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Well I'll say that my excitement is reaching fever pitch. In one week I'll be returning to Middle-Earth with a great group of people in the theater. A slightly different Middle-Earth than I might wis

That one's cool:


That shot looks great! And glad to know that Radagast will not be a complete loon (since he seems to be accompanying Gandalf in his exploration of Dol Goldur).

Oh, and here is the "re-enactment" of Bilbo's birthday (or so it seems) KK wanted me to repost:




Hmm....I don't know how I feel about that. Just how long are they going to keep the film at the Shire?

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Obviously Radagast goes with Gandalf to Dol Guldur, his theme plays in the "Hill Of Sorcery" track on the OST. And, apparently they've concocted some sort of action scene to take place there

But I would like to know at which point will this occur? Gandalf can't just hop from Trollshaws to the southern edge of Mirkwood right in the middle of the journey to Rivendell (if track titles and order are any indication), not even if he had Bunnies of Doom powered sled like Radagast has, not unless it is a flashback or some such.
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Gandalf rescuing the Dwarves will be the new "Frodo-as-a-damisel-in-distress".

I hope they try to avoid it or camouflage it a little bit.

At least the Dwarves have weapons and they seem to put up a good fight if the production footage is to be believed. That alone diminishes the "damsels in distress" effect a bit. Gandalf can as he does in the book bail them out of the most serious situations. But the Dwarves are kind of accident and trouble prone in the novel as well.

But geographically Gandalf shouldn't stray too far away from Thorin's company.

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Well the Dol Guldur stuff is a flashback, right? It happened before the events of The Hobbit? So I'd presume the dwarf company meets Raddy, then a little later him and Gandalf are sitting around a fire and reminisce or something.

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Yeah I hope it is something along those lines. Because Gandalf entered Dol Guldur twice, first in T.A. 2063 he travelled to Dol Guldur to investigate. Sauron anticipated his coming and withdrew to the East to remain hidden in secrecy. Much later, in T.A. 2850, Gandalf infiltrated the area the second time to probe Dol Guldur, and discovered that the evil presence whose identity he had long suspected was indeed Sauron. This is also the time when he discovered Thráin in the dungeons of Dol Guldur and received the map from him. And this happens about 100 years before the events of the Hobbit. I do not know how will they explain Gandalf's earlier visit and how much of a mystery will Necromancer still remain in the first film as by the time the story of the Hobbit begins Gandalf already knew Sauron was behind the evil of Dol Guldur, but Saruman was still opposing open action against him so the attack of the

White Council was stalled.

I suspect they will compress a lot of this backstory into a shorter span of time to create more mystery around Dol Guldur and the Shadow in Mirkwood, Radagast coming to Gandalf to bring dark news or to beg for help.

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Great Goblin on his Throne

A lord of feces throned he sat,

constipated, quick to fart.

A fat old Orc on bowl so flat ,

regretted eating custard tart.

The finest plumbing ever seen,

it handles liquids, solids, steam,

Great Goblin's seat when flows and burbs,

it nary anyone disturbs, in Goblin Town,

beneath the hills,

Where every corner gurgling fills,

of lavatory marvel this,

Great Goblin's throne, his luck, his bliss.

A one ton wonder, ten feet tall,

Great Goblin, evil lardy ball,

There sits upon this seat all day,

this engineering feat of clay,

and iron, rivets, stone and steel,

he sits there after every meal,

when entertaining foes or guests,

or snoring, singing, making jests.

The pipes can handle anything,

that he produces from within.

Alas came down from mountains old

a band of Dwarves with weapons cold,

with Beater and with Biter too,

surprised Great Goblin on the loo.

A song he sang, the ball of lard,

the Goblin King, our Orkish bard.

Reception though was rather rough,

Dwarf audience was very tough,

and suddenly they cut their bonds,

as darkness falls and sight absconds,

and kindlings, embers, fire fierce,

the goblins burns, the flames skin pierce,

and foulest critic of them all,

the wizard Gandalf rises tall,

he heaves and Glamdring, Foehammer, falls,

he goblins slays and foe forestalls.

Great Goblin on his toilet throne,

in panic red was left alone,

as Gandalf by this seat now stopped,

and off Great Goblin's head he lopped.

As body lardy down fell dead,

the triple chinned Goblin's head,

in toilet rolled, and bowl so deep,

and down the pipes to a rubbish heap,

in Goblin-Town

beneath the hills,

where lament now all hollows fills.

No more sits Goblin on his seat,

in Goblin-Town on mountains' feet,

No more his buttocks bowl that fill,

the toilet throne is cool and still.

