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Pirates of the Caribbean Orchestral Suite

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With a live orchestra! It's just a short piece... 1 minute and 15 seconds. Anyone ever hear it?

It's so nice to hear the Pirates Music without ANY synths at all.

I suppose if you like some of the ideas and the theme offered in the album, just not the delivery of them with synths, then you'll enjoy it...

All it's missing is some piratey woodwinds...but otherwise, it makes want an orchestral version of the score without electric guitars...really badly.

If you want it...PM me....

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well there is a quite nice  (and also cheape and easy to get) arrangement of this score which is at least for french horn (as I did) a lot of fun to play. If you want to listen to it go to my webpage http://www.guillong.ch/tifico/ and you will find a file there when you click on CD ...

I liked the sound clips very much!

Please let me know when you have your next concert, I would like to come since I live in Stäfa (Zürisee)



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Dear Cyrill

Unfortunately I will not play the next concerts, I'm too busy with two small children at the moment, however the next session I plan to play again. To find the next concert dates, please visit www.tifico.ch


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