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Currently working (finished ?) on a new score ...

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So...This early year information is still a secret...Nobody dare to go backstage to see the Maestro and ask what is going on...The geonosis rescore should be a nice thing to do ...this is one of the fews whishes we all have among Superman 2 , and the complete recordings of SW and IJ trilogies ...

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He looks awfully thin and pale to me. Maybe he's taking a temporary health-related break from any heavy duty writing.

Which scares me, because Goldsmith also disappeared and reappeared at a concert or two looking pale and about die as well...

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Williams looks like a man about to turn 75 in 6 months.

Goldsmith had been ill for some time even though it wasn't made public. He also missed and cancelled many appearances. To my knowledge Williams hasn't.

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He's probably just taking a break after scoring 4 huge scores last year. That's gotta drain even a genius of fresh ideas. It'd be nice if he was scoring the Geonosis scenes or other major tracked moments of the Star Wars movies, but I doubt it. THe soundtrack release is probably just the OSTs again.

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