme.This is not the same as the original E.T. ride music I heard a few years ago myself and the one on the old bottleg recording.


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This is the celebration music... at the end of the ride...

I wasn't sure what was played over the speakers earlier, but I couldn't get a good recording of that at all. I heard it twice:

Once outside over the tv's... and once inside in the forest... and only bits of it.

What I sent you is the celebration music at the end... it's synth and stuff... did I do bad? I thoght that's what people said they wanted... the kinda silly/small world/celebration music...

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When riding the E.T. ride a few weeks ago, I recorded some of it with my digital camera, but all I heard that was new was a ridiculous, "silly" version of the flying theme at the end of the ride. I suspect that's what GoodMusician recorded. KM, you're saying that there used to be a different piece played during the ride?

Other interesting JW pieces I heard at the park included a calypso version of the Jurassic Park theme, and a bouncy, somewhat interesting version of the "happy" theme from Jaws.

Ray Barnsbury

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I remember that in 1998,before any bottleg recording came out,that the whole original Williams piece played while on the ride.I was listening to the music more than paying attention to the ride and I asked the girl at the giftshop if the ride music was for sale afterwards.

They must have modified the ride and the music since then,replacing it with some cheezy synth pieces.


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Lol...I didn't get the jaws theme but I did get all FIVE versions of the Jurassic Park Calypso music.

I seriously had to sit around for like 20 minutes... it was kinda cool but annoying that there was sooo much unreleased...

I got it though. My recorder, unfortunately, isn't good at picking up bass so it's mostly the percussion and the wind instruments--which is pretty much what the stuff is.

If you guys want the stuff, PM me, I'll send it.

Also, anyone know a good site to upload things? Yousendit and Megaupload both have limits now--realy annoying.


I recoreded some of the original music for IOA for the JP island... none of which was presented on the IOA soundtrack... THere was a generic track called "Jurassic Calypso," which is where I got the name for the rest, but it is barely ever heard on the island.

They are:

01) Unreleased Jurassic Calypso 1 --Arrival Theme--

02) Unreleased Jurassic Calypso 2 --New Theme--

03) Unreleased Jurassic Calypso 3 --TLW/JP Theme

04) Unreleased Jurassic Calypso 4 --New Theme 2--

05) Unreleased Jurassic Calypso 5 --My Friend the Brachio Theme--

06) Unreleased Jurassic Calypso 6 --Arrival Theme Variant--

Those are tentative names to help me identify the tracks and be able to edit and clean them up.

From what I can tell, of the TLW score, I got:

01) "The Trek" ending (Unreleased) segue into 2nd half of "Hammonds Plan" aka "The Long Grass"

02) "The Hunter Base Camp" /filler (Unreleased) mostly unused

03) "Eddie Delivers" (Unreleased) mostly unused

04) "S. S. Venture/ Where's the Secure Facility" (Unreleased) mostly used

05) "Arrival of Team B" (Unreleased) mostly used

06) "The Hunt" Alternate (Unused/Unreleased) unused

07) "The Hunt" alternate intro?

Also through this, I discovered that there is about 10 seconds missing from "The Great T-Rex Chase" from JP... that track plus unused "Raptor in the Shed" and "The Attack on the Trailer" play in another building but there is no way for me to record those tracks unfortunately. Most places, the music in it will play in multiple areas... the music that plays there, plays only there... and there are no speakers in reach.

I'm thinking of adding this stuff to the end of my TLW score... I just finished it. It's already about 2 hours long... lol... so plus this... eek

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Ok, so... I guess I could make another thread about this... but I'll ask it here...

What is the movie ET is watching when Elliot kisses the girl?

I ask because is the music that swells based on music from that movie--it seems to sound that way--with an ET extention...


Was the music in that movie all JW's, just put in to sound like its in the film?

I ask because I'm making a complete score for this--the old one is kinda... faulty not to mention missing a couple tracks. I also figured out how to clean up those unreleased tracks on the complete recording so I've cleaned them up... not to mention what was on the album--which I hear is a re-recording?

