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my youtube tribute to the best soundtracks

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It was overall enjoyable, and the visuals and music together was nice. Some of the choices of music were... interesting to say the least. There were also some less than elegant transitions from piece-to-piece. But overall, a nice tribute to some very good music!

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The skull in the beginnig was a little much by the third time :-p

But cool transitions and some great choices.


btw: true that Klaus Badelt helped with POTC, but it was Zimmer too :-p

I also personally liked Star Trek Insurrections score more than Generations but that's a personal prefference thing.

I also would have included some more Jerry Goldsmith and maybe some Disney scores... like The Little Mermaid or Finding Nemo... but still, a good little compilation hehe

I am, however, curious how you ripped the video. I've found ways of doing it but yours seems so much clearer. Is there a program you used?

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Thanks for the comments. Problem with youtube is 10 minutes is the max for video so couldnt include all my favourites. So many. May do another one with Jaws etc and a few Goldsmiths. I have got a Jaws tribute in my profile which is set to the classic Williams score. I do actually like the POTC soundtrack i think it suited the film.

Thanks for the comments everyone

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If you want to put up longer videos, you could try http://video.google.com

or http://www.esnips.com

I prefer esnips... you get 1 gig of space per account, picture quality is much better than google and users can easily download the vid for better veiwing.

Here's one I did for work yesterday, just to show you what it looks like <-- There's a touch of Williams at the start!

That was me who posted the comment about Yoda's theme and the Falcon footage, oops I forgot to give you a rating - I'll give you a 5 shortly.

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I really enjoyed that. Wonderful transitions, I enjoyed the clashing juxtaposition of the grand music to the scary footage in the Jurassic Park segment, and I thought that the POTC was very well-done and fitting, but I must say that the Star Trek Generations portion was what really got to me the most. It just made me marvel at how powerful movie music and the movies for which they are written can be. Great work, welshslider!


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