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Star Wars suites


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Ok for my piano recital for my junior year I want to compose a suite of all major prequal pieces and for my senior year the original trilogy. For the prequel:

Star Wars Main Title

Duel of the Fates

Anakin's THeme

Across the Stars

Battle of the Heroes

Anakin's Betrayal

Padme's Destiny

End Title

For the original:

Main Title

Princess Leia's Theme

Cantina Band

May the Force be With You

Yoda's Theme

Imperial March

Luke and Leia

The Emperor

Darth Vader's Death (by someone from these boards who I cant remember lol sry)

Victory Celebration

End Title

Throne Room

Any help?

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um if you're getting paid, you need to go through BMI. I believe jon williams is BMI, not ASCAP but someone can correct me on this.

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