Is that true? If so, was it re-recorded specifically for the 20th anniversary release because what's on the album is exactly what's on the 20th ann. movie. (I can tell because in a few tracks there is noise that's not suppose to be there ie breath, bang, someone walking and it's in the movie too.)

So, if someone could answer these questions, that would be hot. Thanks

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E.T. is watching "The Quiet Man" starring John Wayne, but that particular scene in the 1952 film is actually un-scored. The music that doubled for "Elliot's First Kiss" was Victor Young's score EXCEPT, of course, the incorporation of "E.T.'s Theme" at the end.

I did a complete E.T. score, which turned out to be harder than it really should be (because I’m a perfectionist). And as far as I know, all of the tracks that appeared on the 1996 and 2002 releases of the soundtracks were originally composed for the 1982 film, so nothing was re-recorded – at least not since 1982. I’m of course speaking of the original album, a lengthy “E.T.” suite to stand on its own.

Two cues that come to mind that didn’t make the film (either version) are the alternate opening of “Searching For E.T.” and the film version of “Goodbye”, that only appeared on the 1982 OST. It’s really unfortunate that a complete score wasn’t made to coincide with the 20th Ann. release because we can't expect a fourth release of the score. And while the latest soundtrack has a few more cues than the ’96 edition, improved sound, and an SA-CD version, it’s still missing a few other cues. This is very annoying indeed, but that’s where we come in ...

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It's pretty odd.The unreleased music MP3's I made from my MD recordings play in itunes but don't play in my ipod shuffle even if they got loaded in it.The ipod just skips them as if they don't exist.

K.M. ;)

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Out of curiosity, what sort of track listing do you have?

I'm also planning on going through the Live performance to see if anything had to be arranged differently for that or what exactly was done... so that may cause some changes too...

Right now, my complete score is looksomething like:

This is tentative as I've only gotten to "Sending the Signal" so it is subject to change as I see fit.

CD1 79 mins

01) Universal Logo (ET 20th Anniversary Extention)

02) Main Title

03) Far from Home - ET Alone

04) Elliot Explores the Cornfield

05) Bait for ET

06) Meeting ET

07) ET Explores Elliots Room

08) The Begining of a Friendship

09) Toys (Film Version)

10) ET in the Tub (Additional Scene)

11) 'I'm Keeping Him'

12) ET's Powers

13) Stuffed Animals

14) ET and Elliot Get Drunk

15) Frogs

16) Elliots First Kiss

17) At Home

18) The Magic Of Halloween (Film Version)

19) Sending the Signal

20) Searching for ET (Film Version)

21) Invading Elliots House

22) ET and Elliot Seperate

23) Losing ET

24) ET is Alive!

25) Escape - Chase -Saying Goodbye (Film Version)

26) End Credits (Film Version)

CD2 62 mins

01) Universal Logo (Live ET Anniversary Extention)

02) Abandoned and Persued (Alterante -Original Release)

03) ET and Me (Concert Arrangement -Original Release)

04) Toys (Alternate)

05) Over the Moon (Concert Arrangement)

06) ETs Halloween (Alternate -Original Release)

07) Searching for ET (Alternate)

08) ET is Dying (Alternate)

09) ET and Elliot Say Goodbye (Alternate)

10) Flying (Concert Arrangement)

11) Saying Goodbye (Alternate #2)

12) ET: The Ride -Botanicus Theme

13) ET: The Ride -Celebration Music

14) Adventures on Earth (Concert Arrangement)

15) End Credits (Alternate -Original Release)

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e.t.'s planet music at end of ride from e.t. adventure was done by composer david kneupper. he also did the music for kongfrontation and jaws.

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I thought Jaws was just mid versions of 'Out to Sea' and such... we dont' have the King Kong ride here anymore... so I dont' know...

Has anyone ever tried emailing him to see if we could get the tracks?

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