In Misty Mountains, dark age old,

where plumbing rusts now, dank and cold.

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now that's some fine quality, right there.

Thank you Alice. The inspiration was rather enormous in this case, wouldn't you say? Close to a metric ton. ;)

I just hope its something in the background, not made into some in your face bathroom humor.

With PJ it is always in your face. He doesn't know subtlety with this kind of thing. And if Dwarves have food fights wherever there is food I have no doubt toilet humor will not be just the quirky little nuance. I am willing to bet Gimli will look like a soul of discretion in comparison with Thorin's company.
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stone giants punching each other? lol!

Like BB said they look like a bunch of rocks put together in the shape of a man and I quite like that. And also that they seem to move slow and majestically.

yeah, I agree... the stone giant design has definitely surpassed my expectations! and I'm digging that sound they're making, I recognize it from other spots/trailers.

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Oh, one surprising change I have noticed. Shoes are optional in New Zealand and most days Peter shot LOTR barefoot as a hobbit. But on The Hobbit filming he was always well shod, padding through the leaf mould and rubble of the sets in regular footwear.

The impending signs of doom...

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Hello everyone!

I already posted this in the piano transcriptions thread, but I though it would be more fitting here:

I loved the music in the 2nd half of the first "The Hobbit" teaser. The song by Mr. Shore really resonated with the dwarf inside me..... All the transcriptions on Youtube etc. were very wrong and not to my taste because of atrocisouly bad typesetting - So I tried to create my own humble transcription. It is arranged for Piano+Voice as well for Violin, Flute, Clarinet and Trombone if you like to play any of these instruments. My skills are vastly inferior and I need many, many hours to come up even with something primitive as this. I hope it is not too wrong to enjoy... :(


I hope you'll like it!

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Howard Shore didn't create that melody, it was written by Plan 9 (note its the same melody the dwarves sing their song to in the same trailer). Shore obviously then embellished it for the orchestral version in the second half of the trailer

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Hang on - I thought you (or someone else) said the song in the first trailer was Shore's melody when I last asked?

When did you last ask? We just got confirmation about the song being by Plan 9 about a week ago.
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Plan 9 created the melody that the dwarves sang Tolkien's lyrics to in the scene inside Bilbo's house. For the trailer, there is original Shore music under their singing, which doesn't appear in the film or on the OST.

Anyway Shore took the song melody and embellished it and made it a leitmotif theme in the score. A grand statement is used in the second half of the trailer, and it can be heard in many of the samples for the OST CD as well. Plan 9 receives a co-composer credit on all the tracks that feature it.

Finally, the end credits song is co-composed by Neil Finn and Plan 9, because he too uses the melody in his song. Shore receives no composing credit for that song or the dwarve version on the OST.

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Yes - it's heard by way of deep and rousing brass in the second of the trailer, during a vista shot. It ISN'T Shore's melody. This is what I assumed to be the case about a week ago until someone "corrected" me and, as far as I could tell, reassured me that no - it WAS his melody after all. They appeared to tell me the Plan 9 song was a different one, heard later in the film or something. I took their word for it.

Anyway, confusion aside, I'm VERY disappointed by this news. My hype for the ost has dialled down considerably.

Confusion stems from here: http://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=22197&st=240#entry854266

Maybe it's just me.

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The music at the end of the trailer after the part that is the same melody as the dwarve's singing is all Shore, though. Why would your hype of the OST go down at all if all the music you want to hear is on there? What does it matter who wrote it?

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It just matters, to me. I'd be the same if I found out Williams didn't write the two heroic melodies in the Superman March, and my enjoyment of it would become forever slighted. It's just one of my quirks.

That Dwarven theme is badass, but it ain't Shore. It's Plan 9. (I hate Plan 9).

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Well the score has some wonderful integrations of the melody by Shore despite your hate. :) Give it a chance. And Shore's Dwarf music is quite memorable as well although lacks the obvious and immediate melodic catchiness of the Plan 9 song.

I bet this will start some kind of internet protest as countless people, who have done cover versions of the melody feel betrayed, that it wasn't Howard Shore who wrote the EPIC melody.

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Don't you think it's sad though that what is likely to be one of, or THE main theme for the films isn't even written by Shore? It just takes the shine off it. I know, my logic probably seems daft.

Actually not at all. I completely understand your way of thinking and I myself am a bit miffed that it turned out to be the case.

But we shall see if the song melody tags along for the rest of the journey in parts 2 and 3.

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