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Can anyone identify....

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I shall require the assistant of JWFan's great musical ears...and classical fans.

Is there anyone who can help me identify which recording of The Planet's this clip comes from?

Unfortunately all I have is the clip...and my Planets collection only spans Previn and Dutoit's recordings...

And I have never EVER heard Mars sounding soooo good. I want this recording of The Planets...soo bad.

Here's the clip: Clicky.


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Ok funny enough I am pretty sure it is the James Levine chicago recording - but I do not own the disc. The reason is the clarity. I own a great disc of him on the Rachmaninoff 3rd concerto with Volodos and the clarity and recording quality is unequaled in any other classical music disc i have ever heard. Levine does not settle for less then perfect. Even though I heard he molests boys.

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I hope that you were joking, Stefancos.

Wagner was an anti-semite. Polanski had sex with an underaged girl, Woody Allen married his own stepdaughter, JFK was a sex-addict and addicted to several types of medication.

People have no problems forgiving someone's debauchery if that person somehow manages to inspire us.

I see no reason for Levine to be treated with any less regard then these other great men.

And if Levine is indeed a pederast and a perfectionist then he's probably the worlds greatest pederast.

That alone deserves some admiration, no use doing things half-assed!

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I very much doubt you possess either the intelligence or the authority to tell me what to do on my Messagenoard!

Actually, its Mr. Breathmask's message board, and Blumenkohl's thread.

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I have a great recording, but I copied it from the library and forgot to write down the conductor or the version, unfortunately.

EDIT: Wow! That's a great recording. I need to find this. Though I still think I like the orchestration on mine better. And to the poster who said it sounded like something from DS9, it does. That or Star Trek Generations. But then again, virtually every sci-fi or adventure movie has taken music from The Planets, especially Mars.

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Wagner was an anti-semite.

That's what Goldenthal meant in his commentary to Final Fantasy when he said he was going to slander Wagner and then proceeded to mention evil things beneath the surface!

I meant to look it up after I finished the commentary but it slipped my mind.

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